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  1. KR,
    I just watched a NCIS episode entitled Psych Out . It showed how a psy op forced a guy to commit suicide . they changed ALL his blood pressure meds with pschotic meds and placed EMF's to disrupt his dreams and cause nightmares -also hacked his PC and bought/sold stocks and even changed the news he read ! Completely altered his reality.
  2. Keep me informed. Don't disappear on me dude!
  3. don't know-go in the 8th to see if they need to open the MRSA sac and drain it. TRUST in the power of your dreams -I dreamed of dying and used to awake screaming in pain about this surgery (and those were the good ones ), the bad ones involved little black things (blobs) trying to choke me )-maybe it was the infection trying to scare me into not having the surgery ?
    Sorry I missed your blog but TOM froze me out .
  4. Hey Mr P how are you doing? Hows the arms shoulders health?
  5. Thanks Russ I realized all that just was sort of going off my gut...we'll see if I am right.
  6. KR-
    Coach POP moves guys up and down the line up ALL the time-Scheidel is about as sure a conference champion as you have-Lister is who you should worry about-he has lost to Gillespie-Booth-Resnik(15-5)
    Turtledove from the Citadel is a guaranteed finalist and has never lost to blevins.
  7. Thanks Russ but I have noway to add anyone else to my roster this year!
  8. KR-
    Take a look at John Hall-197-Boston-should win CAA-coming back from injury he is 18-1
  9. Thanks Russ...!
  10. KR,
    I hope you now appreciate the effort I put in last year . THAT job is a bitch.
    i pm'd Thaxton telling him he could NOT use Grajales in his line up as he dropped him and picked up Kinser.Last year I had to keep Rosters updated and Make sure no one added a guy w/out the 3 day waiting period. You are doing a great job.
    Also, Ben is really worried about you passing him .With Howe gone he is screwed and he wasted so many add/drops.PLUS he waited too long on making any trade. IF Berhow takes Nelsons place he has NO hwt either.
    God luck and great work !!
  11. Whats the link?
  12. on the IU site-KK does a great job-TOM's always turn into a chat fest
  13. Which blog? I meant the TOM one today. Was there a IU blog somewhere?
  14. KR-I am always under herbp-KK-the SID who runs the blog-usually asks me questions about stats and things.
  15. gotcha that would suck...the relieve u statement was me just playing Russ. Relax man! ;P I'll do my best.
  16. Well-since I quit that thankless job 2 months ago I feel no need to be relieved . You must also send out pm's to guys on certain matters -like today-I PM'd RD as the HWT he chose is in RS.The Northwestern kid .
    You have a TON of work to do ! No one will notice until you do NOT do it .
    Guys are allowed 10 add/drops-no MORE.If they have used one that day by rule they must wait a day to pick another -the rules are strict and /gold wrote them and he enforces them. But how would you feel if you picked a guy and no one told you he was unavailable-especially this week-THE week of the season.??
  17. I had no idea until today that I was a MOD. I went over it with Gold. U r relieved off command my good man! I will handle the roster changes from here on out. Thanks.
  18. OK-but Schlottke gave you the power to dig around in there -there will be argueing -I thought you'd taken over the job -maybe 2 rosters are correct .
    Am not blaming you just thought you had worked it out . When guys start demanding points from the same wrestler let Gold deal with that .
    Sorry .
  19. RUSS

    it is not my decision
    it's Gold's.
    No one has asked.
    Pls don't turn this into MY UNWILLINGNESS...
    not true.
  20. KR-
    Come on man !! You said you would take over the waiver and roster job and they are totally fucked up-both Thaxton and RD are using Apland this week and who knows who had the actual rights to him-Nearly every single roster is incorrect and no one is keeping track of the #of waivers -
    I told you it was a BS job but someone had to do it and you said yes. IF you are too ill to do it -find someone else but this is the type of shit which causes chaos . Are you an Illuminati agent ? order ab Chaos et al.
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