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  1. I need to ''borrow'' a 174 for a coupla weeks -then he goes right back to you -I can send you Triggas to hold -he leads the nation in pins at 125 with 11 -let me know -I'll need Bennett for the 3 week minimum -
  2. ISU-
    You get one guy back and another goes down-Starks won the other night ,the OSU 157's look good and the back up to Yates was #6 in the nation in high school-149 in the ACC sucks -Loopy won 10-0 yesterday -although James went 1-3 . Let me know what you want to do on the ass end of that trade ..
  3. I'd hate for you to miss out on whatever points he'd get you .russ
  4. Good call, you're right, I just copied and pasted from last week but forgot to update that one.
  5. According to ALL the schedules I've found , Brantley wrestles the Midlands and then the National duals -not Iowa State . I do NOT know if that matters in your line up listing . Just a heads up.
  6. ISU,
    Why do you bother listing Scott -he is no longer enrolled at Edinboro-legally , he may not wrestle for them again this year .If LoSt told you other wise he lied !! Gillespie sucks and will barely be a.500 wrestler , Nemec is ranked 6th in the big 10 -i wll never understand that trade but you are a grown man -IF Nemec scores 67% of Burroughs scores I'll slit my wrists . Same with Borschoff and Gillespie .
    No hard feelings but you gutted your team and gave Lost the championship-and GOT nothing in return .
  7. Hey roadie ,
    Does GAGE bother you ? He actualy made a trade with me where I was the loser just to get him to leave me alone -then his dad did not want the trade and said he knew nothing of it .So I canceled it and put GAGE on my ignore list -he stilll sends me messages and insulted me -I literally have 100's of PM's from him and have asked Trusty to intervene to no avail . I know he is a kid but when you start getting insulted ?? how would you deal with it ?
  8. I posted this but did not know if you'd see it -American's site has Borschoff winning 3 matches -6-3 , 3-2 and 3-2 for 9 points .Same at Div1 .
  9. Fisk and Ciasulli are wrestling like they are on a mission-Galante and Craig are wrestling like they live in a mission .
  10. I still have the #10 125 Banano from Hofstra for trade .We could multi player it if you want . I have #9 Caisulli at 141 -open to suggestions -but Banano was 29-15 as a freshman last year .With 10 losses coming to Peterkin ,TNICK,Bedolyn ,and Nicholson 3x's.he beat Pataky and Triggas.
  11. I did not see you had B orscoff -149 in the MAC is a bitch -Zimmerman ,Green and Cathell .
  12. Yeah, I needed a guy to balance out Borshoff's weak early schedule. D'Alie was a guy that fairly impressed me last year.
  13. ISU-
    You do know D'alie is wrestling 49 with Shuster at 41 ?
  14. Never mind -the scores are up on the Cmu site 3 for bebee 5 for stwart 6 fot miller .
  15. I noticed you have some CMU guys on your roster as do I -the scorebook has been stuck at 15-3 CMU with Stewart leading 14-1 in the 3rd for hours .Beebe won and Brown and Sentes but why would they just HALT like that ?
  16. I had Halsey last week and was wondering what was going on and Herr actually e-mailed me and said Halsey was sick -probably the same with Monterio at Hwt . I was worried because both are ''free spirits'' .
  17. I had the same problem with Srewart majoring that kid 10-2 -I told Zapp-our commish-and he wouldn't change it because the scorebook is sacred to him -I tried to explain that the hometeam is responable for scoring and showed hin four sites -he agreed but stayed with the Scorebook-he also doesn't count fft.s-so I lost 7 points that day .
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