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  1. Regardless, I knew Umbehauer was a risk when I took the trade, so I wouldn't hold it against you anyhow... But yeah, who knows how well he did because who knows which David Craig showed up...
  2. I said Umbe would be there -never said he'd win -nice showing for first match of the year -I thought for sure he would take Craig -but who knows which Craig showed up ?
  3. I am now screwed -I drafted Orozco for the pointsa he'd get me in the Reno and the duals today and the Scuffle -now he has been beaten out by Halsey-now I am ffting 197 the rest of the year .
  4. I alerted Zapp-and posted the trade of Brennar for Mclemore -that is right , isn't it -this board has me doubting the sanctity of my mind -Check on Brenner -he's won that conference forever and this year won't be any different .
  5. I picked up McLemore. You want to alert Zapp?
  6. I couldn't help but notice that you need a back up 174 and I now need a back up 141 -I'll give you Brennar from West Virginnia if you draft Mclemore from Northern Illinois for me -Brennar isn't as good at 174 as he was at 184 but still he will easily win his conference gaining you bonus points -plus he just beat Wright the other day in their dual-I have a feeling Hernandez is going to go belly up on me anyday -probably at the Midllands -if I had Mclemore i'd wrestle him and if you had Brennar he could be your flex at the Midlands -Brennar has won whatever conference WV is in the last 2-3 years . Let me know -I need a 41 lber NOT in the big 10.Or if you just want to pick Mclemore up for your self and trade me Sultzer that would be fine too-Mc is ranked 7th or 8th by Div1 wrestling this week and is defending MAC champion .
  7. I wouldn't take offense to it. It's not like that guy knows who you are--he just knows you as some guy on the internet and he saw his fantasy world crashing down. It's not like you even know that guy, and he doesn't know you to question your honor. Just blow it off.

    And no problem--I felt kind of bad with the accusations flying around.
  8. Thanks for having my back in this Hoehn debacle -this is the only website where my character or honor has ever been called into question -I am thinking of just leaving this site . Thanks again .
  9. Bud Focht told me that Umbehauer won't wrestle until the 20th against Lehigh-I believe I mentioned that to you -I just don't want you shitty at me when he doesn't wrestle this week .
  10. I love wheelin' and dealin'-you know Umbrehuer and chriswell just gave you the title ? I didn't know we dont get points for fft's.Also my 165 lber won 10-2 and 3 0f 4 sites agree but Zapp is going with his -I'm not going to raise hell over a point but if the CMU site doesn't know their own wrestlers score their screwed . they have it 10-2 also. Why not count fft's -you beat the scales and worked your ass off -tough titty if the other team doesn't have a wrestler . Bad news for IU =Angel's shoulder is messed up and he's not wrestling this weekend-thanks for everything =later.
  11. OK-the guy I want is Marcus Hoehn of Missourri-you want to alert Zapp oe me ? Best if I tell him of the trade and then you do the other -sound fair ?
  12. Ok that's a deal. I will also trade you Ruschell for Umbehauer
  13. It has to be done soon so I can wrestle him in a tri-next week and I have to have it done before we submit schedules .
  14. How does this sound ? You waive whomever and pick up a 141 lber for me and I send you Chriswell for the guy I have you pick up ? Win/Win scenario. You aren't out any wrestlers and I'll owe you a favor .
  15. If you want to do the Chriswell deal let me know cause I'm going to be shopping him for a 141 lber that's not in the big 10-7 of intermats top 10 141 lbers are from the big 10 . I don't want to feel I am pressuring you but I need a 141 ponder or a 149 lber who will make it out of the conference . do you know the new rule this year about the # of kids a conference can send ? I'd hate to have Hernandez go 30-3 and not make it to the NCAA's because he had a bad tournament .
    Umbehauer is the beter deal but if you want Chriswell let me know . U returns 12/20 against Lehigh as I mentioned previously .
  16. I'll do Chriswell too, My 149 lber is a joke , although he's rated fifth in one poll, and like I said -I have Todd ready to go, so Ch4iswell will just be sitting on the shelf.
  17. I can forward you the e-mail from Rider's A.D. saying he wil be wrestling the 20th . if that will help.
  18. Scratch that. I just read LoSt's post about him. I have to research this some more... Ruschell for Chriswell might be good though...
  19. Ruschell for Umbehauer is a deal. Should we alert the commish?
  20. You see now why I want to go the trade route ? I've burned up all my drafts but one -Umbrehauer won't wrestle til the 20th against Lehigh-I contacted his AD because I'd heard he was hurt -I can send you a copy of the e-mail if you wish -I just needed some points and now I have the CAA No.s 1+2 at 184 .If you go to Div1 wrestling they have last years results and Umbe kicked ass.
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