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  1. Dwyer has a tough week -Usman is animalistic..
  2. jEsnmrenS,
    Plze dOnt TKe my pkcK?? K-i ned him thaNks k .by
  3. thanks
  4. Negative.

    It goes snake style, just like the regular draft did.
  5. J
    The rules are kinda fuzzy on the draft order for the supplemental-is it last to first through all 3 rounds ?
  6. No clue. Sorry.
  7. JensenS ,
    Do you know if Ryan Flores will be wrestling next semester ?
  8. I concur .
  9. Wow...

    Maybe you just need to step back a little bit and kind of break away from the "help everyone" role.

    If people are going to try and get over on you at least make them come to you to do it.
  10. J
    another thing , my days of trying to help people out are over !! LoSt just offered me Bradshaw for Craig . SERIOUSLY.
  11. ate to sound petty but GOOD -I offered GAGE and Monte a good trade and he all but accused me of taking advantage of GAGE -Ciasulli for Levalley or my #1 141 for their #2 149-like I need a backup 149.
  12. If Nelson beats a top 20 guy at Mat Town he'll get those points...since he stepped on the mat and wrestled this weekend he won't get Valenti's points from Northeast Duals.
  13. J
    another question -does Trusty get Nelson's points since he wrestled or his back ups ?
  14. My guess is the Journeymen people just put them in there because they were assuming that is who it would be and they'll change it up when the matches actually come around.

    I can't say for sure though...
  15. J
    Grajales and Dragon are in Penn's line up today as is Accordino ,who shifflet said was done for the year .?? Any info ?
  16. Good call.
  17. No one. ISU would have had he flexed him but he's got him down at 184.
  18. I'll be interested to see who gets Bennett's points since he wrestled DOWN a weight.
  19. J
    Had you let me know I would have held bonano for you he is back the 13th against lock Haven and should have a big year .If MOJO doesn't go for your deal we can try to set up a 3 way to improve you at 57 and me at 84. I am hesitant to come off O'conner but will if the offer is fair .
  20. 141 is low on my supplemental priority list right now, you don't have to worry.

    My biggest priorities are 157 (if I can't close the LeBlanc for Hall deal) and 125 (where I have 4 open weeks from Midlands-End of the year).
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