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  1. At 141 Gallick is done for the year as is Yates at 149-I'll let you have #14 Ciasulli for Morrill .
  2. Would you take Ruschell ,#2 in the Nation at 149 for Yates #15 and #7 Vallimont for #2 Howe ??
  3. Tell TFair that LeValley is a 149 lber ,not a 125. Hell, I could probably waddle out on the mat and place at 125-Not win ,but place .
  4. Div1wrestling -all schedules and team web sites on hand -an invaluable tool...
  5. i know, i know.... i did that for a while....I only stopped because the schedules I printed off were thrown away which meant I was needing to go to like 11-12 different team sites checking everything.
  6. If you have a stud wrestler-especially a stud Iowa wrestler -he will annoy you to death-he is on almost everyone's IGNORE list .
  7. I told you I keep score in another league and it is so much easier to score if you put down where your guys are wrestling . So if you would like to help Wiltz out please put down where your guys are wrestling -thanks .
  8. Interesting PM you sent me, to say the least. Internet is serious business. lol.
  9. LND-that little kid GAGE is one of the Super Moderators kids and he gets online and swears his dad is right there and makes trades and then his dad comes on a day later saying he knew nothing about it -I received 100's of PM's from him until JensenS blocked him from sending PM's and VM's -that is why i took over this team because you would say no and he would send you a PM saying plze k-drives you nuts .
    I has over 65 PM's begging me to trade him Metcalf -if not for his dad being a super mod he'd have been kicked off a year ago-I keep score for another league and when you are tasllying scores it is alot like work-and this kid sees you are online and will aggrevate you to death .
  10. I'll see what I can do.... I would just PM him the trade offer and i'll tell him to try and find a computer....
  11. LD-
    I Pm'd TFair about a trade but if his comp is down can you get word to him ??
    I offered him #5 Manuel for #7 Sentes as he needs a 174 and I need a 133 .Please tell him I will throw in DeShazer for ??? to sweeten the deal .Thanx .russ
  12. I am not DOWN on Cathell but he missed weight by 6 lbs. and he has been cutting hard .They have him projected as a 165 lber next year .
  13. See if you can trade Cathell for Mangrum from Dutch-Gallick only has 14 duals and one tournament -ISU has the worst schedule in Div .1-125 wrestle Morrill as your #1 guy -he and Triggas were in the EMU and Triggas finished 6th and Morrill 2nd -you have a solid teamSorenson at 97 will only wrestle maybe 20 matches all year as SDS is not a hotbed of wrestling '
    Last year I was in the waiver league and this year I was invited to the ''big league'' where the draft is very competitive-my roster
    125 Escobedo/Banano
    133 -Grey and Ortega
    141 Ciasulli /Meld
    157-JP O'Conner
    174 -Manuel
    HWT -Birchler
    I drafted for the regular season where I only have 2 weeks where everyone is not wrestling or where I have an open weight class -that way if I am ahead enough on points I can get an AA or two for a wrestler with more matches .
  14. NO-Yates just missed weight the Kent State match-he was back for the Hokie open .
  15. p.s. I know you glanced at my roster, if you can think of any one I should push to trade, lemme know. You sure Yates is RS'ing?
  16. Thanks for the help w/ fantasy. Im prepared to make my share of mistakes this season, but hopefully learn a ton. Its to bad our league isnt doing Free agency.
  17. Hi again ,
    Just looked your team over and this is constructive -Morrill is better than Triggas and has a better schedule -Yates may red shirt -Ward got beat in wrestle offs but Spellman is better anyway-Lapotsky's rating fooled you -he is the 5th best 197 in the big 12 .
    If you want any help let me know -I started in 10th place last year and WORKED my way to second -Fantasy wrestling is almost interactive as if you plan ahead and make the right trades you can get alot of matches . i.e.-I had Lee , ranked #7 but with a horrid schedule , so I traded for Manuel,#11 who wrestles (hopefully) around 40 matches . I am always willing to help-if asked .
  18. Hi-
    I don't mean to interfere but I told someone else in your league about this so..Div1Wrestling -they have all records and scheduls in one place and Earl-the guy who runs it -really does a good job -when you get there hit LINKS in the upper right hand corner and that will take you to the wrestling home page of all Div 1 schools .
    You want to know the record of JP O'Conner ? just hit 2010 results and it will show JP's career match by match-an invaluable tool for fantasy wrestling .Good luck.
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