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  1. You have a good point--all of those matches should be good matches and could really go either way. Actually, I would expect Hofstra to win 174. Who knows about 125.

    tOSU should win the other 5, though, and I would imagine they would win at least 1 of the 5 toss ups. It would be a fun match to see. I wish it was in Columbus.

    I see you've been working people for trades, is your lineup going to look much different?
  2. Got to thinking about the match with Hofstra -OSU doesn't match up that well -Bonnano is 20-8,Rug,19-2,Accordino 15-8,Gilespie 12-8 ,Bon bowman -16-6 ,Pav14-3,Lucas 16-3,Clymer 13-6 ,Fagiano-12-5 and Enck is 12-11--125,33,57,74,97 could go either way -it should be fun .
  3. In Metcalf, I know what I am going to get every time he steps on the mat. Even if he doesn't win the rest of his matches, I still am going to get a lot. I don't have the same assurance for either Ruschell or Clark. Basically, the upgrade from Fio to Clark isn't worth the downgrade from Metcalf to Ruschell, and I think you would agree with that...
  4. I feel like doing some trading -wake up-freakin' college hippie sleeping all day -how about Ruschell and Clark for Metcalf and Fio ?
  5. He has a better chance to AA than Johnstine -if you want to go ahead and et Vallimont or whomever that's fine -The confernce is going to be hard on Johnstone . Kinser is back and has already beaten him,Saf ,Poeta,Vallimont and I think Welch will beat him . Plus he has to wrestle Bonilla bowman the 25th -and JBB is capable of beating anyone -he beat Becker from IU last year in the first round of the NCAA's and lost to Vallimont 12-8 -he was injured earlier in the season and lost a cople of silly matches but has won 8 of his last 9 -losing to Gillespie at the scuffle .
  6. I drafted Dragon, but I dropped him because at one point I had 4 157s and I needed to spread myself out a little. I picked up Jedd Moore because he's an Ohio dude that was on a roll and I felt sort of proudful. But then I dropped him when I realized he didn't have any matches for the rest of December. Those two are both quality wrestlers, but I'm wanting top 10. I already have a quality 157 in Johnstone, but he will not AA without wrestling his ass off at NCAAs.

    I like Dragon, but he only has like 9 matches left before tourneys and some really tough matches mixed in there with Burroughs, JPO, Leen, Vallimont. He would probably do well in his conference, but I don't think it's worth the risk.

    You are right that Umbehauer will not win 184, but Chandler will certainly not win 157. 157 is probably the hardest weight class right now, and Chandler will be lucky to get 3rd in the Big 12. I would like to have him on my team, but he ain't winning it all...
  7. I looked back over all your transactions and decided you do not want a 157 lber -you had Dragon and gave him up for Moore then gave him up for Geisen -whom you've dropped twice -I believe Dragon and Moore are still available and if you pick him up quickly -Jesse Dong has 4 matches next week- Dragon is 19-3 so I don't know what his ranking is but 19 wins is alot at 157 .
  8. OK-you have the 5th rankes 184 in the nation -So WHAT ? he got stuck by Herbert in the 1st .Unload your best 184 pounder -that way it makes Zapp feel good about the fasct that he is giving up Chandler -Honeycutt will win the rest of his matches and Um might -we'll know this weekend -if you offer Zapp Honeycutt he will counter with welch .Tell him the his 84 pounder is a flake and you have the 5th ranked that you will trade for Chandler .
    Play on Zapp's ego-he needs the best you offer him the 12th seeded kid and he won't take it -you offer him #5 for Chandler and he'll take that -Is Um going to win the NCAAs? NO-is he going to win his conference ?maybe -Honeycutt definitely will win his -so you have a real good 184 conference champ and you have Chandler for UM-if Chandler gets hot he might win it . If I know Zapp he's probably on now -so PM him and offer him UM for Chandler .
  9. I am calm. I'm not saying I resent the trade and I know Halsey is a good dude--If I thought it was that bad of a deal I wouldn't have made it. You were just rubbing in the fact that you were catching up so I just rubbed in the fact that part of the reason is me.

