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  1. I just checked Zeerip's schedule for this year. He's had a pretty tough schedule. You know he went 260-0 in high school in Michigan? Colt then beat him at Sr. Nationals, but still, I would expect a little more from a guy with that record in high school.
  2. Everyone has beaten Zeerip because he sucks -but Colt kept pounding on him-he will win it .I hope he hurts M* and that stall shit .
  3. I agree Jaggers was flat during that first scramble, but if the ref wasn't in good position he was right not to call it. I think Russell would have been surprised by a pin anyway. An exciting match, though, wasn't it?

    I really think Sponseller is going to get over the Lewnes hump the next time they wrestle--and that would only be in the finals. He is peaking in a mean way at the right time.

    I would still be surprised to see Luke not win it all because he's so solid, but tonight made me realize it is a little more open. I would love to see Miller place high, even if he weren't on my fantasy team.
  4. I just finished watching the Mich/OSU match -Jaggers was stuck during a scramble -I would not lie to you -he was flat but the ref didn't even award a takedown . I have advised the three guys I am fairly tight with on the IU team to transfer to CMU-Kinser -Young and Coughlin -Powless lost by one point to that purdue kid who started the season ranked 12th .I have been waiting all year for Stewart to beat a top 10 guy and now he gets hot going into the NCAA's . The guy ranked second to him in the MAC he majored 12-2 ,2 weeks ago.Stewart made the round of 12 last year wrestling with a broken hand -looks like you have 2 champions -Sponsellor and Metcalf and Miller is in the mix .Hwt is wide open.Niko pinned the kid who beat him earlier-- go figure ?
    I have to think 174 both our guys are in the hunt -Luke barely gets by Rella-my guy is 31-1 and Miller has beaten the top guys tonight and at the midlands .Getting interesting .
  5. Great for CMU! They might be my 2nd favorite team. Great to see Miller beat Jordan--I really didn't expect that. I almost benched him this week because I really didn't see him winning that match. He could make some noise at NCAAs.
  6. The CMU boys came through for us -Tigerfan may be slitting his wrists as we speak....
  7. He is just a backup. A guy that is in the practice room, but not really a Big Ten kind of guy. They don't want to burn Weakley's redshirt, so they use Cook when Gardner isn't wrestling. Cook isn't a top-skill guy, but he doesn't give up. I would rather see him give it his all and get killed than watch Gardner give up and keep it to a major.
  8. Who the hell is Jason Cook ? I hope Tyrel doesn't hurt him .
  9. Theodre Reoosevelt said once that within the Government exists an all powerful cartel of men interested only in their own interests -during WW 2 the ball bearings used in the German planes were made bt Ford -Standard oil openly defied the law and opened gasoline refineries in Germany -this group has existed for thousands of years -obstanably changing it's name but never it's cause -the one world order . these statements were made by presidents -if i say them I am called crazy -Do you believe in the census ?If so how were there 6.5 million jews in Europe in 1935 and 7 million in 1945 ? if 6 million were eradicated -read between the lines and believe absolutely nothing in a textbook .Francis Loyola said give me the boy for 6 years and I will give you the man . If you attended public schools as I did -nearly everything you learned was a lie .That is why I hated teaching -the hypocrisy.
  10. Sorry I wasn't trying to evade the question I just forgot about it. I don't know enough about this stimulus to pass judgement on it. By that I mean, I haven't researched how exactly that money will be used.

    I was definitely against $700B one we gave to the banks in 2008--I think, financially speaking, that is one of the biggest crimes in our country's history. Nothing quite like a reverse Robin Hood--stealing from the middle class and poor and giving to the wealthy banks...
  11. I noticed how skillfully you evaded the STIMULUS question -you tOSU people are worse than the Skull and Bones . Commie hippie.
  12. I would definitely sit Kennedy--the big 10 is just way to rough at 133. Caputo shouldn't place lower than 2nd and has a 50/50 shot of winning it. I would love to see Honeycutt AA, and like you said, he could pull it off. I think a favorable spot on the bracket would help him a lot; the farther he can go without seeing one of the top 4, the better.
  13. In all seriousness I had planned on using Josh and Honeycutt as my flex -now Caputo is in the EIWA conference -it has 14 teams and he could win all his matches and still get up to 5 matches -he is ranked second behind Craig .But I want to wrestle Baker and Kennedy just for the fun of it -so caputo and his AA butt may end up on the bench as H-cutt will walk through his conference .
    Why is it I can get you your 3 points but not mine -I cited several precedents . i truly believe Honeycutt can AA this year -not win but AA -7th-back to my cunundrum -I think I'll wrestle Caputo and Baker and let Kennedy sit this out and get the guaranteed points from Hcutt. 3 majors and 16 bonus =28 for papa.
  14. what are friends for ? Are you behind this stimulus package ?? Using numerology 789,000,000,000 spells out tOSU rules !!! Dam hippie -
  15. Thanks for speaking up about my 3 points, Russ.
  16. OK-times up-deals pulled from the table -I think Cheeza from MSU has Metcalf's # anyway . I'd pull a Cartman and kick him in the nuts . Wanna play row chambeau ?
  17. Didn't you draft Moore after he beat Vallimont ? I wrote the VaTech coach and told him how impressed I was with the quick resurgence of his program -he even answered and thanked me . I think you should trade me someone -I'll give you Barnes ,Garnett and Caputo for Metcalf -3 for 1 . One AA and a guy who is 35-5 and another guy who is 31-4-i'm going balls out here -that is 3 conference champions......
  18. Dong and Moore are also both true frosh from Ohio. It would be cool for one of them to knock him off.

    As for my sobriety, yes I am sober most of the time. Though perhaps I should change that since I am freshly 21.
  19. Stardust says Hamrah should be back this weekend -problem is he wrestles Moore and DONG-2 tough kids . Hamrah is ranked #1 and these are 2 and 3 .
  20. Are you SOBER ? I was never sober in college -booze and pussy -that is why I went -that and an academic ride -anyway -Hamrah deserted ship-N C State lost and he was a no show . Best $20 I ever spent . Seriously , I thought that was where he went to school ?
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