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  1. Do you realize every 197 and 184 on your roster were mine at one time this season ? I've been juggling knives trying to get this thing to work-every time i think I turn the corner something happens -Trotman disappeared and Goldman refuses to wrestle Kinser so there's 25-30 matches .
    Look over my line up and see idf there is a back up you could use as I need a 65 lber to back up stewart -he'll miss a week or so . Since you have Chriswell and Halsey and Umbehauer and Honeycutt I think you should give them back as I did for Zapp -- you have 5 drafts left -take Orozco and drop him and pick up Keegan Mueller for me 165 North Carolina .
    If not , that's OK too.
  2. Umm why are we looking at each others line up ? DEAL ......
  3. I don't know how many points I scored--I just wait for the results to come out.

    I will try and think about it...

    9 Triggas
    19 Humphrey
    16 Jaggers
    20 Metcalf
    4 Johnstone
    9 Sponseller
    9 Miller
    11 Umbehauer
    10 Chriswell
    10 Porter
    3 Sulzer

    =120 total

    I would have had a decent amount more but Zapp's stupid rule that defaults get no points. I think that cost me 2 matches (both of which were medical forfeits when my wrestler was winning the match). And then I had people sitting out matches for breathers... Ridiculous! Porter sat out 2/5 matches. Chriswell sat out against Wyoming... These people are killing me!
  4. 125-Clark
    141 Cleveland
    174 -Henrich
    197 -Byers
    hwt -Massey
  5. I'm just trying to find someone to take one of my backups to draft me a back up 65 to Stewart .
    May I ask you a question ? How many points did you score last week ? I scored 81 .
  6. What is your current roster? Here is mine...

    125 (UR) Nikko Triggas Ohio State
    125 (11) Joey Fio Oklahoma
    133 (2) Reece Humphrey Ohio State
    141 (13) J Jaggers Ohio State University
    141 (16) Keith Sulzer Northwestern
    149 (1) Brent Metcalf Iowa
    157 (16) Jason Johnstone Ohio State
    165 (4) Colt Sponseller THE Ohio State University
    174 (7) Mike Miller Central Michigan
    174 (12) Kurt Brenner WVU
    184 (18) Chris Honeycutt Edinboro
    184 (6) Doug Umbehauer Rider
    197 (8) Brandon Halsey UC-Bakersfield
    197 (5) Brent Chriswell Boise State
    285 (4) Jermail Porter Kent State
  7. I would like to trade but the offers you sent me last night (Ruschell and A for Metcalf and B, where A=Hall or Clark and B=Johnstone or Fio) were not appealing. I feel like if I'm going to give up Metcalf, I need to get a lot for it. Don't get me wrong--both Clark and Hall would be great improvements to my lineup, but I don't like the downgrade at 149 because of all the bonus points Metcalf gets.

    I am definitely open to trades though. The following people jump out at me as available for trade:

    Triggas, Fio, Jaggers, Sulzer, Johnstone, Miller, Brenner, Honeycutt, Umbehauer, Halsey, Chriswell, and Porter.

    That is most of my roster. The others (Humphrey, Metcalf, and Sponseller) could be parted with, too, but the offer would have to be good since they are such quality wrestlers and I don't have backups at their weights.
  8. Gold-

    Man -some people are treating me like a retard for trading Dennis -I just wanted to trade and have some fun and I looked at Ness' schedule and it's weaker than Dennis' and he'll get more falls -plus 2 more matches and he'll get at least 5 falls . And he hasn't been getting blown out plus -this was the real reason -there will be another wrestle off between Dennis and Slaton -Dennis loses and thats it for me .
    I'm trying to move Orozco for a 65 lber as Stewart will have a week off and I can't find anyone -one guy said he would but...that one guy actually hAd the nerve to tell me he wanted to wait a week then assess his lineup-I've been helping this kid and he's beating me but so what ? And now he wants to act like a woman ? he's on his own -i've made his lineup out for him most of the year .
    You wanna trade anyone ?
  9. Tigerfan finally answered and said he's keeping Sentes as his flex for the tourney -Ineed a backup for Stewart so I am trying to trade for Glasser and he won't do that -he is under the delusion that when I offered him Ruschell for Brown it was an open offer -he said no so no way . I hate people who think they can out you on hold -he helped me with a trade but I am no mans slave -telling me that if ruschell keeps improving he'll trade Brown to me -like Hell.
  10. I can't trade Hall-Ruschell and Clark for Fio and Metcalf.
  11. I wanna trade dammit -I'll give you Hall and Ruschell for Metcalf and Johnstone .
  12. My 174 lber is 23-1 and ranked 10th-Dergo from Ill lost to Brennar last week and is ranked 9th and Brennar dropped to#18 . Who are these clowns ?
    Herbst gets majored by chriswelland only beats Kuhn from IU-a walk on hwt who cut down to 97 5-0 and is ranked 3rd -these things piss me off too much .
  13. I just came back over here to tell you about the new rankings -157 is a joke -sanderson lost 2-3 matches as did Chandler and Vallimont misses weight but doesn't drop ?
    I'd pay to see Umbehauer wrestle Patterson this week -I hope Josh sticks the retard . Fio moved to 11 and Tyler Clark goes unbeaten and moves down a spot -intermat rankings suck-they still have Andre Hernandez ranked at 141 and Tanelli majored his punk ass . Setewart wins 4 matches -3 of them over top 20 guys and doesn't budge from 10th at 65 .
  14. Herbst is ranked #3 in the new rankings. Chriswell is #5. That's rather interesting. Also, Fay is still #2, while Sponseller is still at 4. I wonder why Fay did not drop.

    Things are getting CRAZY!!!! I need people to post more on this site so I can waste more time that I should be spending focusing on school...
  15. ????????? I likes to trade.............................
  16. What was your reasoning for trading Dennis for Ness? Dennis is pretty hot right now. You think Ness will finally pull it together sometime soon?
  17. I just traded Dennis for Ness-I likes to trade . Good/ bad /indifferent -now I need a back up 65 and my line up is set . For now .....hahahahahahahaha-MAD-I tell you- I've gone MAD .......
  18. I don't think he'll AA this year -that would require wrestling and beating too many great wrestlers in a very short time .If I miss the tournament because of Zapp not counting fft.s I 'll never come back to this site -the dual meet wons should be 3 and tournaments 6 -you ever been a team stud ? and miss weight ?or been on the bus ride home with someone who did -I'll bet not one person said one word to Vallimont -now Hall Vallimont would normally be a good match-Hall/Vallimont an hour after Vallimont cut 4 lbs Hall kicks his ass , and how do you not count a med default ? I have 7 of those . SEVEN x 6 =42---plus 3 other fft's-184 and 149 are dead weights -Metcalf and Herbert -157 -10 guys could win it . 6 months ago would you have believed me if I told you Tyrel Todd was going to lose to a true freshman 184 lber from Cornell ?
  19. Humphrey has got to be cutting almost as much weight as Jaggers, though. I imagine he will love bumping up to 141 next year.
  20. Jaggers is absolutely cutting too much weight. He is about 6 inches taller than Palmer who wrestlers 8 pounds heavier. Granted, they have very different builds, but the point stands. With that said, the Big 10 season should let me get a good gauge of how Jaggers will do. At the very least, he is still a solid AA contender--but then so are a lot of people at 141.
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