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  1. It'd be awfully hard for me to part with him at this point... I mean the only guys I really think are at his level are the B10 guys, and 133 is a stacked conference in the b10s, while Sentes should breeze through the MAC. He hasn't had an offensive point scored on him so far this year and has bonused in every single match

    You'd have to put together a really good offer for me to think about trading him
  2. Who you want for Sentes ??
  3. Wiltz asked me to take over a team in his league -these people won't do SHIT-Offered one guy Vallimont and Manuel for Chris Brown and a 133 that does not suck and he turned me down -saying Brown was just getting started -Brown has ''just been getting started'' for 4 yrs. If I can't get any of these creatures to trade I can't over come a 150 point difference . The team is LOADED from 74 up-I picked up , hopefully 4 people in the draft -my 3 picks and asked Wiltz if I could have a PASSED pick -if he says NO=you want this team ??
    this line up starteed with no 125 and deShazer/fisk at 33 -no 41 -I've put all the work I care too in this
    133 Fisk/Ashnault
    141 Drouin /Ciasulli
    149 Ruschell
    157 JBB
    165 Vallimont /Young /Bose State
    174 Manuel/Borschell
    184 Kilgore
    197 Varner
    Hwt -Dudziak
    I count 7-9 AA's and 3-4 NC's-I am sick of being bitched at -especially when Goph brought me all those trades and ASKED me to pick up Epperly .
  4. Look at Brown's career record at 57 -barely a 500. wrestler .Last year was his first with any success and he had to cut down to 49 .
  5. I have no Idea what you are talking about .
  6. what school does he wrestle for? I'll try to stay away from him, but I probably do need a 197er
  7. Burak is a multipe state winner from Colorado who has spent the last 2 years at TOC-he lost to Simaz 1-0 and stuck Barone . A true freshman he has won one tournament -the Keystone classic and finished second at the Bearcat . I have high hopes for him if available in the Supplemental.
  8. I'll bet you could pick up Accordino cheap .
  9. I wish I knew Russ, I'd like to read it myself
  10. LoSt,
    where can I read that article on Craig for free ? I think he is a worthless head case and am trying my best to trade him .Maybe this will explain why he wrestles like he could care less of the outcome .
  11. Martinez is ranked 10th by intermat and 14 by D-1 yet JensenS put down 10 for his ranking -last time I checked 10 + 14 =24 x 1/2 =12 so he did NOT average the 2 as per Grips instructions -just FYI since he posted laughing at you for doing the same thing -Dake at 8 and 25 =33 x 1/2 =16.5-same thing . I don't care about rankings myself but if a man posts and laughs at me I'd have to respond when said man did the same thing .Just FYI.
  12. Ok by me -let them both ft a weight .
  13. I gotta be honest Russ, I cant see either of them going for those trades.
  14. Just sent out my last 2 trade ofers -one to ISU for #'s 10 Kerber and Banano for #15 Fisk and #6 Rendos -then #10Kerber and #10 Ciasulli to Trusty for #15 Kjar and # 7 Marable.
    With Nelson out Trusty is ffting 125 and ISU is ffting 125 -they neither take this when they are forfeiting a weight and there is no one in the supplemental or not .but I am through trying -aftertonight's IU/Wabash match I should have a 125-9 points last week and I'll stay with what I have .
  15. Purdue has Mizzou and Mizzou open
  16. probably just giving some backups mat time. cocozzo didnt wrestle either, there were a few Rutgers startes absent
  17. You have any idea why Greenwald didn't wrestle ?
  18. because I think Washington is way better then Melde, who was like 5th in Eiwas last year if I remember right. I dont care about anyones regular season schedule, I will absolutely demolish that league in regular season scoring. Washington is a guy who I think has AA potential and he will also be a conference champ, Melde is just another ok guy from rutgers who wont amount to much.

    Thats just my opinion tho
  19. Plus I told you that Smith was a little ass kicker -he went 4-1 on the day and beat the #15 Conroy in the country he had a tech , a fall , a major and a dec.before he lost to the #4 guy in the country -not going to be on the podium but definately a point scorer .
  20. loSt -on that other fantasy team why didn't you pick up Melde -wrestles about 40 matches and beat Diaz and the Northwestern 141 lst year .
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