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  1. Ben
    KR is right . PSU has 2 duals this week , also , I am actualy thinking of picking up Erwin at the supp draft. He has turned studly at 84 -beat Peterson and Honeycutt yesterday .
  2. Vais-11,6 =17
    Tired now,
  3. ben-rd149-,22,12,14=48-Sentes carried him
  4. Ben
    Acc=0,0,13,3,10,4,16,0,12,==58-these just take too long -Please DEMAND the people put where their guys are wrestling -it takes about 3 minutes longer .Russ
  5. Ben-
    KR posted his right so here are his scores -96-24,17,7,19,12,17,
  6. I have no clue. There is no reason he should be losing to Dergo and certainly no reason he should get beaten by 5 by anyone.
  7. WHAT is wrong with Pucillo ?
  8. Cool. Thanks for doing those ones--saves me a heap of time. Congrats to your boy Esco for being OW.
  9. BenThaxton-71-9,3,4,23,28
    The Rick-49-6,15,18,10
    that is all I am doing as no one else had the courtesy of putting where and when their guys wrestled .-all are double checked -Esco won ,O'conner won and howe beat spoons .
  10. Ben
    It would be SO much easier if they would list their opponents or at least where they wrestled . I can knock the rest out after the CK is over .
  11. I appreciate that, Russ. Don't feel like you have to do them all if you don't want to, but do as many as you feel like doing haha.
  12. go big red =68,4,12,12,3,11,16,10
  13. Ben week 5
    Herk-73-5,12,6,8,8,12,12,10,-TF-36 4,11,7,14-i can do more if you want.
  14. Ben,
    After that BS trade I am trying to give my wrestlers to MOJO -so I 'll have some free time -you need help with the scores -Let me know .
  15. Ben ,
    I think you mean Miller may go to 184 -you said 174-he beat 2 nobodies at 84 by 2 points -I hate it over here .
  16. ben -
    SGallan announced the pick up of Accordino the same day Hofstra announced Accordino is out for the year -can you give him a pass ? The rosters have not been changed and I left Scot a message . Talk about bad timing .
  17. Tigerfan let me know of the situation. I don't really have a problem with it since he changed it so quick, so I'll let it go. Thanks for letting me know.
  18. O' fearless leader -Tiger fan is trying to pull a fast one -he dropped Conroy and picked up Thomuseitt -then after I changed the board he 'edited' his waiver to drop Conroy ADD Haynes -no big deal to me but might set a bad precedent .Look at the times of posting and editing . Your call-but once that bell gets rung it is hard to unring it .
  19. my upset special -and if I am right in 2 weeks drop Smith and pick this guy up-Steve Fittery over Steve Brown at 157.
  20. Ben-
    Fianally got a trade done -Askren and Grey for Craig and Ness. When Askren sat in the stands and watched his team lose 2 duals because he was conserving his energy for the All-star I said he gotta go-self centered prick -and when Grey wussed out yesterday I was just going to release him -NEVER thought I'd get Ness for him .
    What did I say so bad that you deleted it ?
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