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  1. Give me a few days to run the numbers (very busy the next two days) and I'll get back to you with an answer.

    Leaning yes right now.
  2. J,
    Would you consider this offer ? #7 AMU 174 and #13 John 157 for #8 Fleming 157 and #12 Lofthouse 174 ? I truly believe we would both benefit from this trade.
  3. J,
    On the Wiscy site -Brett Favre is Glen somebody-a friend of Andrew's dad-and if he says he spoke to Mr.Howe I believe him-still awaiting confirmation but this six so much-Andrew has worked so hard ...this will probably cost him an olympic spot.-his goal since 7th grade. russ
  4. If Smith wrestles I think Boise wins...Even if Boise wins and moves to the quarters I don't see them beating the Gophers...

    Since I don't have them beating the Gophers and I don't plan on working all the way back through the consolations other than the 3rd place match between the losers in the semi's, its really not something that I want to rework.

    Maybe if I'm feeling motivated tonight I'll split a post off where I break down a dual between MN and Boise, but my picks have Iowa State and I'm going to stick with them for now.
  5. J-
    In your picks you have Boise losing then wrestling Minny -I thought they went to the losers bracket ?
  6. I know, he told me...

    Like I said in my post, doesn't really matter as far as my picks shake out.
  7. J-
    Gof wrote Boise and they responded -a thing I could never get them to do-and said Smith would wrestle Nat Duals-Gof even forwarded me the e-mail. And I think if a Mormon tells a lie they lose their family for eternity-but then again ,this tid bit of info came from a married Mormon Nurse i was xxxing while she was married so who the hell knows .
  8. JensenS,
    The Midlands brackets showed AMU losing to Letts-then the finals had him wrestling for 3rd place-so I re checked and AMU beat Letts 1-0, so his point total should be -4,3,0,3,3,3,3,=19-I adjusted my point total and hope this is correct , I assume it has to be or he would have been wrestling for 5th.
  9. The turn I taught was right and across the jaw-lock on to left arm and just run with it.You left hand would be under the guys pit taking away his post-If he did not turn one way you brought hm back across his body . I always liked my guys to post their knee into the guys spine or their rib cage too-just a little attitude adjuster.
  10. The thing is if you watch him do it its not across the throat, he locks it up on his opponent's jaw...
  11. That's IT ?? I taught that in high school-especially freestyle -either turn,choke or hear your neck snap.
  12. People say that the turn that he likes to work from the top, the headlock that he takes over the top is a choke.
  13. J-
    I saw on Intermat that Fleming was using a quasi-illegal move but do not have a paid account . Do you know what it is ??
  14. Thanks-my team blows so much I really (for the first time ) do not know who to start .Iu has yet to register and I am always afraid Ward will fall asleep during a match . I wish I'd had 10% of his athleticism when I wrestled .
    I watched Mitchell wrestle and he is good !! Surprisingly so. Who knows ??
  15. Friday, same as always.
  16. J-
    When are rosters due -Friday or Thursday ? Thinking of wrestling Stabile instead of Kinser as IU has yet to register .
  17. Thanks j-it would mean a lot to MOJO-he said I was the first person he told after his son . We were laughing a month ago as his first VM to me said I sounded too ignorant to be a wrestler -when I used the archaic (yet accurate)term Jewess as I was just learning to type one handed and could not take the time to form full sentences. If people just take the time to know one another they'd realize we are more alike than different.
  18. We'll work on putting something together for him.
  19. J-
    Mojo just invited me to be his guest at his induction to the hall of fame -of course I had to turn him down but would you be amenable to a MOJO HOF night on TWT ?
    Nearly in tears here as MOJO spoke from the heart and I feel honored to be invited . This means so much to him -do you think we could put something together ?
  20. No, he didn't tell me but I'll take care of it assuming Schavrien is still on the board.

    I haven't had a ton of exposure to viratas but I've heard the same things that he's a good guy until someone complains about something or disagrees with him and then he'll lose his temper really quick.
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