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  1. Torn pec is not as bad ,IMO-there are 2 pecs -Pectoral major and minor -which did he tear ?The pec attaches to the clavicle which is one of the more fragile bones in the body -did he crack the clavicle as well ? doesn't really matter as they had to break it to repair the Pectoral muscle then regraft the muscle to the bone .
    i was also a physical education minor in college and they made us take Functional Human Anatomy -a flunk out class for DR.s . I loved it -got to play with cadavers and all kinds of neat stuff .Russ
  2. Gotta go. Good talkin to ya. You might hear me screaming through your computer tomorrow night if for some reason Iowa loses!
  3. Erekson actually tore his pectoral not his bicep, but I'm sure it's equally as bad. They say he's coming along ahead of schedule but I wouldnt expect them to say otherwise. I'm not a Minny fan either. I hate OSU more though so it was kind of bittersweet to see OSU win and DS lose. Minnesota is nowhere near a national title contender this year and neither is OSU. I understand that the season is young and so are those teams but to say that they will hang with Iowa, and Iowa State in a tournament setting like nationals is dumb this year. Iowa and State have so much returning and they are all veterans, seniors mostly. Minny and Okie will be good in the years to come, but this year they are a ways off. They may finish high but I think they will be way behind Iowa and Iowa state in points.
  4. I like Erekson but i'd shoot for a med RS-a torn Bicep is no joke and takes forever to heal-a lot of scar tissue and the Muscle atrophy's badly .
    I wish him well but I hate Berlow . I loved the ass whipping Minny took the other night -the Shlatter /165 era is over before it started -Minny is selling t-shirts that read that .
  5. Erekson WILL be back and he WILL win the B10's and he WILL AA. Damn, it still pisses me off. If he hadnt gotten hurt he would have won the whole damn thing this year. I'm still not counting him out until I see him wrestle though.
  6. all right -first time I've laughed in a while -we'll keep it a secret .IF Erekson doesn't come back -Everhart will win the big 10-he is wrestling great and just won the CK knocking over 3 ranked guys .
  7. Russ, I'm not telling anyone. Last year, I made the finals by the skin of my teeth and with your help. This year I plan on making nationals without having to shit my pants in the process.
  8. John ,
    Tell every one that -honestly -last year once I began doing that things 'clicked' and you ARE more aware of your team and their schedules .Russ
  9. Take me about ten minutes to look it all up and post it. I never wrote it out last year and I think it helps to do so. It also helps to go back and do your own score after the week. Makes you more aware of what your team is actually doing. Damn, I missed alot of points not having the Novochkov Kripplers in time for this tournament!
  10. having Perry in the room has to help-Max Ortega beat Novachov in the sr.Nationals and Navochov kicks ass and Ortega cannot win w/out pinning a guy .loSt has me so shitty I am about to trade away my guys and quit .I 'll be 52 next week and no one has ever treated me with such disrespect . Made a trade .fxxx it -I am always happy to help-I did 4-5 guys scores but told gold I will not do the guys he won't post when and where their guys wrestle -too much time and effort -how long does it take you to post ? 5 minutes ? EVERYONE should do that . I know I appreciate it .Russ
  11. Thanks Russ, that's what I got too. I wish I would have picked up Boris Novochkov in time for CKI! I finally got rid of Casperson and picked up Boris' brother Filip too. I think having Perry in the room out there is really helping these guys so far.
  12. Herk
    I have your week 5 score at 73 -5,12,6,8,8,12,12,10.
  13. herk
    forgot you had Cody -a friend of mine said he screamed so loud Saturday at Bloomington it scare him .Cody is a good kid and I hope he recovers -i'll make the change now .
  14. Russ, I'm not getting rid of Marion. He may end up as the #1 guy at 141 for Iowa. I'm not dropping any of them until I know for sure who the man is. I've been getting by pretty good with the guys I have so I can take the heat for now. Marion, Slaton and LeClere will all be at Midlands and will all finish higher than Fittery.
  15. John-
    now that 141 at Iowa is settled for the semester -why not drop Marion and pick up Steve fittery ? The kid is 13-1 and will be at the midlands -been ripping people new ones and has gone from UR to top ten .
  16. I looked but there is no way to tell. Thanks anyway Russ. Casperson will pick it up and wrestle better.
  17. Herk-
    if you look under where he picked up Brown I left a comment about Brandvold coming back in a week and I think he changed it . If he changed it before gold caught it I guess it's ok ?? That is why you have to stay on top of things as commish -which I am not .Sorry for the apparent mix up .
  18. John -the guy who dropped Brandvold and picked up Brown from Rutgers now is claiming he did not drop Brandvold -check with Gold -why would he pick up Brown , a 197 from Rutgers , and not drop a 197 ? i'm sorry o get you all excited but I am sure he dropped Brandvold -instead it now says he dropped Mtych -a 125 lber ??
  19. You are welcome -if I were you , being such a Hawkeye fan ,I'd wait until he proves he is ok and then trade for Beatty.
  20. Thanks, I'm takin him! Youre the man Russ.
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