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  1. ok thanks russ
  2. KR-
    I know shit about computers -go to Flo and type in RUG vs Pennesi
  3. Thanks again Russ...send me the link in a PM pls...
  4. KR-
    If you watch this kid against RUG in the CKLV -he loses big but somehow does NOT get pinned -then he won like 3-4 matches in the consis-I would have let Rug stick me-this kid has HEART.
  5. Thanks Russ meister!
  6. KR-That Penessi kid from W VA is tough as hell-he was unbeaten going into the supp and refused to get stuck by RUG-it was painful to watch -then he came back and won 3-4 matches -he could be a good pick up til Trum gets back . Plus he wrestles in Reno.
  7. KR-
    Is Pasani leaving PSU to be with his brother at Edinboro ?
  8. You know that The Citadel moved Delaney to HWT the last few matches and has 2 losses to guys in the SoCon at 197 ? He lost 9-7 to UTC's back up then was majored by UNC Greensboro 14-5 .
  9. try out your powers now-just hit edit and voila !!
  10. Martinez is ineligible !!
  11. if you want to do scores for the reat of the year just tell Gold -I no longer have time as I am in another fantasy league
  12. you traded away your best 141 and now Beatty may be out for the year .
  13. Since this is an open tournament you get either HWTs score -check with Gold -but you might ant to wrestle Covington rather than a hwt as he puts up alot of bonus
  14. You've asked my opinion on everything so far -The trade you just made is horrible -Lapotsky will high AA as will Krom -Beatty is the 4th best 197 in the Big 10 and Lapotsky is #4 in the nation . Blanton has a horrible schedule and you have covington . Krom is nearly irreplaceable .
  15. ok thanks! Gothca joker!
  16. KR-
    Dennis Drury has wrestled Riley Orozco 2-3 times in their careers , Drury has 1 win last year . After Riley dropped to 184 to make way for Halsey, an animal and AA, he lost a few matches he should have won .Still,Riley finished 2nd in the Pac 10 at 184 losing to Smith 2-1 in the finals -NOW-this year because they did not know where he was wrestling , they simply did not rank him . I have every confidence he'll be top 8-12 guy by year's end .
    I only mentioned this because you had Drury in the RENO finals -Riley placed 3rd last year .Halsey was champion .
  17. Hey russ you said
    UR right now but ranked #1 in the Pac 10-Drury has beaten him once .

    not tracking with you here. What did you mean by this?
  18. KR
    See what I mean about 141 in the Pac 10 ? novachov jumped 15 spots and Nacita dropped 10 and the score 7-5 Novachov .Nacita -last year's Pac 10 champion is now 2-4.Orozco was ranked as high as 11 last year then when Halsey became eligible Orozco cut down to 84 -27-13 last year UR right now but ranked #1 in the Pac 10-Drury has beaten him once .
  19. KR
    I see we have more than wrestling in common -I have read the Tao of Physics -a wonderful work !! Have you, read the Dancing Wu Li Masters ? along similar lines -another good book is'' the day the universe changed''.
    The Golden Bough is the DEFINITIVE work on religions across the world -The aryans -before that became a dirty word worshipped trees -why ? They believed fire lived inside trees because lightening would strike and fire would come forth .And as cold as it was FIRE was everything -They also had a tradition where once a year if a slave found the Golden Bough he could challenge the king for right to rule .
  20. esco 10-maj and pin
    Ortega 3 loss and dec
    Kinser 9 dec and fall
    Perry 9 dec and fall
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