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  1. Russ... Thanks a lot for doing the scores. I am so behind and I really do feel bad about it--it's been tough to find time to get on the computer on this trip, though. Who is Pyles that had a tyrade?
  2. AL scores save VAIS and yours are placed in Lineups for that week.russ-you can do your own scores -fuck Pyles after his tirade against me and GAGE can go to hell.
  3. did 3 sets of scores -seepy-night night
  4. Ben ,
    My beliefs are a hodge-podge of Eastern philosophy ,Mysticism,and Gnosticism (which varies greatly from AGNOSTIC) , if you want , sometime,i'll give yweh a call and we''3'' will sit and shoot the shit -I'd ask Elijah but once he gets talking ''gbblndd ''for HOURS !! He is a lonely fella.
  5. Ben,
    I believe I have all the rosters and waivers up to date -some of those trades were just stupid-KR asked me a 1000 questions and all year I have constantly told him -DO NOT TRADE Krom-a 141 with a great schedule is hard to find -now , after this week-he has an injured Jones and Keegan Davis at 141 and 157-traded way #4 Lapotsky for #9 Beatty and has 3 174's . Also,this Red Shirt stuff ??
  6. Shalom! Merry Christmas!
  7. Happy Hannukah and happy new years .
  8. GAGE is a pain-he is the one who has sent me over 100pm's asking for Metcalf and actually made a trade with me telling me his dad was right there -next day his dad accuses me of taking advantage of Gage -you'll regret this -
    Also -KR wants to pick up Kennedy , a Red shirt, for the Midlands -need a decision from el jeffe
  9. no 157's but how about gillespie ?? at 65 -good kid and has the scuffle plus the Caa duals .
  10. I know he has lost more now than all last year -OSU has a horrid schedule -I ''loaned '' Craig and Birchler out for Zabriskie -all hwts are equally worthless this year -I watched on Flo-Birchler VS.Klimerer -Birchler had the guy in THE AIR twice and gave up 4 points -too pussy to bring him back to the mat-I'da slammed him before I gave up a TD. David Wade from EMU has 2 wins over Birchler ,Monterio and Brantley yet is unranked -what was he like in high School -I saw he was from Ohio.
  11. I would rather have Pucillo, but I'm obviously a homer. Truth be told, I think he'll come back after this holiday break and be back to his old self. I will be very surprised if he wasn't top 3 come March--I think he'll win it all. Tough to tell, though. This is already the worst regular season of his career.
  12. Ben-who would you rather have Askren or Pucillo ?? I have a deal out there where I am ''loaning'' Craig for 3 weeks and I have Askren -I'd like Pookie backed up by Craig .
    In 3 weeks I'll have Craig and Askren-184 has me baffled this year -If PSU'd schedule didn't suck so badly I'd trade for Erwin . PLEASE -I need your help.
  13. Ben, I cleaned up the rosters and waivers -Vais dropped Brantley and picked up JD from Minny .
  14. Just for the sake of keeping things consistent and the fact that I don't want to make the announcement and worry about people not seeing it.
  15. Ben there are zero matches in the time frame of week 8? Why not just extend that week until the first .
    ? That would incorporate all Midlands and Scuffle matches and then 1/3/10 are the next matches .
  16. openmat -you some kinda RACIST ?? You gots a problem with da black man?? HUNKY ??
  17. I think I have all the waivers and rosters up to date .
  18. Hahaha where did you read that?
  19. Taylor is the source of many of the Bubba rumors -Molinaro will never see 141 again so with Frank at 49 and DT at 157 Bubba has no home and feels as a National Jr. World champ he is ENTITLED to 157 and Sanderson told him he has to EARN it -So Bubba rumors abound-most of them involve him leaving -the funniest one is him going to NC state so he and Caldwell can prove the racial superiority of the black man . I have seriously read that !!
  20. you are the kingpresto digitalus and POOF-new rules
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