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  1. I'll let you know by tonight, but I'll probably pass. I already have a flex in Halsey and Lashaway is a pretty good bet to win his conference.
  2. Guess who is back wanting my help ? He has either caramancia and Jones at 184 he is trying to trade for -you want car-for Lashaway ?or Jones for Car ? Jones started the year ranked in the top 6 and now is 15 -buit he is a pin master if you need a flex .
  3. CMU site has the scores -the scorebook is a piece of s-VA Tech is wrestling and they have live updates .Hamrah is up now.
  4. Maybe the guy is just really fighting to keep it to a major?
  5. I don't know what is going on with CMU-the score has been stuck at 15-3 CMU with Stewart leading 14-1 in the 3rd for an hour . Wonder is someone died or something ?
  6. Yes he did. For some reason I thought you wrote Humphrey
  7. didn't Kennedy win ?
  8. Hahaha... Good thing you didn't bet on that. You went 0-3 on the tossups.
  9. you ought to be at the match by now -so this will be waiting on you when you get home -note the time -125 Futrell 133 Kennedy 141 Jaggers 149 Palmer 157 Poeta 165Colt 174 Dergo !84 Pucillo 197 Bond hwt Wise -19-17
  10. Were'nt we just talking about Zeerip ? Serendipity is at work here -I didn't wrestle Cleveland and he lost twice and I was thinking of sitting Stewart because he had Marable then changed my mind and he wins and Brown misses weight at ODU . Strangeness is afoot .
  11. I could have wussed out this wek and wrestled Sentes and Cleveland but I wanted to test something -Accoerdino-who like an idiot I traded -beat the Edinboro kid who had beaten him 2-1 earlier in thr year Justin took him 9-4 and had 5 NF points . Then Honetcutt had matches against Moran -ranked 19th and Clymer #18 and beat both of them 6-1 , 6-0-he is the he man I thougt he was -these clowns have honeycutt ranked 17th -BS-they don't have Accordino ranked at all and he is now 20-9 as a true freshman at 141-really surprised me getting 3 from him but the asst. coach -from IU-Joe D said there is something special about this kid .
  12. BTN is showing 125 right now -of the OSU /Mich match
  13. And if you do this don't go apeshit when trailing 12-3 Nikko pins lil Futrell.....
  14. I hope you know I am playing when I call you a hippie -you are just a century younger than me ---
  15. Ask JensenS how to do it -he has done it before -you could move from useless hippie to On site reporter .
  16. What do you mean text the board? I would text you updates if you had a cell phone. Yeah it should be a pretty good dual... I got kind of bored at the Purdue one.
  17. Futrell has improved all year -he nearly beat angel last night -he is the quickest 125 I have ever seen -it will be a hell of a duel-the 133 match up against finesse and barbarian should be real interesting -you ought to go and text the board -make your hippie ass worth something -Dergo has been banged up but is coming back strong -beat Perry last night easily .IF Nikko can get hold of Futrell he'll stick him -otherwise he'll get beat badly off his feet . I usually don't compare matches but Hammen lost to sanders 10-4 last night and Futrell was 10 seconds from Teching Hammen -Poeta gave Kurt his worse beating of the year 9-3 and it was never in doubt .FIRST time I ever saw Kinser hit with a stall warning -going back to Jr.High.
  18. I would give tOSU 125. Triggas has already beaten Futrell this year, and Futrell's only notable wins (that I can recognize) are against Flores and Dolan. Triggas has also beaten both of them. The match could go either way, but I would give it to Triggas because he won the first one.

    174 is also a toss up. Dergo hasn't really beaten anyone, but I don't know anything about the guy. It could go either way, but I don't mind giving Illinois the benefit of the doubt. If Rella shows up to wrestle, though, I give him the nod.

    Yeah, RSB is a tough guy--he and Manuel are responsible for Colt not qualifying last year. I don't think he will win this time though as Sponseller is too focused.
  19. Earlier in the season you said that 165 in the big 10 was weak -well.lok at Rex Kendall-wins the MSY open and figures it is his year -then BAM CLICKCLICKBOOM-the big 10 starts and where is he -got beat by Zeerip 3-0 yet also beat M*-I hope you have enough respect for my wrestling knowledge that I know a good wrestler when I see one -Paul Young is a very good wrestler and is rated 8th in the big 10-he lost 7-6 to reader at the Midlands and Reader was going who mthe hell is this kid ?
    When I was at IU we had a saying -put your head down for a second in the big 10 and someone will rip it off -that still holds true . Zeerip comes in 260-0 and is 6-12 . A whole nother level.
  20. Maybe Zeerip's nuts fel off -more important issues -
    Sunday -the match for second place in the big 10-tOSU/ILL-leaving out the 2 ??? matches I have it 16-10 Ill-I gave Ill 125 ,157 174,197, and hwt .I gave tOSU 149,165 ,184 -kennedy /Hump ??? Jaggers /Prater may kill the ref -really -the ref may have a heart attack jumping around trying to follow their FUNK-I awarded majors at 157 and 184-wadda ya think ? Illlinois '165 is sneaky good .
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