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  1. About the IU Dual:

    133: I don't know why Humphrey didn't wrestle--maybe because he has to make weight again Sunday and wants to be at his best for Ness? Maybe not feeling well? I don't really know, but I haven't heard anything about an injury. Maybe he didn't have the heart to wrestle against his home state...

    157: Maybe Nemec did beat Johnstone in a wrestle off, maybe not. I would tend to think that it was just a decision by the coaches, though, since Johnstone has been rather unable to win against top competition. Nemec, even if he is unable to win, should be very solid and stay in most of his matches. Keeping it 4-2 against Kinser with so little experience is good. Johnstone is a very undersized 157, but Nemec wrestled 160 in high school.
  2. You make me a good offer, and I mean that. However, I am not willing to get rid of Sponseller. If I miss the playoffs, it's not that big of a deal. He's my favorite wrestler and I enjoy having him on my team--I can still see how well my team will score in the post season even if I'm not in the post season.

    Why would you want Sponseller, anyway? You seem to think he is largely overrated. I say that because you say just about anyone has a very good shot at beating him (Patrovich, Young).
  3. This is the best I can do for you and it needs to be done quickly-if Nemec has beaten out Johnstone you'll get a bunch of zero's --this is a fair offer and it expires Sunday -Hall and Stewart for Sponsellor and Honeycutt -I hate to say this but the 7th place spot will go to Herkey -look at his line up-Falck,Fanthorpe ,Jantzen ,Leen ,Fay ,Luke and both 97 pounders will win their conferences -hwt might . if you are going to act -do it now cause you are out of time -you only had 13-4 matches and you lost 3 and ??-I scored 39 points today and have 13 matches tomorrow . Ness was my only loser .

    I am really trying to help you -I am not asking for Metcalf and I am giving you 2 confernce champions -one ranked #6 and one ranked #10-for Sponsellor and a guy I will not use .
  4. You are in trouble son -did Nemec beat Johnstone out ? Where was Humphries ? Jaggers -sounded -like shit -2 stall points in the first ? Barely beating Hernadez ? Triggas got beat by a one armed man---Powless should be a 74 or 84 lber and he nearly majored Gardner .
    I have wrestlers -access to wrestlers and advice -and guys who owe me .
  5. Gold- coming up Chriswell will have U C Davis -they fft'ed to Halsey -and the same weekend he has Feist -who is just weird -he's an over weight 174 lber wrestling 197 -he's beaten a lot of good opponents so if Halsey has matches thern you may want to use him . that is why I don't want a big man for Hall-they fft all the time out west .
  6. Good call-I thought you had gone crazy there for a second -if HCutt is healthy we'll talk .
  7. I don't really like that kind of deal after I have thought about it. If I had, I would have pulled the trigger on a similar deal with Zapp a week ago...
  8. How about Hall and Brown for Metcalf and Honeycutt ? You are getting two conference champs -Hall is 26-3 and a legit contender and Brown is ranked 8th and NOT in the big 10 and will win out plus his conference . that is 2 confrence champs =32 points plus whatever else they get -you don't need a 25 pounder as Fio is now 9th but I'll throw in sentes for Fio-so ==Brown, Hall and Sentes for Metcalf ,Fio and Honeycutt .
  9. The only hold up in my trading Hal to you is the health of Honeycutt -if you look where he med def out he then lost 9-3 to UM then beat 2 pussies 4-2 and 2-0 -The Clarion kid sucks so bad the IU guy majored him -I just can't afford to buy damaged goods right now -if he comes back kicking ass this week we'll know -you dont need Hall that quickly as surely Johnstone can beat the PSU and Purdue guys -they are horrible -one is the 2nd string 141 pounder and the other one doesn't have enough matches to appear on the Div 1 screen .
  10. I'll get back to you on the Hall thing .
  11. I didn't realize you were still interested in trading for Hall.

    I will offer you any one of the following trades:

    1) Chriswell and Brenner or Honeycutt for Poeta and Glasser
    2) Halsey and Brenner or Honeycutt for Hall and either of your 125s.