    I don't really follow what you're saying--what does Herbert being a lock have to do with Zapp?
  10. Calm down -I have an outside chance of catching Accboy /SGallan-of those 29 matches 3 of them came from you and I truly appreciate that . But I did give you Halsey for him . the matches will balance out that was the thing I was trying to tell you about ranking -ok -so you get a guy who is ranked 25th-if he has 20 more nmatches against wusses then you are better off .
    4 of those matches are to a hwt named Marone -he was a superstar 189 in high school then went 8-1 at 197 then the coach bumped him to hwt .He's good -not fantasy good but those 4 matches came at a time Massey had zero.
    For your help here is a little wisdom -Herbert is going to win 184 -he may be as much a lock as Metcalf -so see what Zapp has at 57 and don't lowball him with Honeycutt -honeycutt will win his division and get you those bonus points -offer him Um for Chandler or whomever.
  11. Oh yeah and about you catching up to me--that's what I was trying to tell you when you gave me your puppy face and said "but Gold, I won't make the top 6 without Byers' matches but you're so safe, blah blah." I'm certainly not a lock to make the cut. So when you are in those 29 matches, know that a lot of them came from me!
  12. 1) Colt has beaten Glasser twice this year--once this weekend (4-0 in a match he controlled the whole time) and once at Vegas (3-1). OSU wrestles Minnesota again this year, but it is in Columbus. We won't see Iowa until the Big 10 tourney though--so he likely won't see Morningstar until the finals. I could be wrong, but I think the Big 10 is actually pretty weak at 165.

    I think Spons will be fine until tourney time. Maybe Howe could beat him because he has a chip on his shoulder, but Sponseller shows up to wrestle every single time he steps on the mat (except I really don't know what happened at the end of last year).

    Thanks for the tip on Vallimont.
  13. You overlooked Young -I know he's only ranked 23rd but..he has wins over Headlee-Pittsburgh-Oregon state NWestern and DeBerry ASU-losses are to Rendos ,Manuel Stewart,Howe,Reader 1 point to Reader 2 to Howe 2 to Rendos 4 to Manuel and 7 to Stewart -Colt needs to get over confident once and that #2 seed goes out the window--does he wrestle glasser at Minn ?or Mstar at Iowa ?-there you go.
  14. I know you are over 100 points ahead of me but this week-if CMU wrestles Miller and Porter twice -which I doubt -you have 10 matches -I have 29 and we meet up at 84 .That noise you hear is an old fat man catching up to you -the big wobbly thing you'll see next week will be my ass as I pass you by .hahahaha
  15. I forgot Morningstar as I'm so used to him being at 57 .
  16. 65 in the big 10 is a bitch -Howe barely beat Young from IU 8-6 and young was leading the last 30 seconds -Glasser is a bull . Manuel from Purdue can beat anyone , Smith whatever beat Colt last year and is a Bull , Kendle aMSU has been ranked as high as 15th. Morelli-sp from NW is decent Cheerip sucks as does Friedl fromPSU-I saw you were going after Vallimont -mistake-the kid is not as good as his ranking and he has real weight issues -I hate IU -until they lose Goldman-but Young is for real and has 20+ wins -on any day Howe , Sponselor ,Young ,Illinois,and Glasser and Manuel could beat each other -at the Midlands Young lost to Reader 7-6-then pinned 3 kids then lost to stewart 9-2 .I traded Howe and kept Stewart because Stewart is TOUGH and will walk through the MAC giving me 16 bonus points -there are 7 top 25 kids at 65 .
  17. Johnstone has already redshirted. What they should have done (and there was talk of) is this: Redshirt Palmer (also, that way he gets another year to wrestle with his brother, who will be a true frosh next year), Hump goes 141, Jaggers goes 149, have someone else go 133...
  18. I was joking below but now I'm being serious -Last few years I've done Volunteer work at Hospices for AIDS patients -when their hair goes they wear do rags -Jaggers -in the photo you posted -looks exactly like some end stage guys I worked with . There is topugh and there is stupid -Jaggers has crossed the line -10 years from now -after his 3rd or 4th surgery on his ankle and after his thyroid shuts down-as mine did-he'll look back and wish he'd gone 49 .
    You know i was a coach and all that but I would NEVER let a kid make the cut Jaggers is making -they should have red shirted Johnstone and had Palmer at 57 and Jaggers at 49 and Hump at 41 . I am 51 years old -the stuff Jaggers is going through is too much-I wonder how many times he passes out a week ? This is what I hate about our sport -the long term damage .
  19. Hahaha... 7th?!?!?! In my mind there are 2 people who stand a chance to beat Colt in the Big 10--Morningstar and Howe. The only reason I say Howe is because he has looked strong, he's aggressive, and I haven't seen too much of him. I don't think Smith-Bergsrud will be too big of a problem this year. I wouldn't expect a major, especially with the more conservative style he has adopted this year, but if he gets psyched for the match it could happen.

    I think Colt wins the Big 10 and goes into NCAAs as the #2 seed. It would be a decent surprise if he lost between now and tourney time--he has the following ranked people left on his schedule: Manuel, Howe, Bergsrud-Smith, Patrovich, Glasser.

    I guess that's more than I thought it was...

    How do you think Big 10s will shape up at 165?
  20. Since my 65 can't get to Colt and rip his head off I traded for one who can -Roger Smith whatever will kill Colt -just as he did last year -my 65 -Stewart -is going to walk through the MAC-yours will finish between 3-7th in the big 10 . hahahaha. OSU sucks
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