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  1. You don't understand -HE treated Herbst like a boy -for the first match of the year he was sharp and fluid -He could wrestle 84 but he doesn't want to start any shit-the announcers were dripping over their tongues -saying ''who is Chriswell''etc.and how he had to wrestle 84 because of smith -he beat Smith twice last year . You are having a great day -
  2. That is good news indeed. And it's even better that you told me about it just then because I was kind of assuming he was done for the season or something so I was going to drop him today.

    I wouldn't say he has that great of a chance of winning it all yet--Varner is still there and I'm sure Herbst wasn't expecting that sort of competition, but it's great to see that I solid AA candidates at 197.
  3. Chriswell just majored Herbst -I thought he pinned him -just kicked his ass -give him back-could win it all...
  4. these coaches are laughing at us -I stayed up half the night to get the CAL Bakersfield score and Halsey didn't even wrestle -Orozco wrestled 184 and majored his opponent but Fhwe;g-I need those points and Halsey doesn't even drive to the meet .
  5. That's what I'm asking you . I want to wrestle someone else at 49 to avoid Metcalf and then see him AA at 49-but I don't know if I can -the rules are Muddy here . I've read and re-read them but just don't know .
  6. You mean our NCAA tourny line up has to be the same as our conference tourny line up?
  7. Umbehauer beat honeycutt 9-3 and for some reason CMU didn't wrestle Miller first match . Good call on wrestling Umbehauer over Honeycutt -the interesting part will come when you have to choose for Tournament -Um has to wrestle Patterson while Honeycutt has clear sailing -then you're stuck with honeycutt at Nationals -I think-the rules aren't clear about that .
  8. Check out Deubel from Edindoro at 33 -he just beat Grey and Rugg in the Scuffle and Grayson is the best 57 out there who hasn't beeen snatched up-if he wins the MAC that 's plus 16 for you there -Jedd More might be another valid 157 .
  9. I apologize for that -I only have one 125 and 133 lber -I can trade you Kinser for johnstone but that's not much better -tigerfan has a really good -actually -2-really good 125 lbers he may trade for one -Scotti Sientes and Donahoe -he might trade you for sientes -133 I wish I had something to work with as Dennis may get beat out still by Slaton but I traded Marble to ACCBOY-Cooner Beebe is an underrated 133 out of the MAC and Central Mich. has loke 11 matches left after this wek -problem is 133 is deep in the MAC-as Humphries found out the other day -I've watched l'il Hump since 9th grade and he hasn't gotten one bit better since he left high School -none -his dad was coach at IU for awhile and was world freestyle champion so he's been well coached his whole life -he just doesn't have that next level in him -i traded for Hall from Boise state but I have to retain rights to retrade him if GG gets hurt . Grayson out of the MAC won't win it -but he might win the MAC-

  10. I've got to drop Chriswell; he hasn't really wrestled yet. I know that you research this stuff a good bit, so I'm wondering what your recommendations would be. My weaker weight classes are 125, 133, and 157. Any thoughts?
  11. G- who is that freshman 157 lber that beat Coughlin in the Cleveland State Open -building around him and Lashaway and your 133 lber they have the makings of a good team -what year is Obie ?
  12. It's not that I'm not interested in the trades, but I think I'm going to decline for now because I can't figure out who I would drop for Dennis. I really do like seeing your trade offers, and they are always pretty reasonable, so keep them coming.
  13. Gold -I feel so stupid bothering you but I really need to know if you're interested in any trades because I have 2 holes to fill and I'd like to get them filled today while nearly everyone is online . If you don't want Dennis I'll give you any 165 besides Stewart for Brent Jones .
    Please let me know something today . I've never worked so hard at anything and failed so badly -
  14. If I were drafting a 97 pounder for the rest of the season after al the research I've done -it would be Jones from Va. -he gets a fall every 3rd match and he has 14 matches left before the conference tourney begins .
    I'm still shitty about Halsey -the f'er flunked off and Orozco is an academic all-american -if I could work something out where I could get you a better 125 lber would you be interested ? You'd probably have to give up the hump.
  15. Gold -you've helped me alot and I appreciate it -would you take Dennis for Byers and then you can draft Halsey for your self ? I've watchhed Hump wrestle since he was 12 but he's not going far into the tournament -I'm offering this the morning before the Midlands start -so even if Dennis wins I'll stand by my word . Slaton can't wrestle 7 minutes at 33 . Now I am working my ass off because apparently Kinser told Goldman to f-off .Now i don't have a 57 lber -none could challenge the big 3 at the top anyway . I am trying to trade Howe or Glasser for a decent 57 pounder -just someone in the top 15 . You can have Denis right after this week is up-to hell with the National duals.
  16. Gold -I just checked and Chriswell hasn't wrestled a match -I thought they said he had a virus the first 2 weeks -from then on I used Todd -I feel I owe you so if you want one of my guys you can have someone equivalent to Hoehn .
    Then if you want to trade for a 97 let me know -you should probably pick up Halsey for your self -as I mentioned Div 1 has him ranked 7th -then i could trade you for Byers -if you want Howe at 165 or Glasser -I need dennis for at least the National duals . I counted up my points and I should have -depending on the FITE duals -360-370 points -a leap into 6th. That's why I really hate ffting a class -Hopefully our 184 pounders will meet in the Scuffle finals .Chriswell scored about 30 for you last week didn't he ?
  17. That Halsey kid who beat out Orozco from CSB -s ranked 6th or 7th this week by Div ! wrestling -he was 29-6 in 2007 then quit but he also upset the #1 guy at the NCAA's that year and was a point away from AA'ing -he's ranked just below Byers and he wrestles a shit load more matches . He'll win the Pac 10 easily -actually you have to consider him as a contender for 197 -look his records up from 2007 -Brandon Halsey .Cal state Bakersfield .
  18. I'm wondering just how bad west coast wrestlers truly are -the kid Orozco beat at Reno was the same kid IU's 197 beat easily and Orozco won 8-6 -the IU kid is the 184 lber who moved up to help the team -a redshirt freshman named Powless -I watched the CSB match via live feed anf 1/2 those guys were horrible -I know it was CSBaptist and Portland but they sucked -they couldn't wrestle varsity for any of my high school teams -these kids were about to pass out in the third -maybe losing west coast wrestling isn't such a bad thing .
  19. The 197 lber I really want is Bradshaw from Edinboro-if you could draft him I'd give you your pick of Glasser or Howe -Bradshaw lost to Taylor 1-0 and he is getting better every week plus he's going to get those bonus points for conference champ-plus I think he wrestles quite a few more times than Bayers or Chriswell-but if you don't want to go that route I'll understand -Todd got me a total of 9 points before he got hurt -9--they showed a live feed of Cal-State Bakersfield wrestling 2 BS schools and Halsey Teched the first guy then pinned himself the second match -a guy named lemmon fron Portland state . I laughed like hell.
  20. By the way, sorry about your situation at 197. I could maybe trade you one of my 197s for one of your 165s or Dan Dennis, if that would be appealing to you?
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