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  1. yeah bro... if todd is out I am probably done for the year as well, Im in 3rd coming into the week but he was one of my horses. I guess shit happens
  2. You were right Brennar sucks -got stuck by Perry from IU in :45 .I am screwed in fantasy if Todd's knee is blown -the Michigan chat site was talking ACL-WTF -I just like the sp[ort -to hell with fantasy wouldn't mean much if I could do anything but the surgeon said 6 more months before I try anything so I am literally dying from boredom .
  3. Patascil is wrestling for third -how did he lose to Yates ? This tourney is a meat grinder -Jaggers 2-2? I wonder how badly Todd is hurt -how did Biondi get so good so quickly ? He's teching people who should -acording to rankings -beat the hell out of him .
  4. who you laughing at sig bet loser ? Ptax goes to Purdue =sissy-you learn these things at IU -what's with the Weasley name -isn't he that obscure 197-84 lber from MSU ?
  5. told you jaregui was overrated lol.

    I was wondering who herbp was haha
  6. You lost a sig bet to someone from VaTech -snicker snicker-Jarequi is a bitch-got stuck then packed his shit and went home -I should have stuck with Walpole at beginning of the year -but Kinser was listed as varsity 49-Got Ruschell now -J won't wrestle for wawhile , if ever -I hollered at you on the text -herbp-but you ignored me -hurt my feelings you big bully.
  7. I got Ruschell for Umbehauer and getting a 141 lber from Missouri for Chriswell -do you guys count fft's Zapp doesn't and stewart majored a kid and 3 of 4 sites said 10-2 was the final score but Zapp said he was going with the scoreboard he'd been going with 7 more points gone -if you include the 88 points from the tournaments they didn't count I'd be in 3rd instead of ninth . This weekend will let me know if I should even turn in a lineup card .I have 7 guys at CK 2 might win Todd and Massey -if the others place and I get bonus I'll be ok -sucks about Angel -I just had my shoulder replaced -that's why I have a computer -so mI can play chess and come to this forum .
  8. Umberhauer's AD was nice enough to me-mail me and tell me that he is expected to return to the l;ine-up 12/20/2008. He didn;t say what he did but he was off the roster and everything .They FFT'd 2-3 matches -must have been pretty bad .We got a guy offering Metcalf up-I offered Chriswell and Umbehauer-offered him U for Jaggers -he has already traded Poeta and then Shlattner redshirted on him and he was screwed .I really want Reuschell-he majored Barnes the other night and he only beat Barnes by 2 points last year -alot of improvement there -some guys get to their senior year and go balls out and some -like Umb-say WTF-I can't win it all so why try .So far Graff, Wright , Mason,and Mangrum have redshirted on me -obviously I am not doing too well -tied for last -but just got 70 points last week-IU had their PUD tournament although Liberty had a coupla decent kids . Then Becker probably spent weeks preparing winston to beat Coughlin since he couldn't do it.
  9. Heh you should play in our league, we have a few guys that loveee to trade (including me).

    I think I've made three or four so far this year and I'll probably make several more before its over
  10. I just sent about a zillion word answer to you and the frigging machine ate it -mostly about how I am snake bit at 49 -Carawhatever from Edinboro quit , Baxter's coach keeps him at 57 , Mason apparently is RSing-was hoping Kurt would drop in but took Jarequi just in case -he sucks in my opinion -how is he rated so high ? If the loser moves up -Kinser or Coughlin -I'll have 3 good 65 's .Stewart , Howe and Coughlin /Kinser -I can't unload Chriswell's dead ass for anyone -none of these guys want to play Tycoon owner and wheel and deal like I do. Thanks for everything -I am down to my last supplemental pick so I'll have to wait and see what J can do for me .
  11. Yeah so far PAtterson is 7-1 on the season for me with 5 pins, 1 TF, and one Major.

    As far as your 149 pounder I had jaregui last year I would not reccomend him he is not that great and WVU as a whole are pretty poor fantasy picks. As far as a 149 pounder Steve Brown is having quite a year so far after dropping from 157, he would be a potential darkhorse AA pick. If no one took patacsil he scores bonus a lot of the time and is R12-AA caliber. Finaly I highly doubt anyone has Kyle Terry from Oklahoma since he just beat out Will Rowe for the spot. He has had an impressive year so far and anyone who can beat Will Rowe is a quality wrestler, I would not hesitate to pick him up.

    For Umberhauer I would definitely drop him I have heard that either he is not wrestling at all this year or wont be wrestling until 2nd semester, either way not worth keeping and missing out on all the matches and tournaments between then and now.
  12. the kid's available and he is second ranked in the CAA behind the big U -his schedule sucks -so I envision beacoup points -I don't turn line ups in til next sunday -I wish I'd known about this yesterday -last 2 weeks Chriswell got me ZERO points and we ran 2 weeks instead of one -this is my first fantasy and I thought if you wrestled you wrestled -I lost like 80 points to guys whose tournaments didn't count -what a crock !! Fxx it -I am going to pick him up before someone else does -Kaylen Baxter was going to be my sleeper at 149 and his coach -after finishing 2nd in a tourney that didn't count -has him wrestle 157 to toughen him up -my coach used to do that to me every other meet and I still hate him for it .Baxter won 38 matches last year and his schedule was nothing but I got -0- points from him-then JensenS told me to take Mason and I just dropped him for Jarequi-how is HE ranked at all ?
    Thanks man
  13. I've never been impressed with shelton overly before but majoring caponi is a pretty solid win. Remember though that OSU has a fairly difficult schedule and you wont score many points at confrences even if he manages to win.

    Who isnt drafted at 184 so far? I have Josh Patterson on my team I would highly reccomend him he scores mad bonus.
  14. OK sounds like you know your big boys -why has no one chosen Shelton ? He just majored the kid -Caponi-? from Virginia -my 184 is in the shitter until the 20th -Umbehauer -apparently screwed up somehow no one over here will trade for anything and I am running out of supplemantal picks -is he a worthy pick or should I wait on the Big U ?
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