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  1. I've got to go eat dinner. I will think it over and get back to you later tonight. I'm confident we'll be able to work something out though. Talk to you later.
  2. I can't trade Hall as a stipulation I made when I picked him up-Dennis just lost on a BS takedown with 3 seconds left .Please I need those 3 matches Byers has this week-Halsey is ranked fifth and you can work with someone -I'll tell you who if you make the trade .
  3. Chriswell scares me--I really wish he hadn't just come back this weekend.
  4. Or Chriswell for Hall?
  5. It's funny, I started the season stacked at 157: Poeta, Schlatter, Dragon, Johnstone. But I traded Poeta for Jaggers and Schlatter redshirted. I dropped Dragon, so now all I have is a mediocre Johnstone, who I originally drafted because I thought he was a good value in the draft and that I could trade him for someone, but he hasn't been as good as I thought he would be. That's just because 157 is so tough though.
  6. Byers for Hall?
  7. I don't have a back up 133.
  8. Saw that-pinned his way through and then lost -I hate Goldman so much I've traded away ALL my IU guys .
    here is my current line up-
    125 Clark
    133 Dennis
    141 -Cleveland Accordino
    184 -Patterson Orozco
    197 -Halsey
    Hall from Boise won by fft today -went unbeaten in Duals .
  9. By the way, Pelton lost yesterday... His first loss of the season
  10. I only have one 33 lber -Dennis and 125 -Clark--how about -this is gonna sound stupid -But John Bonilla Bowman at 157 -he was injuured at start of year but is now 11-6 and will win his conference as he has last 2 years -for Byers -or I could send you Halsey and JBB for Byers and your back up 33 .
  11. Do you have 2 133s right now?

    I'm also thinking of some deal involving Byers and Triggas for Clark and someone else, but I don't know who else to include to make that an even trade. Thoughts?
  12. I owe you an apology -Hump is wrestling better than I've ever seen him wrestle-and I've watched him since his 9th grade year ---he ate up Ness .
  13. The only chance I have to make the top 6 is if I get Byers and his 3 matches this week-I am trying to get you a top 125 -I can't trade Clark as he is my only 125 lber -I make alot of trades -had to after the draft I lost 7 guys to redshirts or quit or ....I won't know about the 125 lber until the guy gets back to me -the kid from Drexel is supposed to return -you need a 25 out of the big 10-
  14. Nope I've been watching the tOSU-Minny match. Talk about domination...

    I was expecting it to be relatively close.
  15. Gold-did you catch the score between Dennis and Nebraska ? also Hall/Vallimont ?
  16. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I am not against trading you either Byers or Chriswell but I'm not sure that another 197 is what I would want in return. Would you be willing to trade Dennis for one of them? Or Clark?
  17. PS-now that you posted you needed an 184 lber and used Chriswell are you going to throw him to the curb ? Won Reno for you and has sweat blood and how do you repay him ? UM UM UM forever. I can't catch you on points but I can catch some other people -if only I could find someone in a great mood because their wrestling team had a great National duals and he answered a lot of questions he had about his line-up .HHMMMMM..I wonder who that could be -if I could just find that one kind soul in an afterglow of wrestling victory .......someone whose 33 pounder wrestled like a God yesterday ..........hhhmmmmm....
  18. Please trade me Byers #9 for Halsey #5 -Halsey only has 7 matches left where with Halsey and Chriswell you could wrestle someone else each week-Halsey has beaten Byers once this year -I just really need to play catch up if I am to make the top 6 and I can't do it with Halsey wrestling so few more times ........
  19. Gold -I'll give you Halsey for either Chriswell or Byers . Halsey is ranked higher but only has 8 matches left -you'll have 2 197's and i'll have one but both yours have a few more matches
  20. go to this site's free and showing the matches as we speak -or type .
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