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  1. I will be in Bloomington the 17th through the 21st. Give me a call 785-462-5700
  2. Anytime , We can meet at Papa Bears in was ranked as the best pizza parlor in any college town when I was there Mama bears for the Family and Papa bears for the big boys or in my case the OLD mennothing I like better than getting around a bunch of wrestlers and shooting the shot .Russ
  3. Thanks for the kind words about Tanner. Maybe someday we can sit down, crack open a cold one and talk about wrestling!!
  4. Kriss ,
    IU has one of the more beautiful campuses in America -especially now that that the leaves are changing -I loved my time on campus but as a walk on academic ride I could not train as hard as needed . I lived in Dunn house my first year and then rented a house down off 20h street across from Assembly hall .
    I just think it may be time for some fresh blood as Duane has been there for 18 years and with Mena leaving I look at that as a sign of trouble .I hope I am wrong as well.however I meant what I said about Tanner and him having a great career -tell him to take his time coming back because my first surgery came apart and they had to replace it. I can only imagine how proud you must be of Tanner and rightfully so-best wishes ,Russ
  5. Tanner loves it at Indiana, and is very dissapointed about his shoulder. But he is the kind of kid to do every tthing possible to recover quickly and get back on the mat. He told me that if powless or fagiano weighed 203, he could give them a run for thier money. Before he got hurt he was beating perry and cameron. I just hope you are wrong about IU and Tanner helps make IU a top 5 team
  6. Kriss,
    I walked on at IU in 1977-god i am old-but never have I seen a program in such disarray as Goldman's kids over the last 3-4 years . I watched all the footage Of Tanner that I could find and he is quite the SPECIMEN !! I know Matt Powless and some of the other guys and they paint a pretty gloomy portrait of the room -Matt is undersized for 197 as he won state here in Indiana at 171-I do not even pretend to care about IU anymore -when I first came on this board I was defending them all the time-but I did my own research on this -and every wrestler has had a worse record every year for the past 3 years except Perry ( and now Young )-look at Hernandez ,Coughlin ,Kinser ,Walpole and even Angel-I just hope Tanner did not make a mistake coming here - Tell Tanner I wish him a speedy , full, recovery and I hope he has a great career . Shoulders are the Achilles Heel of wrestlers -I am 51 and had to have mine replaced last year .
  7. Russell, tanner is actually my son. He is going to redshirt this year because he tore up his shoulder in practice, Surgery on Nov 18th to fix it. Tanner said he was doing really well against the 84lbers but struggled against the 97lbers, because they weighed 220 and Tanner only weighed 203. We will have to wait till next year to compete.
  8. Hey Kriss ,
    The reason I asked you about whether Goldman told your brother that Fagiano was coming back is I believe that is a recruiting violation and Kevin can get a year of eligibility back . I hear that Fag is red shirting as is Kevin -so Fag will be at hwt ? and Tanner at 197 ?
  9. Kriss -Did Goldman inform you while recruiting your brother that Joe Fagiano was transferring back in from Hofstra ? I thought Tanner might break the starting line up over Powless but Fagiano is another story -2years ,2 colleges and 2 NCAA appearances . I notice Malone is gone as is Cook and Walpole -Nick transferred to Univ .of Indy and may well be a Div 2 AA. Cook was the heir apparent to Everhart and was 9-1 last season and Ramos was a top recruit and now IU has 0 149's . I sent the school a letter stating my displeasure but it will do no good . I understand Tanner is quite a good wrestler perhaps he should contact CMU-they need big men and their coach is outstanding .Good Luck .
  10. Goldman is an idiot in my opininion. I have coached wrestling for over 30 years and those kids look like escape's from a refugee camp . Angel Escobedo wrestled 135 in high/school and wrestles 125 now -5 years later -I have coached against Nick Walpole and the last time I saw him I did not recognize him -same with Matt Coughlin -Coughlin was the #1 160 HS senior and came to IU ,beat the 157 lber and cut to 149 and AA'd -then the following year he beat Becker again and Goldman made him wrestle 165 .this year he cut back to 157 but could not beat Kinser -Matt won 31 matches as a freshman ,25 as a soph and 16 last year .He won't make varsity .Perry wrerstles 189 and cut to 174 and has stayed at 174 since he got to IU -I love IU and graduated from there , but Goldman sucks .
    I wish Tanner the best of luck .
  11. Tanner wrestled at senior national giving up way too much weight. He weighed in at 202lbs. During high school he fluctuated between 197 and 205. Right now he is weighing about 212 and lifting every day. He is about 6ft2in and really has a great wrestlers build. I just hope they don't want him at 184
  12. Hi-thanks for the info on Tanner .Will he be able to make 197 -Goldman has those kids cutting too much weight ,imo.
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