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  1. I had planned on trading one of Chriswell, Herbst, Hump, and Kennedy for a better 149, but it looks like Zapp might not allow trades after this. That kind of sucks, if it happens, but such is the penalty of living on the edge.

    Hopefully he won't cut off trades, but if he does, I will have a decision to make.
  2. One interesting question -which # 2 in the nation are you going to flex ? Herbst or Kennedy ? Hump and Kennedy or Chriswell and Kennedy ? You have the #2 and #5 in the nation at 2 weight classes . I am using the Veritas rankings -Poeta is 2.8 as is Leen and Burroughs is a 2 so there is no #1 at 57 .
    i have already changed my line up and now Zapp says our trade is pending -both our teams just got stronger .
  3. ARE we insane ? I'm pretty sure I am but never thought you were .
  4. Well Hippie -it is DONE-We have shaken the Heavens -Valhalla surely awaits us -that or the looney bin -WE have too much time on our hands but we have a huge hairy pair !!!!!
  5. Talk about a blockbuster...
  6. Russ, this is craziness. With that said, I love it. A big part of me wants to avoid the risk of a trade of this magnitude even if it does seem to be good for me, but it's just too exciting to pass up at when there isn't much happening on these boards.

    RPayton gives:
    Herbst, Honeycutt, Poeta, Kennedy, and Brown

    to Gold, in exchange for:
    Metcalf, Hall, Halsey, and your choice of 2 of the following: Hamrah, Spellman, Brenner.

    If you like it, go ahead and post it.
  7. On the last day before conference line ups -let's shake up the world -#2Herbst ,#11 Honeycutt.#2Poeta and #4 Kennedy and #10 Brown for Metcalf .Hall and Halsey . You'd have to throw in 2 ????? to make the rosters even-if you don't want Kennedy as your flex I'll throw in Cleveland instead for Lashaway -this is not smart on my part but I AM bored !!! You have Lashaway for one reason -to win the MAC-I guarantee Cleveland will win the SOCON-WE WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY .
  8. Why is 65 tough to seed? 1- Howe (0 losses), 2- Sponseller (1 loss), 3- Morningstar (2 losses).

    After that I guess I don't really care about the rest...
  9. How could he lose twice in the same conference season ?I am not talking the whole year -they would never get out of the seeding meeting -just the 8 matches the big 10 wrestle .Hump has lost to Kennedy ,Ness and ffted a match so he is 5-2-dennis is 8-0,Kennedy 6-2 ,gomez 6-2Ness 6-2 Hump 5-2 and they have all beaten each other -65 is worse . The big 10 only seeds on the big 10 duals .
  10. Humphrey only has 2 losses, and Ness has lost to Dennis (2x), Hump, and Strayer for 4 Big 10 losses, so that may or may not change your results. Either way, it's anyone's guess, and I don't really think it's going to matter--anyone of 5 of those guys could win it.

    I think I will use Halsey as my flex at NCAAs, just not for conferences; there is no way both he and Chriswell will both be conf. champs, but they will both likely be AAs. I will always at least listen to a trade offer, though.
  11. The way i see it 33 should look like this -seeding wise
    1-Dennis 8-0
    2Kennedy 6-2
    3 gomez 6-2
    4Ness 6-2
    5 Hump 5-3
    6-Strayer 4-3
    7-Ortega 4-4
    9-11 who cares ?
    they only really seed by matches within the division-there will be a lot of screaming over the 2-3 slots --165 is a real mess as is 41 . i checked with dart and they won't release the seeds until after we post our line ups -so go with your gut -I switched Honeycutt out as my flex and went with Brown from ODU-I am trying to get Caldwell from Sgallan but hesems fine in ruining everyone else's chances and taking DC down with him -offered him Caputo and honeycutt for Smith -if you won't use Halsey as your flex I might have someomne you want -197 sucks after the top 8 .
  12. Glad I didn't count on Cleveland -they wrestled some senior -it was SENIOR night -he won but it was the 6th career win -Cleveland stuck this kid once -the 6 points won't kill me .
  13. You're the man, Russ. I've got to cram for a test, but I'll think about this afterwards. Thanks a lot for the help.
  14. In the CAA UM is guaranteed to wrestle 2 matches before the finals -so 6+6+12 =24 if he loses -they have one pigtail match and he could draw that . 6+6+3=15 +16=31 if he beats Josh .
  15. Just read a 2000 word report of how Caponi ruined MOJO's season -39-4 to12-5 -no one can explain it -As a coach I always wrestled my best kids -never had this flex stuff but if my 155 was a stud he'd wrestle 167,77,85 -Caponi could beat spellman in 30 seconds or get majored by him .Um willl finish second at worst and probably pin whoever he wretles first round .
    If you go to Div 1 wrestling and press conference rankings or press 2008 results you can see the results from every conference -it comes in handy .
  16. I may change it. I can't decide--is Caponi healthy now? Both of them have about the same chance of winning. Which one do you think will have more matches in conferences?
  17. I don't understand yur wrestling Spellman over UM-Caponi has been injured most of the year but was 39-4 last season and has won the ACC 3 years in a row . This was only the second time Patterson has beaten Um in 3 years .Caponi was a beast last year and lord help whoever gets in his way when healthy . But it is your call.
  18. I looked up last years results and it all depends on who gets the bye in the first round -the way this is run you want all the matches you can get -Brennar had 3 matches last year which is the most you can get -he was a better wrestler at 84 -he just kicked ass in that tourney -2 techs and beat honeycutt in the finals .
  19. That last message makes little sense since i had to delete 1/2 of it .Anything over a 1000 characters you have to delete -I thought last weeks schedule was the last one otherwise I would have ran a different line up-just a bad week for college wrestling -when i sat here watching the scores on a bunch of IVY league rich kids and they just started ffting I couldn't belive it , that and the Herbert /Pucillo thing -college wrestling is dead .For those of us who love it and KNOW it it has changed so much over the last few decades -i.e.-Howe/Sponsellor -there would have been at least 2 stall warnings 15 years ago and that was considered an exciting match by todays standards -you once told me you thought Graf was smart for taking the red shirt -I say he is a punk-the sport has limited scholarships and he is taking 5 years ? Anyone who doesn't want to wrestle varsity from day one can wrestle elsewhere -the kid is good enough to maybe AA this year
  20. You'll have to decide whether to wrestle Lashaway or Jaggers -I don't know what to think about Brennar -gotta remember he wrestled Edinboro's 3rd string 165 that last match and everyone beat the cleveland state 174 -the EWl is weak at 174 but I don't know if little Fendone can beat Brennar or not -in the Pac-10 you know you'll have the 1+2 guys -what's up with Fio ? FFt's in confernce -at least in high school seeding count as losses -I've never been in a situation where the coaches didn't seed the guys for tournaments -a lot of fights broke out -I mean smash mouth shit -no heavy arguing i'm talkimng mano a mano-I'm thinking of wrestling Brown instead of honeycutt -he'll get an extra match and Hcutt hasn't been getting any bonus -
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