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  1. He's a guy that I've heard of, but I don't really know a ton about. I remember watching a few of Clair's matches with Nickerson a few years ago when he was down at 125. He's another generally solid guy.
  2. While looking at Smith I came across Sean Clair -do you know his story -he also beat Grey 10-2 and won nearly 30 matches his sophomore year then goes 12-12 ? And is listed a maybe starter for Eastern Michigan ? He has several impressive wins but when I went to Earl's site and he is listed as a 133 ? I went with Ortega . I am really worried about Grey -especially since you ignored him -can he hold 33 ?
  3. Thanks for the tip Russ...all I'm really looking to do with this last one if fill a few gaps in the line up so I don't have anyone special in mind.

    I'll give Smith a look.
  4. Unless you have a super pick saved up-look at Kevin Smith from Buffalo-29-9 last year but was sick the day of the MAC and lost all 3 matches -2 against guys he had beaten -beat DeShazer 8-2 and is just a tough little guy from Mexico ,N.Y.. Ness killed him 15-1 but Hoch beat him 4-0 and Hump 9-5 .lost to Kubec 2-1 but hurt him and won 3-4 matches more in the Reno .
  5. How do you say-team full of losers-- in Swahili ? My team is pretty lame .
  6. Your last pick is up my friend...
  7. I know I have your guys, but I'll let you do the honors in making the picks...
  8. If you would be so kind as to explain the SUPPLEMENTAL draft -when it takes place and what happens -the IU guy[s] I might pick have their own quads against schools for the Handicapped -when does this S draft take place ?
  9. I'm used to it by now. If I get really impatient I'll draft his dumb ass a 25 and let him trade him in for someone else if he doesn't want whoever I give him.
  10. I may be the source of LoSt's bitchiness -he asked me to draft Bonano for him and I said I was keeping him -he already grabbed 2 of my picks. I had to PM and tell him I wasn't his monkey boy.
  11. Steve Bonano -Hofstra and Austin Trotman 174 App State -if they are gone -Knox from Tennesee-157 or Mangrum 141 Oregon state . Hopefully just the first 2 .
  12. Yes sir, go ahead.
  13. can I just give you my next picks -I need to eat .
  14. Slim.
  15. Done -what aree the chances of my drafting again tonight ?
  16. Your turn again buddy.
  17. Russ...your two picks are here.
  18. I'm heading to McDonallds -I don't pick for 25 picks or so back in 15 .
  19. Yo Russ, you're up
  20. Your show Russ...Grips just picked.
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