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  1. Grips -
    would you be interested in Yohn ?
  2. Well , let us talk , or type ,as the case may be . Can you give me an idea of who you would want ? That is usually a good starting place .
  3. sure
  4. grips-
    you interested in trading Caputo ?
  5. Grips-
    I have ben trying to find a way to get you a 157 but I only have O'Conner -if you can work out a three way with me and ??? to get a 157 I'll try and help you out . Russ
  6. Grips
    Accordino inj . def. out of NC State .
  7. Grips-
    If you go to TRACKWRESTLING you can see the particpants in the NC State open and Accordino is the only 149 I've ever heard of -should stick his way through
  8. Grips
    I had no idea Kerber was having surgery or i would not have offered him -you posted you were glad you dodged that bullet -but I really did not know until I read JensenS' post . I hope you don't think I would do something like that .
    I am trying to cancel that trade with GAGE as he PM'd me begging 10 times last night -JensnenS had me PM trusty as GAGE PM'd me 30-40 times last week and then he PM'd me 18 times since his dad told him to stop and he told me his dad was right there .
    GOPHER had to block GAGE , I guess I will too.
  9. You could have Rebertus as well if you were interested....both have about the same value to me. Better schedule for Rebertus....but Patrovich has a better shot at being a conference champ
  10. Let me see if I can work with just that-I was going t move my back up 84 for a back up 97 until Starks returns -but Mizzou has such a poor schedule that I need to back up Askren -at least first semester .
    Let me see what I can do .I don't suppose there is any urgency as ODU wrestles open tournaments until Jan.-if I can get a few people to work with me -I'll give you a yes /no in a day or two-is that acceptable ?
  11. I will trade you Kerber for know Patterson is off the table
  12. Grips -
    I know you don't want to trade until December but I kinda have to as Starks went down today -I could give you Kerber /Askren for Patrovich/Patterson freeing up some guys for me to trade .
  13. Grips -
    What are your plans if Brown red shirts ?
  14. I just read where Avallone uotes one of the okie people as saying Parks is going 149 regardless with Oliver at 141 or Shinn at 33 and vice versa -Oliver at 33 shinn at 141 .With Tigerfan offering Oliver as trade bait I have to think there is something to this -is Oliver big enough for 141 ? Avallone says Albert White is also in the mix at 149 .
  15. Thanks but I don't think he shares either way. Too good. I either get Shinn or Oliver @ 133 (which i like) or I think he beats out Jamal Parks at 141 (cue Mojo hanging himself).
  16. Well, don't be shady about it ,inform people he is having trouble with the weight is al-I just hate to see you spend so much for a shared weight wrestler . Just trying to give you a heads up-russ
  17. I wouldn't try to be shady like that. Plus I think Oliver will be fine @ 133. If not, he'll most likely be a good compliment to Parks @ 141. And if not, I still get points for Tyler Shinn who is damn good himself.
  18. Did you see where Tigerfan was shopping Oliver ? He is really close to the missourri program and knows a lot about the big 12 and he hears Oliver won't/can't make 133 -he is usuallly pretty accurate and he is trying to trade Oliver as I type . He is in Gold's fantasy league and I got to know him last year and he is a reliable source . You might want to PM him and see what he has to say then you could unload Oliver before anyone else found out .
  19. I posted this but don't know if you saw it , MARK Rappo is NOT on N.c.'s roster -did he transfer or RS ?
  20. Patrovich is better than Lee in my book
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