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  1. Fio's 3 losses were to Sentes ,Nicholson and Zoetaway-Z is a fifth year senior and he beat Fio 10-9-Fio is extremely well coached -will come in 2nd to Clark-hopefully-and be seeded at the ncaa's where Nikko might get invited then draw Donahoe 1st round -Fio shouldn't be around but he was and you got lucky-Sentes got stuck last week-that's twice this season he's been wailing on someone and gotten stuck-it's a disease known as freshmanitis-wait til he's in front of 20,000 at St.Louis-he might forget his name .

    Jaggers is cutting too much .PERIOD . He looked lean and mean last year , this year lean and weak-the big 10 tournament will let you know .
  2. I've offered package deals to tigerfan for Scotti but He's through trading -I think he wants now to just sit back and enjoy his 5000000 point lead -this week I have a bunch of matches but they'l fall through -I think I am snakebit at this . Why don't you approach RD149 and see if he'll get rid of either Vallimont or O'Conner -Vallimont's punk ass missed weight so I didn't get any points for the win Hall got . This late in the season and you miss weight at a prestigous event you are a pussy -I think he's starting to realise he's not going to the Podium as weak as he is . I know you are a big 10 fan as am I but hell-my 149 -Ruschell is ranked 6th in the big 10-he's ranked 6th in the nation -that's why i tried to steer you away from the big 10 at haing 2 guys in the same weight -I think if you offer Honeycutt for O'conner RD might take you up on it . Why not look at Jesse Dong rom VA Tech -he's 18-4 or better -not in the big 10 and he has 14 matches left .
  3. I took your advice and picked up Joey Fio. Is he who you're talking about? I'm pleased to have him, but I really like Sentes. I sent tigerfan a message about him a while back but he never responded. Oh well...

    I'm still looking to upgrade at 157, and I'm always open to reasonable deals at other weight classes too (especially 125). I've got top 7 talent at every weight class except those two (and 141, but I still have confidence in Jaggers--and Sulzer is a nice spare).
  4. It shocked the HELL out of me because T J Kerr is a legend -I simply told him the truth about me being an old wrestling coach on disabilty and how Fantasy was fun for me and he wrote back -SURPRISED me -everyone else has been a flunkie -this is Kerr himself -he told me that I had made a good pick and Halsey was unbelievably talented but tough to coach . The CSB website is state of the art and there is a section which says contact us so I did .
    You still looking for a 125 ? because #13 is as good as it gets this time of year and you can use both of them-right noow triggos wouldn't get an invite -he's fifth best in the big 10 at best .
  5. Thanks for finding that out; I really appreciate it and was starting to be a bit afraid--especially now that I saw a rumor that Chriswell might have suffered a back injury in his match with Herbst.

    It's cool that his coach would write back with a candid response like that...
  6. Gold -just got an e-mail from Kerr-the CSB coach and former world champion and he says Halsey is fine -just sick and really hard to coach -will be there to beat Chriswell.his words .
  7. Just looking around and Joey Fio is available and he has a win over Bonono-ranked 13th intermat , I think-he's 11-3 .
  8. Bonono is tough -that's coming from Joe D-and he knows Wrestling -trying to get you sientes or Garnetti-Tigerfan won't budge and I'm waiting to hear about garnetti-Winston isn't in the big 10-Johnstone is ranked 4th in the big 10 and that's being generous -Saf or Welch could easily pass him by . Saf just went 4-1 in the national duals .
  9. I am probably going to pick up that Banano kid though... There's no sense wasting some of my free agency things..
  10. Winston isn't really good enough. I'm looking for a top 10 guy--especially if I'm trading one of my top 10 197s (Chriswell was there before they dropped him from the rankings). As it is, Johnstone is actually ranked higher than Winston, and that's probably pretty accurate...
  11. Gold -would Scott Winston be a good enough 157 for you ?I think I can get him for Chriswell or Halsey . Once again -he's outside the big 10 and really turning on . He just won a tri dual and placed 5th in the midlands .
  12. Gold -you have some waivers left -why don't you pick up Bonono from Hofstra at 125 -thry wrestle that CAA thing this week plus he's being coached by Joe Dubuque -2x former NCAA champ from IU -he's worth taking a look at .
  13. I did a little reading on him before before I traded you for him. It will be interesting to see who wins the PAC10--him or Halsey. The only thing that concerns me about him is that he is just now starting his season, and there isn't a ton of time for him to spend having ups and downs.
  14. You ever go to Div 1 wrestling site ? As a freshman at Purdue Chriswell redshirted , then went to ASU and had to sit out a semester -still went 16-7 and won the Pac 10-beating Kirk Smith 10-7 in the finals -he also beat Umbehauer last year -then when ASU momentarily cut it's program he left to Boise State -he lost to Keddy twice and Varner then reversed a loss to IanMurphy Smith and then beat Chriswell--he and Halsey wrestle next week and I bet he beats Halsey -he was beating Tod last year befoe he got caught in a throw and stuck -the kid's a wide open go for broke STUD-Google him and look at his accomplishments . He started the year ranked 5th and alot of people were hoping he wouldn't wrestle this year -guys like Todd , Varner and Herbst -he beat Riley Orozco 2 times in 2008 .
  15. By the way it's kind of lucky that I was able to respond by 11 because I was away for a good while and it would have been wrong to assume I wasn't interested...
  16. Thank You for both the trade and your candor . I'll get you a 57 lber -or a 25 lber ....
  17. Halsey is ranked lower than Byers per Intermat. But yes he beat him in a tournament.

    I don't think you can come through on your promise to give me Clark if you don't make the top 6 because I imagine there has to be a trade deadline around that time. Otherwise, people who didn't make the top 6 could just feed all their wrestlers to who they want, which really isn't fair.

    Also, I am only in 5th place myself right now--so I'm far from a lock for top 6 and need all the points I can get, too.

    With that said, I will trade you Byers for Halsey (albeit against my intuition) because it's not that big of a deal--this is a fantasy league in which I have nothing at stake. Also, you have been very pleasant (and fair) to deal with so far and I also enjoy your insight.

    So there you go--It's a done deal, Byers for Halsey.
  18. I'll tell you what I'll do-we make the trade tonight -Halsey for Byers -and if I don't make the final 6 you get Clark- you have my word on that -I'll need some time but I may be able to bring you a top 10 125 lber as well-alot of people owe me favors and vice -versa -you gotta remember Halsey is higher ranked and has beaten Byers before and I have never screwed you over -I offered to take chriswell back plus pointed Chriswell to you -We've dealt together all season and you should know I am a man of my word by now -I just won't make the top 6 w/out Byers scoring this week .

    I am not going to beg !! If you do this I will spend all my time trying to find you a 125/57 pounder . If you do not respond by 11 pm I'll know you aren't interested .
  19. Yes , the person could help you at 157 and no-Stewart is my only 65 lber and a personal favorite ever since he made the round of 12 last year wrestling with a broken hand .
  20. Question 1: Would the person that would work with me be able to help me at 157?

    Question 2: What are your thoughts on Byers for Stewart?
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