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  1. Remember my philosophy -''I'll get all the sleep I need when I'm dead ''-I am 51 and still listen to AC/DC and System of a Down . I have an autographed CD by NIN Trent signed it the best he could at the time .' HEAD LIKE A HOLE BLACK AS YOUR SOUL I'D RATHER DIE THAN GIVE YOU CONTROL' NIN rules .
    Let's make a deal-I will give you my left nut for Porter . That noise you heard was women across the globe crying out NNOOOOO!!!!
  2. Tigerfan-got 2 AA's and Caputo has 3 matches next week where Josh had one . He made the initial offer -seems like since he mauled Honeycutt everyone wants Josh . Baker is the favorite in his conference and his conference has 14 teams -so i'll wrestle he and Kennedy -the closest match Baker has had was 7-4 against Bell-this is post injury -then he just dominated the all academy tourney -i think 17-5 was the closest match . I'll miss Josh but ...caputo and honeycutt are right there with him-those ratings clowns have Honeycutt 11th -17th -and Caputo 8th-9th and Baker 8th -I should have up to 9 conference champs -maybe 10.That 197 that gave Chriswell fits the other day is their back up 184 -big cornfed white guy from Idaho-Feist -from Stanford moved up from 174 and has been causing fits -he might win 197 out west . Look on the other fantasy board -they had a hell of a time because they didn't want to award him pints because he's listed at 74 buut feels he can-and has -win at 197.
  3. Who did you end up trading with Patterson? That sounds like a good trade so far to me. In his match with Humphrey, Baker looked pretty good. He is a brawler-styled wrestler. Really not much happened the whole match, but Baker put Humphrey on his back and that was the difference. However, Baker pretty much pushed Hump around from neutral. I would give Baker as good as a shot as anyone at winning it all.

    By the way I haven't been sleeping--just at class... I actually woke up at like 8:30 this morning. Many mornings I'm up at 5 or 6, but it's not that I wake up early, I'm just still up from the night before! I need my sleep when I can get it...
  4. Well -since you would not answer me in my hour of dire need I traded Patterson for 2 AA's -how did Baker do against Hump in that all-star thing ? YOU can't leave me alone on rainy days -I might trade mine and your team away . I WANNA trade !!! DAMN THE TORPEDOES AND FULL SPEED AHEAD .
  5. WAKE UP hippie-need your advice -have been offered Caputo and Baker for Patterson and ???-Caputo has 3 matches next week where Josh has one -Caputo and Baker are both AA's -??? Opinion ?
  6. Boy-do not ever get up on Wednesday and check Div 1 rankings first thing -it will ruin your day -Reader beats Fay-M* loses to the #27 ranked guy in the nation and Fay moves up one slot and M* drops one spot !!! Fio pins a guy -beats another and drops below Sentes . Sentes beat a guy from Buffalo 2 weeks ago and hasn't wrestled since and climbs from #9 to #7 ?? at 165 Mason loses twice -Brown beats 2 top 15 guys and he stays below Mason all I need is for Sacred Heart to cancel -which they have done 3 times this year -the dual with binghamton.
  7. that was my droll humor -Hernandez is so bad this year I had to give him away . I can't trade with Arch anymore because he doesn't submit a line up-I make one out for him every week but he is going through some BS-I wonder if he is going to allow accboy's line up ? The wrestler he picked up was my suggestion -I'm going to lose to someone I helped all year then turned on me . Oh well-no one will trade with me -Tigerfan offered me Terry for Patterson -Right . Made my line up out through the next week then conferences . boredom sucks .
  8. I'm glad to hear that you have gotten out of the house--I hope the exercise leaves you refreshed. Johnstone is no longer on my team, so we won't be meeting up there, but I certainly wouldn't expect him to beat Poeta either. I'm pretty sure I'm going to start Lashaway for conferences and Jaggers for nationals just because the Big 10 is so tough. I wouldn't go betting the house that Hernandez is going to win Big 10s, but I like a guy that lives on the edge.
  9. Damn son -I am dying from boredom -just got back from a 2 hour walk and my knee is throbbing but I could NOT sit in this house again -it finally got above freezing so I went down to the park -this week should tell the tale -I have 23 matches 21 winnable -1 a definite maybe and one a hope and a prayer . We bump heads at 33 and 57 -i'd poop on myself if Johnstone beat Poeta . What's going on with Hump -he makes weight once a week ? I'lll be interested to see what you do at 41 come conference time -Jaggers and Kruger/D'alie have been beating each other for years -with mcLemore thrown in for fun -or are you going to wrestle Jaggers with the big boys ? Everyone talks about 33 and 57 -141 in the big 10 is a beeech . Tanelli/ russell/thorn/jaggers/Sultzer and Tshirt . I look for Hernandez to get hot and win it .
