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  1. Jensens has picks from him lined up already, so we should be good to go assuming Dart gets off his lazy ass at some point. if he wants to pick psu or okie guys that his right, and its all the better for the rest of us :P
  2. 10-1 Mateater takes a Penn State or Okie state kid -that or Naumann from Pitt . He may take Rosholt-but it will take forever .
  3. I dont think he has trouble with anyone outside the b10. He might be in some low scoring matches, but I think he handles business.
  4. LoSt ,
    Out of the 4 first opponents Howe has this season -which do you think will give him the hardest time ?? I have watched Andrew since 9th grade and he always has trouble with a quicker opponent -thatr is why I think Brown is the more likely to beat him -although all are capable . Wadda ya think ??
  5. LoSt,
    I, too,am bored to death -I say we get this party started -I don't get to pick for a loooonnggg time but should have 2 out of 5 -then ??? I try to stop myself but I keep going over who I want to pick and who will get the most bonus and who will place the highest , etc......OSU has only one tournament -if that ,the CK-no Midlands ,Scuffle , my take on Sponsellor dropped 50 points -he rarely gets bonus ands will have about 30 matches -MAX.
    As for Garnett -he will not wrestle 50 times this year as Va.Tech has cut way back -at 141 Ciasuli,Diaz and Cleveland all wrestle each other the first week or so .I might not pick a 141 until the 10th round .After Hump and Gallick you basically have the same wrestler 3-25.
    Just thought I'd write as you seem a litttle down .
  6. Baileys career is over from what I hear, I'll give it a gander tonight and see if I can make any improvements
  7. Lost
    Bored to death so I decided to form a fantasy team using only the letter B -see if you can top it
    174 Blanton/Borshell
    Wadda ya think ??
  8. Part 2-our sport is dying slowly-I wrote a paper 30 years ago on how Title IX would kill men's sports-that year the NCAA did away with gymnastics -wrestling is next just so some dumb bitch can play field hockey ? What is field hockey ? Who CARES about field hockey ?????
  9. Part
  10. I rechecked and he finished 33-9 at 157 and 165 -won 2 tournaments -they lose Lashaway and Porter but gain Shuster and Barlow-a HWT who went 20-6 behind Porter -Estep at 74 went 13-14 but Simpson is back at 65 and that is al they lose and Depoy -wrestled 149 and is a 141 -so Kent state is in good shape .
    I am a wrestling fan w/out a team .I hate goldman -that prick had 2 AA's who ended up riding the pine their Sr. and Jr. years .And their defending champion placed 5th -the man needs to GO-but he'll be there forever -he makes $60,000.00 a year and does nothing . Kinser had 5-6 pins this year -Goldman will have him blocking and wrestling not to lse before too long .
    I wish you could have seen Esco in high School-wrestled 135 so andre could win State and never had a match -other than his 1 point loss to gomez -where he didn't score at least 10 points -now I fall asleep watching him wrestle .
    Howe teched every one he wrestled his senior year at state and now bores me to tears -
  11. interesting... no I had never heard of him, thanks for the tip
  12. LoSt -
    been trying to get in touch with you but this new system or format or whatever schlot put together sucks-anyway -you DO know who Shuster is don't you ?He won 35 mayches as a redshirt and he was PISSED -he beat Simpson in wrestle offs 4-5 x's and still the coach RS'd him -Beat a lot of good wrestlers , including stepping on Coughlin , at the Cleveland state Open -I am usually not impressed by Freshman but this kid is legit -threatened to quit the team if the coach didn't let him wrestle but they worked it out ...bunch of schools wanted him but he chose Kent State . Another really good kid to watch for is Cosgrove out of Purdue -I have seen this kid wrestle for the last 4 years and he is as funky as Leen . Watch the match between he and Mason on youtube -he def 'd out but was giving Mason fits -beat Ramos like a drum in the Indiana/Illinois All Star match-in 4 years what ever weight little T-shirt is wrestling -pick him for your fantasy squad -
  13. I planned on 9 Aa's -got 8 -Baker got hurt and Dwyer went the way all 165 's went -the wrong way -I had the #5 and #10 guys at 165 and they scored me 10 points .
    I hope Baker isn't too badly hurt -losing and getting injured come with the territory but when someone rips your back apart with an illegal move , that SUCKS
    I was in 10th and finished second and then 4th -not bad for someone counted out after week 2 . Glad to see Josh took caputo -Caputo is scary-he was 2-3 points from being in the final -and Halsey lost to Varner 3-1 and Chriswell 3-2 then tore everyone else a new one .
  14. TF for 5, two decisions for three, a major for four

    Thats 15 points

    Then 9 points placement for taking 4th and its 24. I dont know that anyone else in my league is scoring anywhere near the points I am. I have 10 aas and most of them are 3rd/4th.
  15. How are you guys coming up with these high point totals -I do NOT mean for your team but are you giving advancement points ? Please explain the scoring method as it is obviously different than the regular season .
    i.e.- have GG for 22 whereas you have 24.
  16. I didnt bet on any of those guys lol I bet on the field against Nickerson I think and the field odds were terrible for Jaggers and M*
  17. You are bullshitting about Dhoe.
  18. All Hell has broken out over here .
  19. I thought his knee was just dinged -you can't trust any of these wrestling sites -Wise is a really good HWT-he just cannot beat Massey -0 for ever against him -he has lost 2 close matches to Erekson and beaten everyone else in the big 10 but Massey .
    Dustin Porter drew the Lehigh hwt -Rey-and they have identical records but Porter only weighs about 210. There is a great pick up for a fantasy hwt -I mentioned him to RD and he got him and he won that silly little conference for the 2-3rd year in a row .
  20. Dudz is very badly hurt I dont know if I would aim for picking him up as a starter. I dont know if I'll even be starting him yet
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