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  1. Thanks Jeff -
    I thought it might be some post-op depression -I am very frustrated about not being able to do the little things -I did change therapists upon your and my surgeons advice -I hope I didn't get the guy in trouble but he had me doing 3-4 month post-op stuff that was KILLING me -last 2 weeks I felt wonderful -walking all over and seeing old friends and now I feel like I'm starting to backslide into becoming the near 'shut-in' I was over the last 4 years -Sorry to bother you but I am just scared ...
  2. I did not suffer from bouts of fatigue. If anything my energy levels slowly rose as I became more mobile and my metabolism level increased. There are many things that can cause fatigue and you need to see your general practitioner to begin the screening process to try and pinpoint what is causing yours. If it is only occurring after exercise then it could be a blood sugar issue but I would not try and self diaganose this problem.
  3. Jeff -I just returned from my daily walk -well almost daily -and
    i am light-headed and so tired I can barely type this -For no reason I have been getting waves of fatigue -actually passed out yesterday while doing my PT with a mop-handle -i finished the set then couldn't get up and next thing I know it is dark outside -is this nrmal ? 91/2 weeks out of surgery and suddenly I get fetiqued if I read the paper . WHAT is going on here ? Scared -real scared -been crying alot for unknown reasons also-what is happening to me ?
  4. Dr. Funk e-mailed me and told me to set up a hree way between me my surgeon and my therapist . I am going to PT tomorrow and then changing therapists -mostly because I can go to therapy 1/2 mile from home or 10 miles away to this Sadist . I'll stop all together if I feel threatened by their actions -I have an HPER minor and know kinesiology and physiology fairly well -moreover I know my own body better than any therapist .
  5. Thank you so much -I thought I was just being a Wus -he had me lie down on a table and with a weighted bar raise the bar from my pelvis to 80 degrees over my head , while keping my arms straight -I thought i would die -10 of those -hell, the 5 minutes on the arm bike HURTS-I have full projected rotation already -y continue strengthening ? I know you have been dopwn this road before and I hope I am not bugging u too much -just the thought of returning to where I was is haunting me .
    thanks again for the input.
  6. Russell, I would definitely consult with the surgeon before allowing the PT to push the envelope with you. It sounds as if there might be a conflict of interest with what is best for you and what is best for his study. I was a good 4 months into rehab before I began any weight exercises. You have lived for a long time with intense pain and very little hope. Having had no mobility of that shoulder or arm during that period your PT should be concentrating on slowly increasing your level of flexibility before working on increasing your strenght. All good things in time. You rushed rehab last time with diasterous results, do not allow yourself to be pushed to that point again. If it was me I would get the opinions of my surgeon, the opinion of the surgeon in the UK who pioneered the procedure, and armed with that information I would go with what I felt was a good progression rate for my therapy.
    Good luck my friend.
  7. HC-just returned from therapy and would appreciate your opinion -My PTist wants to use me as ''reference'' p[atient for some frigging journal-I trusted him completely til today when he mentioned this -now I am wondering as to why my therapy is progressing so rapidly -last week I started on the ''arm'' bike and now -today-6 weeks from surgery -a little under actually -he had me lifting a weighted bar -I came home in tears -I was /am perfectly happy being out of the agonizing pain -why am I lifting a weighted bar ? My last surgery came apart in PT and I refuse to let it happen again -were you lifting 6 weeks post-op-?Am I a Research monkey ?-I have reacher ROM goals for the rest of my lofe and I am dedicated to working the passive stretches and slight exercises -SORRY-what I really would appreciate is this -Should I phone my Dr. and tell him what is going on ? I am truly afraid now -I would greatly appreciate your advice . Scared sissy boy
  8. Thanks for your kind reply-I'm doing so much better that I don't really want to do the PT to strenghten-I am out of pain and have some use of my arm again -that is plenty for me but the doc is fairly insistent upon it -I have great passive ROM and this surgery was for pain relief predominately but I'll keep going -I'll never raise my arm above my head again -but so what -I'll deal with it -I am sorry that you had to undergo this same /similar trauma-why is it always the good people ?-PS-1st time I've referred to myself as anything other than worthless in years-Thanks again...
  9. Thanks so much for your kind words -I am a crotchety old bachelor and I have to drive myself to PT, store , etc.--I was crying so hard after my first PT session that I literally couldn't see the road-I now have a rehab service picking me up and bringing me home-I am taking everything as easy as I can but living alone makes it very difficult-I had to try this procedure-couldn't stand the pain meds anymore-thanks for your thoughts as I know we have shared the same path .
  10. I am happy to hear that the surgery went well. My rehab was a long haul like I am sure yours will be. Do not rush it, be patient. I wanted off the meds so bad that I was willing to try any method to get out of the fog. What ended up working for me was an acupuncture session a few hours before PT and meditation after sessions. Here is an article from NPR that discusses new meditation techniques for pain management. Looks promising.
  11. hardcore -how did you tolerate the PT post-op ?All they are doing is taking my arm out of the immobilizer and pulling it -Passive Assisted ROM-yet I come home and cry-other than the PT my shoulder is 100% better-I canm straighten my arm and make a fist-no way I could do that priorly -Thanks for your kind words and thoughts -- RP
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