  10. accboy posted his lineup about 8:30 this morning -roughly the same time you posted yours last week or the week before .
  11. I hate fft s so I make sure that I have a warm body on the mat -like this week -I traded to get Glasser as Stewart didn't wrestle -he got me 7 points -Accordino -6 points -I figure I average about 7 points a week by not ffting . Look at my line up and think Accordino ? 17-10 ? whats he doing here -I got hm for Andre Hernandez and he got me 14 points in the CAA's and 6 today -Cleveland doesn't wrestle that many matches so I have a solid back up at 141 -it was hard work finding a 165 who wasn't very good but had a fighting chance to win -So I got Glasser for a back up 149 lber just for these matches -I traded him last week -Glasser is useless 90% of the time -today he was invaluable .
    I did some rough calculations in my head and I am 4th , you are 5th and Mateater is 6th-I didn't include any points from Patterson .
  12. Who ever it was must be a genius -Iu 's 149 lber lost by a point to Ptax -a frigging riding point -they have wrestled twice this year 8-6 and 5-4 -the IU kid -Walpole -is hard to figure -he should have redshirted last year -he was 12-5 and the coach decided to go with Kinser but instead of redshirting him they just let him rot -he was the last person other than Hump to beat Andrew Howe in high school-he has cut so much weight i didn't recognize him last time I saw him -in high school he was 145 lbs of mean muscle , not LEAN, mean . Now he looks like he walked out of a concentration camp. Iu ruined him too his dad is the kind of guy to go knock Goldman on his ass -Dave Walpole is a prick-I coached against him for several years until he got fired -he was so intense and idiotic 1/2 his team would quit before the end os the year -maybe that's why Nick wrestled for Perry Meridian . I a worried about Accboy -no line up -no answers to PM's -AM I the bad guy here ?
  13. Indeed I have had a good week. I believe I got 75. Hamrah was a great pick up--he has 3 matches this week, too. I forget who told me about him...

    Johnstone looked very good in his match--he was very physical. Figures Triggas gets a pin the first week I don't use him. Palmer vs. Patascil was a really good match. Palmer lead the whole time by as much as 5-6 points, but Patascil took him down and tilted him in the third to make it pretty interesting.
  14. Seems like your old foe-- Clay Tucker --didn't agree with the fall call-Kody Hamrah got you 9 points-all trades are off -you scored too many points this week -besides the usual 10-12 a week from That gay 149 lber you did really well -Chriswell ain't exactly tearing shit up , is he ? It may be a month before Lycoming reports the scores between them and Binghamton -I need the points Josh gets me -only have 52 with 3 matches left -Barnes countered a shot and threw the guy on his back and the dude was going nowhere and they said it was a slam -went from a major or a fall to a dec. I only had 17 matyches this week and 6 were with back ups wrestling only lost one so far.
  15. Oregon State has a free live hook up against ASU at 2:00 pm-I love watching Barnes off his feet he would beat Metcalf freestyle -he has only wrestled folkstyle 3 years and he is 30-4 this year . Where in Hell that 197 pounder came from who almost beat Chriswell is beyond me -he stomped out and pinned the Oregon state kid Hanke -like he was a mat maid -first match of the year . Hanke is pretty tough and this kid took him down twice and played with him before sticking him in the first . Probably an Olympic champ from Kenya or something .They do alot of weird shit out in Ca. , legally too.
  16. I hate Pitt and would have loved to have been there when little Kent State out of the MAC just kicked their asses -even their precious Naumann . HAHAHAHA
  17. Haha, thanks. I don't think I've been stubborn about that in the past--I've played the guy who has had the most winnable matches. It's just (in the case of 141) Northwestern and Sulzer haven't had a ton of matches so that guy was usually Jaggers.
  18. I feel kinda bad that Accboy hasn't even filled out a line up-just because I passed him ? But then again if you want to turn on someone over nothing then , hey, not my problem . I coulda used Nickerson and he would have a decent 133 and a 125 with over 30 wins and both nearly guartanteed ACC champions -now he has Marble -ranked 3rd in his conference , Beebe #3 in his confernce and no 165 pounder . I gave him Lucas and Massey and made out his line up for him I the bad guy ???
  19. I see you are finally learning how to make up a line up card -jaggers has two tough matches -bench hgis ass and wrestle someone else -doesn't mean you don't like him means you are finally learning you don't have to bang your head against the wall to prove a point . I am proud of you.
  20. I wasn't suggesting you move to Richmond--just thought it would be cool if you knew where I used to live .
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