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  1. Ben ,
    We have a trade which needs your stamp of approval . Rd loading up for conferences .
  2. Ben,
    In case any one starts crying I added the schools ACCBOY's wrestlers wrestle to make it easier for you to do scores . I did not touch anything else .
  3. Ben-
    Herk is crying about my not putting his waiver request through-the problem is he wants to lose Kerber -and ad Slaton -(who is in limbo) as he has been kicked off Iowa's team .. I left that one for you .
  4. Ben -
    Please help-I need your advice -trying to help Mat Eater make the top 4 so LoSt can't -offered him Porter -who bites but is the KING of the EAST REGION -and he has 4 matches this weekend -I figured he'd send me a second string hwt. -ok-he offers me Howe and Kinser for JPO and Porter . I told him to think about it as I don't want to take advantage of him but Porter is my conference wrestler as he has NEVER NOT won the East Regpnals . Should I make the trade ??
  5. Ben-
    For the week of 1/18-24 I have ACC as having 53-the rest of the guys are pretty well trained and post their own scores -which is nice -just double check the DUBIOUS ones -if everyone scores 40-50 and one guy scores 90-check that . Unless it is ME.
  6. en-
    GAGE is saying he should have at least 2 more waivers -the kid used 8 and was penalized the one time when he placed a guy on waivers then went back and deleted it -cheated -we did not dock him one we just counted that one as that is a pain in the ass to do and secondly he tried to cheat . So he should have one .God-I wish he would stop PMing me .
  7. Ben
    I found a trade between VAIS and GAGE and adjusted the rosters -, hopefully everything is up to date -THAX is looking to trade a HWT and Morrill for a 149 or a 197 -
  8. Ben-
    Just went through the waivers -Gage said he should have someone but I see no record of it -told him to ask you . These should be up to date .
  9. Ben,
    I think I might go down to bloomington to watch the ass kicking IU is going to put on osu Sunday -you outa come -I'll give you a free tour of what a college campus should look like -100 year old buildings carved from Granite -they finally updated the quads -ac/dorm fridges /cable-we used to sweat through 5 shirts a day as ever class was a 2 mile walk from the dorms . My SR year I had to go between Ballantine hall and asembly stadium 4 times a day -no buses -on foot as I was finishing my English Major and my HPER minor (HealthPhysical Education and Recreation ) 2.5 miles in 15 minutes 4 times a day . Then my HPER calsses were hard as hell-running 440's at 7:00 AM sux-I was a good enough athlete I tested out of Tennis , wrestling ,baseball and football-frigging Knight based your entire grade on attendance -prick-running ''KILLERS' was no fun and I could care less about the motion offense -Knight showed up once .
  10. Ben,
    We have a trade situation you need to sign off on .
  11. Ben,
    Did ACC turn in a line up to you for week 11 ? he said he was -I was going to do his scores -if you have it let me know

    Or week 12 ?? The little guy is pissing me off !!
  12. Ben
    Did you make that announcement or are you going to count those matches this year ?
  13. Ben-
    A lot of guys are putting in guys who wrestle in the NYACS-that thing did not count last year nor did the All Academy thing-you best post and let people know -
  14. Ben-
    for some reason I cannot post -oh well-I put everyone's roster and waivers in order . See ya
  15. Ben
    you hear anything back on those ''offers''?
  16. Ben,
    that quote is on Intermat-didn't want to mention the competitions name .
  17. Ben--Mytych has the CAA duals the 16th and he should get you 3 falls and win the CAA-cancel that !! go get him -I am trying to trade for him now -he'll win all 3 matches ,probably by fall,and win the CAA conference -if you're going to get a hwtr pick up Barlow from Kent State -please .
  18. All scores are updated through the scuffle -the ones I did are next to each wrestler's name on the LINE UP 12/25-1/3. You need not go back and redo them .
  19. I did VAIS' Score as he said he would just write down any score he pleased -it is with the rest-
  20. VAIS and when he went off on me for the Beatty comments .
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