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  1. I am neither trying to recruit or co-optyou and as to the Holocaust -I could care less -it is just so inmtriguing to me that one may not even question the event or research it w/out going to jail-however , I am a student of WW2 and the exact causes of said event -I have many questions -why didn't Hitler annihilate the British at Dunkirk ? Why did 2 of Roosevelt's admirals resign in protest rather than move the naval base to Pearl Harbor ?-If we were truly a neutral country why and how did Roosevelt get away with the Lend /Lease program ?
    I am not a nazi or a neo-nazi -but after being on this planet for 50 years I feel no closer to the truth about anything than I did on the day I was born -I thought perhaps a fresh viewpoint would help but if you do not wish this , fine . I am just frustrated beyond belief -it as if I see the briefest glimpse of something then it disappears . I am sorry to have troubled you . Respectfully , Russell Payton
  2. I never looked at the Anne Frank Diary thread. No interest. But since you asked the question I did some very quick research into that and the "Bloody Sunday" that I have seen you reference twice now.

    As a result, the first question that comes to my mind is whether you are either trying to recruit me or co-opt me.

    Are you sure you wish to pursue this?

    Hint: Those who try to deny the fact of the holocaust meet with my complete contempt AND DISMISSAL.
  3. Sir -having read many of your posts I think we may share one belief about WW2 in that Hitler had to have access to the Danzig corridor and that the Polish bolsheviks did indeed force his hand -are you familiar with the ''Bloody Sunday '' affair where thousands of innocent Germans were maliciously killed -hacked ,dismembered and raped -to death ? If I were to mention this on the forum I would be beseiged by all-it happened when I mentioned that Anne Frank's diary was written in part with a ball point pen -which was not invented until after the war .
    I don't understand your comparison of Hitler and Putkin -feel free to e-mail me at for a candid debate or discussion .
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