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  1. Dude I'm not saying you did anything wrong. You did nothing wrong. The trade is fair.

    I'm just saying that Gofer agreed to a trade that I wouldn't have done were I in his shoes.
  2. J-
    if you'd like you can check my messages where Goph says he'll do the trade just e-mail him at church and I did . It is right there on my unread visitor messages
  3. Me neither. This seems like an instance of him getting anxious and just wanting to do...something.

    Kudos to you for pulling that trade off, but if I'm Gofer I don't agree to that trade in a million years.
  4. JensenS
    I could not believe Goph let go of Ness.
  5. Seems to me like you make out like an absolute bandit with this trade...but its definitely a fair one based on the quality of the wrestlers involved

    You can go ahead and post it.
  6. JensenS
    Have made trade -or rather we have agreed to a trade -R.payton sends Askren and Grey to Gopherfan for Craig and Ness.
    Let me know if you OK it before I post it .
  7. I also really wish I had drafted Smith -his second semester schedule doesn't warrant taking him in the supplemental . The kid is like the energizer Bunny on meth .
  8. I agree completely -anyone is free to voice their opinion -and if the need arises , I will-but YOU are in charge as it is your league . I have never seen an instance of Draconian Power freak outs or anything so if they don't like it -F them .
  9. They're the only tournament that I've seen that does it.

    They did it last year too, only at the time I didn't recognize what they were doing so I think I did some kind of fancy shit where I averaged out how many points each guy who had "advanced" to the match for 3rd averaged per match over the rest of the tournament and scored the missing matches like that.

    Dart came and let us all know that the matches just didn't exist, so going forward this year that's how I'm scoring things.
  10. J
    I agree in your decision , just never saw that at a Div 1 tournament. I saw it a lot at Jr.High meets .
  11. In terms of scoring, the consolation semi's just don't exist...semi final losers won't get any points from the byes that they got into the match for 3rd.
  12. J-
    May I ask how you are going to score the wrestlebacks at the Body bar ? I have never seen a tournament give BYES and skip to 5th -6th and 3rd and 4th before .
  13. Thanks J.
  14. My bad brother, I was going quick. I knew that he had met up with Ryan LeBlanc in the finals, I assumed that they co-championed it.

    Thats why I didn't give you the other six points. It has been fixed.
  15. Div.1 has Young's first 5 matches correct. They simply do not have his tech against Wabash .
  16. J-
    The 6 point differential in our scores comes from ,I believe ,the MSU open finals -Young's teammate and back up-Leblanc -injury defaulted to Young in the finals -this is not in the scorebook nor the IU site but is in the MSU open -Young wrestled 5 matches that day -a TF-5 ,a fft,6 a decision over Buedeua of Mich.8-1 ,3 and a decision over Cubberly 11-6 , 3- then Leblanc fft'ed to Young in the finals , 6 .
    If you go to IU's website and click on MSU open a page will appear -then hit complete results and you'll see the mistake in the brackets . This is no mistake on your part ,the scorebook and IU's site have it wrong -but you can check the brackets and see he won 5 matches that day . I think perhaps IU did not count the match as it was between 2 IU wrestlers . Young is 6-0 ,not 5-0 and he scored 28 points last week .I follow my wrestlers results very closely . IU has Esco at 0-0 and we both know he stuck the Wabash kid in :53 seconds .
  17. JensenS,
    I'd like to apologize for having to cancel that trade but i was PM'ed until almost 1:00A.M and was told his father was right there -I thought I was helping and all was OK -I've blocked GAGE-I hope it didn't hurt his feelings .Russ
  18. Since Basting is apparently confirmed as the guy who is his back up, if you want points for the Body Bar you'll have to put him down.

    If you just put Kerber or Back Up I'll give you points if they win against Asper but that is it.
  19. J-
    How should I put down my line up if Kerber is out and Banano may be out -just do what Grips did and put Back up ? Let me know before Friday so I can change my line up.
  20. No. For tournaments you have to name the back up.
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