    Do either of those sound reasonable?
  12. If you go to IU's homepage there is a picture of Everhart right after he beat PSU for the tie .
  13. Everhart -he is about 230 of rock -he and Morrison can maybe have a match like Wise /Ericson had -Perry beat Wright last week at PSU and stuck Rella at the big 10s -that is why I asked if he is healthy -Colt won't major Young -IU might major at 25 and if Kinser hits it Johnstone is out -but 84 will crush IU and Gardner sucks -all these expectations -I never would have thought Powless -who should be at 74 or 84 would have a chance against him but he has looked squirelly lately -I think Hump can stick Ortega if he is agggessive -no on eever majors Kelly -he just never wins Palmer should dominate Walpole but he seems to have adopted an attitude of winning 7-1 is good enough -Nick does have 12 falls at 49 so you have to be careful there -Kinser beat JStone 6-4 at Vegas -but the word is out on Kurt -stay away from his tie ups -he had 18 falls as a freshman at 149 in the big 10 last year and 3 wins at the NCaa's -IU has already tied PSU so assholes job is secure.
  14. I forgot about Sponseller's unofficial loss to Fay. But he has avenged that...
  15. I don't know that it will come down to bonus points. Who is IU's heavy? Morrison can hang with most guys--he was beating Jermail Porter until the last 15 seconds of their match. He's beaten Berhow, Fendone, Hammond, and Dobies.

    165 isn't really a tossup either--at least not from any kind of objective perspective. Young has 7 losses to 6 different people. Sponseller has 3 losses to 2 people--the #1 guy and the guy who finished 3rd last year. I would expect it to be a close match because Colt hasn't been attacking legs nearly as much lately, but I don't think too many people would call #2 vs. unranked a "tossup."

    Dave Rella is ok. Sometimes he wrestles real aggressive and looks tough, others he doesn't do much the whole match. He hasn't really beaten anyone of note. I would say he could beat Perry (who I know absolutely nothing about--I base that solely on the ranking), but I would expect Perry to win by decision.
  16. Just noticed the Almd Mater wrestles tOSU Friday125 157,197,hwt -IU-165 ? and 74 ?133 ,41,49,84 tOSU-Perry and Young are coming off big wins -how well is Rella ? Young didn't get any credit for bwating Vallimont -the announcers kept saying he just moved up-Bullshit -that man missed weught at the nationals and right then the coach had him at 65 -so he had 2 weeks to get himself strong -he just got beat -and if he wasn't as good as he is Young had him stuck-he scored 1 point -I think Colt takes Young 5-4 -it'll come down to Bonus points .
  17. Man . I have been beating my head trying to find a workable trade but you won't come off Sponsellor or Chriswell -Hall is going to win the Pac 10 and he only lost to Gillespie 1-0-then to Leen by as couple and to O'Conner by 1 -he's for real .
  18. Nope -never will be -the man made a bad choice -instead of having his shoulder repaired over the summer he wrestled AAU and tried out for the Olympics -only lost to Cejudo-the Olympic champ by 2 points -but his shoulder got worse -not better -he wont make it out of the big 10'sit's a shame because his legacy could have been 4th 1st ,1st,1st,-he should stop wrestling NOW and petition for a med emergency -lke they gave Dolly from N Iowa-another Indiana boy -those matches he won 1-0 and 2-0 he could barely stand -I am now an expert on shoulders after the last 4 years of my life have been a miasma of pain -I waited too long -actually medicaid wouldn't pay for it-to have mine replaced . My surgeon said my shoulder was worse than some 90 year olds he'd operated on -I was 50 at the time -cut away all my rotator cuff and replaced the head with a new ball and socket . That is y I type so poorly -I am now basically lefthanded when I used to be right and the right is just useless .
  19. No it's ok... Those are the rules and I knew it, so there's no sense causing a stir. Thanks for the offer though.

    Is Escobedo back to normal?
  20. You won't me to try and back you up on getting your line up in ? Chriswell doesn't have any matches and Triggas may lose both his .
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