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  1. OK-
  2. It doesn't.
  3. ''Yep,My understanding is it does '' Gopher -10 minutes ago...
  4. gopher is a dummy... It Doesnt
  5. Where does it sat the HOKIE open counts ? Gopher says it does but I don't see it .
  6. Well I'm sure there are a lot of different possibilities. But straight up trading an AA caliber 174 for a worse 174 seems like a pretty silly idea to me. People are high on Patrovich cuz of his win over Lewnes at NCAAs but that was really his only big win all year
  7. what would be a good trade ?
  8. that would be a terrible trade for you...
  9. I was going to offer him Lee for Patrovich -Lee is ranked 7th and deservedly so -but Trotman wil have to do . Hell, he's beatten 4-5 people ranked above him and was 12-2 when he got hurt last year .
  10. Well, you've seen for yourself how ridiculous Grips can be when it comes to trades... but you could try and snag a backup I guess.

    I have Manuel who will be an excellent point scorer at 174, but I dont think I could trade him unless I had a VERY compelling offer..

    You could try getting Bagna from zapp maybe? Wiltz also has two quality guy who will get lots of matches in Onufer and Moricone
  11. Boise State's schedule has me hot -Lee ,if he wins every match , will have about 32 matches -I don't care if he AA's or not when I have to wrestle Trotman all the time . Does Grips trade back ups ?
  12. meh.. dont follow highschool at all. Maybe thats one of my downfalls, I dont really know about hot prospects who might be worth taking a gamble on other then the obvious guys like Oliver and Grajales, and Taylor etc.
  13. Didn't say he would -just saying the guys I mentioned KNOW wrestling and they really like Schuster . I hope Deutsh wins it -he is that got who finished 2nd to Coughlin then Kinser and lost a ride to a big school and went to N.Il.
  14. he wont beat Brown
  15. Both RD and Gold are from Ohio and they both wanted Schuster -I've only seen him wrestle once and he was an aggressive SOB . hat was high school .
  16. soon -we may make an earth shattering trade -multiple players -between 3-5-up to 12 wrestlers .
  17. LoSt -
    No one seems to want to trade -open to suggestions .
  18. Did you forget about Schuster from Kent State ? I think he can take Brown -he ripped Coughlin a new one last yr. at the Cleveland State Open .
  19. Should I just give JensenS my pick ? Grips said he had a pick an hour + ago and nothing has happened .
  20. You are up !! I have a 1:00 pm appointment -WAKE UP !!!!
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