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  1. Richmond In. -home of the trailer and mobile home king -right on the border -a coupla hours east of here -I could head out to a lot of small towns like the one I currently reside in -but why -??? I am 51 -in pain most of the time -facing 2 more major surgeries and when I say I am alone -I mean alone -wasn't supposed to drive for 6 months after my shoulder replacement -a week later I am one arming it to the store -that or starve -I chose this life style because I was abused every day when I was a kid -my mom was a paranoid schizo/drunken whore .Don't know my father -the only person who ever cared for me was my grandmother and she died in 1991 -so life has lost it's fun and the one thing I was ever proud of -my body -is in shmbles -my mind retaiss it's efficacy but for how much longer ?? When will I start talking to the walls like dear old mom ? -The last 4 years have been PAIN . Pain has controled every facet of my existence and I am so very , very, tired .
  2. The way zapp explained the end of the season is this :
    You pick a team to go into conference tourneys- 11 wrestlers -then you pick a team to go into the NCAA's -maybe you can make sense out of it -look under a posting I made called -''The End is Near'' under Zapp's fantasy forum -he explains it there . i thought I could wrestle everyone and get a ton of championship points since all conferences are at different times -gonna be a lag in there where you wrestle 4 in one conference then 7 in another -the last 2 weeks will take 4 ever .
  3. Zapp is saying you are out of drafts and can't get spellman -at least on the board -I had to get rid of Polkowske so I only have 15 -I also traded for Sentes and Brown . Accboy just screwed me . I was supposed to have a lineup of nickerson,Kennedy ,Cleveland ,etc .--if you want to undo the Trade where you gave me 2-1 ask Zapp and I'll agree to it .
  4. The reason I ask is because I used to live in Richmond, IN, when I was really young, and I also have family in New Paris, OH. My grandma lives right on I-70--the OH-IN border is in her yard.
  5. I checked and Penn didn't wrestle grajeles on Senior day -so I might trade and get Brown back -he may be rated lower but he shows up. I'll probably have to get Sentes back so I'll just package the 2 .I'll give Accboy the benefit of the doubt and wait until Sunday afternoon and then pull the trigger on the deal -neither one will do anything in the tournament but Brown at least takes the mat . yes, I have ben across I 70 . Too cold in Ohio too -headed west , probably .
  6. Yeah I figured I'd get either a 184 or a 125. I don't really expect Spellman to do anything at NCAAs, and I'm sure I won't use him there, but I'm hoping he'll win his conference, but Umb isn't a lock to do so now that Patterson has emerged. I also thought about Bonnano. I now have a strong conference champ contender/favorite in every weight class, so I should have a good shot at the wild card if I don't end up making the top 6.
  7. Yea -Spellman has been upsetting everyone-he beat Biondo a few weeks ago and the guy ranked above himi in that conference has been a real flake all year -Caponi-I might have went with Simaz or Drury -drury has won like 10 in a row -but those are 97 lber's-Spellman has gotten better all year and very well could win that conference -you are scoring a boatload of points this week -all my matches are on Sunday .Well, 12 of the 17 .have won 4 and Hall wrestles later tonight .
  8. Since I had a vacancy in my roster, I picked up Tommy Spellman at 184 out of Va Tech. You think it's a good move?
  9. Damn son -I am tired -gonna take me a break and find me a top 5 125 .
  10. I wish you weren't so obstinate about Sponselor -but he is your favorite -I upgraded a bit at 65 -how would you feel about Hall and Barnes for Metcalf ? 2 guaranteed pac 10 champions and big point getters -I really don't wish to offend you or anger you but Zapp wanted both Sentes and Hall-your line up is formidable now -Hall is 26 -3 -after this week 28-3 and Barnes is 30-4 2 guaranteed conference champions for one NCAA champion . Thank you for the compliment on my research -it is a lot like work sometimes , but being damn near homebound , what else have I to do ?
  11. Look back at a message you sent me on 1-6 and tel me you didn't ask me to research this stuff for you .
  12. I am going to lose to a creature of my own making -i hope Lashaway and Hamrah lose every match as well as Fio-your line up is looking good .
  13. Barnes scored me 17 points this week a pin ,tech and 2 decisions. One decision the guy was hit with a stalling point and then Barnes escaped and cut him twice and on the third time while trying to get a major gave up a BS takedown won 9-5 .Barnes seeding is political-he is an Olympian from South Africa and our country -even though we did the same frigging thing -holds SA in contempt .It is so bad he gets booed at a lot of places -he doesn't own any slaves nor does he dictate the policies of his Govt..
    I have to find someone to draft me Keegan Mueller -he is 27 -4 at 165 but ranked 14th -go figure .that or I'll just stay with stewart . He has beaten Brown and Mason who have both beat Fay .
    No shit-have you ever seen someone with no drafts and no hope turn things around like I have ? With no tournaments I have cut a 130 point lead and passed it - I study and find the most matches available and trade down if I have to ...but I am tired .....
  14. Kent State could really make some noise this year. They have never had an AA before, but Mitcheff, Lashaway, Kilgore and Porter all have decent shots at it this year. Kilgore and Porter obviously have better shots than the other too, but still.
  15. Hadn't realized Barnes was so hot. Lashaway didn't really come out of no where--he beat Jaggers last year, too. He could AA, but just about anyone in the top 25 could at 141. It will just depend on how tough he can be after wrestling a few times.
  16. I am so tired -had a deal -I thought -to pick up Dwyer -fell through -I am so sick of looking for a 165 lber -I think I cam AA or round of 12 every weight but 65 . @174 Henrich is 30-1,125 take your pick ,133 Bell is ranked 8th and walked through the ACC last year ,141 Cody Cleveland is 19-4 , 149 -my surprise -Barnes is 30-4, Hall and Poeta ,Patterson ,Herbst and Wise . This weekend guys were stalling and slowing things down because Barnes is trying to set the record for tech 's . Out of his 30 wins only 5 have come by decision -the rest are bonus .
  17. I checked and he's not on anyone's roster -he thumped Nauman at Pitt. That takes a big hairy pair .
  18. Lashaway is a tough dude. I wanted to pick him up a while ago but I think someone had him at the time.
  19. Tucker is 16-12 but it is a hard 16-12 -he has wrestled every stud in the country -Winston beat him by 3 and Welch by 2 . Lashaway just beat Nauman the 10th ranked 141 and will win the MAC -16 bonus right there .
  20. I think he wrestled a pretty close match against Bubba in freestyle--though I'm sure Bubba is far and away the better freestyler.
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