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  1. John ,
    What do you hear about Iowa's 141 situation ? One guy over here has Slanton and another has Leclere -Do Iowa's wrestle -offs mean anything ? IU's don't -whoever Goldman wants to put out there is how it works there and I hate it .
    Iu had 3 top recruits leave -Malone 197 , 3x state champion at 215 in Indiana with wins over Marcel Dubose and the kid who won nationals ,Ramos 149,Illinois and Nick Cook hwt, Ironman champion and Beast of the East -lost only one match last year as a red shirt .
    ANYWAY-Let me know what you hear as I am trying to trade .Russ
  2. Russ, Gallick had some sort of surgery and is out for the first part of the season if I remember correctly.
  3. John ,
    December 6th is the day Gallick steps on whatever Iowa sends out on the squared circle -I have Galick but his schedule is so bad I can't unload him -so I picked up Trevor Melde and he'll wrestle more than Gallick but this is Nick's year .
  4. I looked it up and Foster wrestled 211 in EVERY tournament this summer and they expect him to be able to wrestle 6 minutes -when I wrestled in college it was 3-2-2-2 years prior it was 3-3-3--you were so tired you could not move your arms or anything . And that was when I quit football and was cutting maybe 5 lbs.You still have Reader , that should be worth $500. You keep ducking 33 and you'll end up sending out the Northern Iowa kid -if Mitcheff is around -GRAB him .
  5. It was a huge mistake and I regretted it from the begining. He's gone from my team now. I'm not even sure how effective he would be at 184 this year. Hope he sucks!
  6. If I don't have $10,000.00 in my hands or transfereed into my acct . I am posting where you picked a cowboy to Brands -I might e-mail your roster -Herk#1 @125 -Sanders -Minnesota Russ
  7. Mitcheff from Kent State is available -I am trying to trade Grey for him as I type .
  8. Graff is gone in our league.
  9. 133 is problematic -I took Grey and am scared the wuss can't hold his mud -if I were a GAMBLING MAN -I'd take Graff.
  10. I was just getting ready to pm you -your kicking ass in this draft -NEVER thought you'd take Sanders but he is gonna be special !!
    GREAT JOB,Russ
  11. Even thought I'm not a fan of Sanders', he's a damn good wrestler and scores lots of points. His style is relentless. I think it will be he and Nickerson in the finals this year in Omaha. I took Borshcel as well. I know he slipped last season but I think he is more the wrestler of two years ago than the wreslter of last season. He can definately win 74.
  12. John ,
    ther light weights are falling -I gambled on Esco's health and took him -the 2 best left are Sanders from Minny -I know you do NOT want him -or Bedolyn from Kent State out of the MAC-REMEMBER-SGallan loves Boise State so Hochstrasser may be gone -Bedolyn was a low AA but 3 above him cleared out and Kent State wrestles a ton of matches -these are just suggestions as I have the utmost respect for your wrestling knowlegde -Nickolson will be there but they have not posted their schedule.
  13. Lee at 174 is injury free for the first time in2 years -he was 20-5 last year -I picked him in the 5th round -Smith may or may nor RS -Hochstrasser is tough -Chriswell quit .
  14. I've got the Boise St contingent marked in bold on my cheat sheet along with a few others from out west.
  15. John ,
    Too many really good -not great -157's to risk that -Moley ,O'Conner -mine-Hall from Boise State was 1 point from AAing last year and gets a lot of bonus .
  16. Russ, John Nicholson dominated St. John last year in the semis at the state tournament. But I think St. John Would beat him 8 or 9 out of ten times. Don't know what the deal was with that match. Nicholson is no slouch though. I would be suprised if he didnt RS but then again I don't know the situation at ODU.
  17. I've been using Earls site for a long time now. It has alot of good information. Thanks for the heads up on Robles. I was wondering if Ashmore could take him.
  18. John ,
    Precin IS RSing -I took angel -originally I took Robles but was informed that Ashmore has beaten him in 2 wrestle offs so far -125 is strange this year -Esco-Sanders -TNick-if I were you I would take Bendolyn -he AA'd as a soph last year out of the MAC-Sentes went up to 33 -like I said 125 ios weird -Esco is hurt 1/2 the time -if you can -pick the one you want and in round 11 pick up the best left .I picked Bonano from Hofstra 30-15 as a freshman .
    That site Gopherfan put up is VERY helpful .Div1 college wrestling .
  19. True -and I was as shitty as you about him locking down players .You need any help I have researched the shit out of everything -take either Keddy or Pucillo next -they are the cream at 84 -I picked Gallick in round 3 and regret it all ready -ISU's schedule sucks -at hwt stay away from Ellis as he'll split -at best -his matches with Bradley -my team is shitty as with 14 guys you get nothing -Lewnes is going 74 but if I were you I weould stay with Iowa at 149,174, and 184 -also Erekson will walk through the big 10 -ay 33 if Ness is gone you might go with Dennis -197 I'd take Taylor in round 3-4 as Varner and Brester will probably be gone .
    I have schedules memorized so if , in later rounds , you need my help ,just pm me .
    Once again I am SORRY .Russ
  20. Not a big deal Russ. My nerves are frayed as well. Just spent last weekend babysitting my neice and nephew who are 4 and 2. Not much sleep and no football! I knew I was taking Metcalf from the moment I saw that I had the first pick but I was planning on doing more research this weekend but didnt get it done so I needed a little time this morning. vaisforlovers is piling on now and if I remember correctly he didnt even show up for last years draft.
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