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  1. Grips-
    If you'll trade Bosak and Walsh TODAY I'll give you LeBlanc and #11 Terazas . Yu'll lose a few points from the SS yet gain a 3 for a 4 and an 11 for a 22
  2. he said Brooks is in school but still isn't on the team ....he wants to concentrate on MMA
    Walsh and Nieman have got into some trouble and will sit for 10% of the season.

    got this from an IU friend .
  3. Grips-
    What would you say to #6AMU ,#11 Kissel and #15 Orozco for #17Letts and #8 Kilgore and the chump of your choice ? AMU will win the Pac 10-he is 23-1,Kissel (16-3)will score a shitload of points-compared to Perry and Orozco(18-6) will beat giesen .
  4. G,
    Congrats on the marriage tip-never had the Cajones to take that plunge myself . But you have my sincere best wishes.
  5. Grips -the time limit J put on us has expired so I'll make the trade backs to guys I owe then just do NOT care. I've worked hard to get screwed 3 times already this year -I am not talking about our trade .-and why continue ? My team gets worse and every one else gets stronger on my ideas-Zapp offers me Pataky for RUG ??
    So I have no chance in finals ? big deal.
  6. Grips-
    I will make this trade -if you don't want it I am just tired -Mango/Young/Ward for Morrison/Salimella/Killer-in 3 weeks I'll send you back Morrison for Mango-
    This means I fft 125 this week but you get ALL holes plugged .J said we had until tomorow at 10:AM Eastern to change our line ups. I am also trading my favorite wrestler .
    Mango 12-1-Young 14-3 -Ward 11-2-I'm too tired of all the crap to give you there schedules -Mango has 1 matcxh the next week then 4 at Lonestar and then 2 more-it is now up to you-J apologized for telling us the line up was Friday when it is the day the Scuffle starts . Always has been.
    Let me know what ever you decide -Russ
  7. Grips
    If you still want Young and Ward for Kilgore and Saminella -let's do it.
  8. Grips-
    This is the ast big week for a while -except for Lonestar and CAA's .-Do you consider Russo Champ material ?If so -ignore this-otherwise I could shoot you scheidel and Lane-for Russo and Rianldi --Both those guys have 4 matches at Caa' and Lone star. I am really tired of trying to get any thing done -I am pissed about being cut out of the trade that will be announced tomorrow or next week-MOJO is giving up Kubec and Jack for Rasing and Hochstrasser. I worked hard on that and got cut completely the fuck out of the loop.
    If I can't get a coupla of elite guys I have ZERO chance to win the league -Regular season -yea NCAAs-no. Scheidel is my leading point scorer and I cannot give him away-
    anyway -you know Scheidel and Lane is boring but wins 14-2 and will be conference finalists.-this is a #9 and #10 for UR and #4.
  9. rips-
    When you see a trade announced soon you'll see why I am retiring from the 3 way business -I set ALL of this up and get nada -MOJO makes out like a bandit-spent 3 weeks on this and got cut out.
  10. roadie-clean out your box as no messages can get through
  11. Grips-
    I frigging HATE Booth-I have him in another league and he NEVER wrestles -he usually wins when he does but 2-of the last 5 sux.-I have Asper in the other league so Booth is gone.-Uselsess at 57 or 65 if he is on the bench ..
    These are guys likely to be dropped by me-
    141 Drouin
    197-Ward-I'd prefer to trade them then just put them on the shelf . Let me know if interested..
  12. Dam DOG-
    I've seen shit luck before but this is ridiculous ...Steiber down .I only have 1 125 or I'd shoot you one . You could get Bonano cheap from Gof .
  13. Grips-
    Is Cleveland going to wrestle anymore ? I picked up Ward in a trade and was wondering if you were interested in him ? I have 3 197's #17 Mitchell,#13 Ward .#8 Giesen -I am looking for an elite 141 .
  14. Who will you give me for Sweet Lou ??
  15. Grips-
    Earl at Div 1 says AU and Binghamton changed the date of their match to tonight , the 28th, rather than the 29th as originally planned -you may want to ask Jensens to see if you still get the points since it is NOT your fault they changed dates . russ
  16. Both. The meat of his schedule against puds is on the way though. He'll get out of his slump.
  17. what is wrong with Patterson ? He is still scoring you big points but losing at an alarming rate -He has more losses now than all last year during the regular season-is it laziness or have people scouted him more or both ??
  18. If this falls through -let me know . i have Seth or Melde and a 2nd rounder -Melde is 11-2.
  19. Sorry to waste your time but I offered a guy NESS and he said he'd give me his whole team -then when I said Graf and Yohn he said Yohn was going to win the nationals this year . Craig and Ness for Yohn and Graf and he said no . I really am sorry to keep wasting your time but guys say yes then back out . I will kiss Obama's ass if Yohn wins nationals -or the big 10. Russ
  20. Not against Yohn. What do you have in mind?
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