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  1. how about Umbrehauer for Jaggers ?
  2. Gold , if you are still looking for a 184 or 197 I have #7 ranked Chriswell at 197 and #5 ranked Umbehauer at 184 -either for Ruschell or both for Metcalf .
  3. I just waived Honeycutt because I needed a 133 lber -he should still be available .
  4. I'll give you Chriswell for Ruschell at 149 -you have Metcalf and I have Todd at 197.
  5. I went ahead and picked up Kinser because they redshirted my reserve 141 lber -I need an 184 lber as Brennar has stated he is moving down -at 20-5 last year I think he could win it all -he lost a coupla matches to Stinnot and Todd other than that he whipped everyone
  6. The thing is I feel like Poeta and Schlatter are a step above those guys, and I just traded Poeta so it's looking Like Schlatter is my guy at that weight class. The offer still stands for Johnstone...
  7. I'll give you your pick of the three for either Sclatter or Poeta.
  8. my preference would be lucas, but i'll leave it to you
  9. or even chriswell for that matter...
  10. How about Johnstone for either Lucas or Brenner?
  11. You are joking , right ? If not I have 2 quality 174 's Lucas and or Brennar -moving down from 184 , also Chriswell from Boise State is available.
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