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  1. Any video feed of CMU/Nebraska ?
  2. Zapp just switched from Levi to Boris with my blessing.
  3. Good-I'll take boris later -Ashmore is worthless -faced 4 ranked oppenents and lost by dec.Fall and major and the guy he did beat Ray from Utah Valley he did not dominate .6-5
  4. Zapp is here now.

    I mentioned another guy to me as well, if he wants him since he's here right now he can trade Jones in for him.

    Given the way that his team sets up I think Jones is the smarter pick though.
  5. Zapp mentioned another name to me -so if I take that ''other'' guy will there be repercussions ? I don't see how there can be if he doesn't show up.
  6. I thought Green scored 9-unless the tech was a 4 pointer
  7. Grips take Fittery or Vernon ?
  8. He had 10 from Molinaro, 8 from Green, and 3 from Ortega. That gives him 21.
  9. no-his scores for Desi are correct .That is all he had wrestling -I didn't want to say anything but I am counting points on the trade I made with him -Orozco better get his act together -WHY a team would start their season on Nov. 28th is beyond me -I was REAL disappointed in his Vegas results .
    Thinking Goeres 3rd round .
  10. I only gave him 3 for Ortega, but he shorted himself for Frank the Tank and might have shorted himself elsewhere too.
  11. Hate to rain on MOJO but Ortega only won 1 match at the FITE duals -3 rather than 6 -18 total rather then 21 .
  12. PM's are different. This is Visitor Message, that is correct.

    Can't do a draft pick for a wrestler, don't want to have to worry about reworking the system right now.
  13. This is the VISITOR mesage -PM's are different right ?? Just wondering -I have a trade offer of one of my wrestlers for a draft pick-can we wait until the draft and make the trade as this individual just wants to trade the DRAFT pick-Not a human being -is there a way to accomplish this w/out looking like /or actually circumventing the system ? Thanks .
  14. J-
    Does Bugenhausen's success surprise you ? It does me .184 to HWT is a huge jump.
  15. He finally made a deal that improved his end of year stock, and didn't hurt it.
  16. Goph made out like a bandit -Ward for Pookie ? Perry for Lee and a draft pick -Perry will lose more matches than Lee wrestles . He asked what to do and nearly broke my fingers typing take it !!
  17. How Borelli let this happen is beyond me-you do NOT need dissent in the room-almost caused a mutiny at IU last year with Kinser/Coughlin . Kids start to get into clics -onebehind Miller and one behind Bennet -I'll say one thing -Miller is NOT the third best 184 in the country -I often wonder about Earl and his rankings . ONE tournament should never have caused the dramatic changes the CK brought .
  18. No sir. I assume we'll know more when they step out on the mats this weekend for their duals, and then especially when they wrestle at Midlands.

    Would be very interesting to see both Miller and Bennett entered in the same 174 bracket.
  19. Any word on CMU's situation vies a vie 74/84 ?
  20. Other than a lackluster first two periods against Wisconsin Dwyer has looked very, very good this year.

    Usman is tough, but I'm not worried.
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