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  1. He is a tough dude -he was beating Coughlin until he made a mistake and got stuck -he wrestles everyone HARD .
  2. Clay Tucker is from my athletic league, and we would see his team at a lot of tournaments. It's cool to see his name again in the college realm. Thanks for the advice...
  3. Gold -no man may tell another what to do but may I give you some advice ? At 141 you have 2 guys from the big 10-as far as I know no one owns Drew Lashaway -he should win the MAC and already has over 20+ wins -he is the guy who allegedly stuck Jaggers . If you have the drafts that would be an excellent pick up .
  4. Hamrah has Scotten -who he beat in OT-last time -and then the #1 guy from the MAC -Clay tucker -he should pull them out for you -I hope -I'm trying -talked to Arch and can get you Bonilla- Bowman cheap.he has won the ACC and the CAA each of the last 3 years .He was part opf that class of Brands' from Virginia Tech only he didn't follow Brands and lose a year -he went to Hofstra -he REALLY turns on this time of year -I was so shitty when he beat Becker in the first round with a 17 -8 record -Becker was 27-3 .
  5. No problemo-I had a pretty good week point wise -92.
  6. Kody Hamrah -NC Stae 24 -7 ranked 1st in ACC.
  7. Thanks Russ...
  8. I was wrong -Halsey didn't show up. As for the ''sneaking '' shit I was just kiddin g -try Hanrah -sp-out of the ACC -Erisman will be so beat up coming out of the big 12 he'll be stupified .I'll get the guys naME FOR YOU .
  9. I'm not sneaking around you, it's just I'm kind of sick and have 3 midterms this week, so I don't feel like working a trade. I'm thinking about picking up Erisman at 157. He doesn't have many matches, though, and 2 of the ones he does have are against Burroughs and Chandler.
  10. Hump is one of the more down to earth people you'll ever meet -you should have said hi-then he would have talked your frigging ears off -I see you ''might'' change 57 lbers -you sneaking around on me ? IU lost because Kinser's guy was warned for stalling but they would not call it so he cut him and took him down then lost on riding time 7-6-Powless got beat 9-4 buit he gave Todd hell-Todd caled an injury time and Powless came back and went after that knee like it was a piece of pussy . The guys were typing in WILD scrambles and things like that -go to intrmat and look up the scores and check -VIEW-next to 133 -Ortega may have been screwed . IU is 3-4 points from being unbeaten in the big 10...
  11. I gotta say I was disappointed with Hump today. He just didn't really do anything offensively or even try to do much. Ness had 2:30 of RT, also. I was actually sitting right behind Jim, which was kind of cool. He didn't really say much about that match though.

    In his post match interview, Ryan sounded very frustrated with a lot of the team for not fighting hard enough and for being stupid about their weight--he specifically pointed out Triggas and Hump about the weight, saying "don't eat 4 turkey sandwiches, eat 1. Drink water, not that soda."

    That would have been a sick line up for IU. I go crazy thinking about how stacked OSU could be if all of the best Ohio wrestlers stayed in state.

    Nemec looked good, and took Saf down both times he took a shot--I don't know why he didn't shoot more. Ryan said Johnstone will be back for Penn State, though, and was just out because his knees were giving him some problems.
  12. Gold -this is what I meant about Hump-he should be a NCAA champion by now -his potential is unlimited -i gave up onn him when he left Indiana -his dad knows how TOXIC Goldman is -but he and Angel working out every day ? IF Hump would have stayed home and T-shirt -IU would send out Escobedo ,Hump and Tshirt -just watched CAL STATE BAKERSFIELD and Oregon State -Halsey got a fft.
  13. Gold-got bored last night and felt bad for Tigerfan so I traded him Ness for Bell-actually I was just bored . I LIKES to trade
  14. Gold-I might be able to get you Scott Winston -Don't give me any crap about how he is rated 13th-he is a true freshman and is 32-6 -let me know -what you would part with etc. or if you are even interested -Dragon didn't wrestle and JBB had 2 majors today to go to 19-6 unranked 2 weeks ago and now he is 15th gonna go to 12 .Plus he will win the ACC-you have seen him wrestle -every year he turns on about this time -the kid is an AA prospect .
  15. You did predict the match would come down to overtime, and kudos to you for that. However, 2 tOSU starters were out of the lineup (though I don't think 157 would have been different, but 133 certainly would have).

    I am not surprised at Gardner's loss at all--the dude is in a dead spin. I just hope he ends up happy after this year, whether that means leaving wrestling for good or if he starts to love it again. He's got to be a mental wreck.

    174 was tied when Rella got the winning takedown. Therefore, even if he hadn't gotten that takedown, it still would have went to OT, where he still could have won. It's not necessarily true to say tOSU loses if Rella doesn't get that takedown.
  16. Matt powless won the 184 wrestle off and could easily make 174 and he nearly majored Cody -I thought Powless wouldn't win a match at 97 and he's 2-0-Rella won the match in the final seconds or you lose -Everhart was injured last year and his record was 6-10 -he is now 18-19-11-he was the varsity 197 until Fagiano took his spot .I believe I predicted the match would come down to bonus points .
  17. I appreciate your efforts to help me, but don't sweat it. If I make it I make it, if I don't, oh well.
  18. I am weak at 165 -as far as a sure AA-that and 149 -I'll give you Hall and Brown for Metcalf -but you didn't want to do that -IU sucks and they came close to beating your school -Angel is not going to do shit this year .
    Ok -I made the best offer I could -I hope you know what you are doing -if they start wrestling Nemec you are screwed . Why didn't they wrestle Hump ? I have 2 guys who owe me and I could get you a decent 33 if Hump is hurt or a decent 57 .
    I really am just trying to help-I am in no position to give guys away or I would -remember -I offered you the #6 157 and the number 10 165 for Sponsellor .
  19. Consider this: If Pucillo hadn't put up bonus points, IU would have won! Granted, Reece wasn't in the lineup, but...
  20. 141: I don't know why Jaggers gave up 2 stalling points in the 1st, but evidently he turned it on after that. He had 3 TDs and a reversal, so apparently Hernandez' only points were from escapes and stalling.

    285: Sounds like a pretty good match--decided in the last 30 sec.

    174: A great win for Rella. I hope it boosts his confidence. When he is aggressive he looks like a million bucks, but he has mental issues, I think.
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