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  1. I was thinking of running this by Zapp-everyone gets one wrestler from the 5 guys left out -you must surrender a starter at the same weight class -Start with the last weeks leading scorer , moi, then you or Herkey -on down the line -but you MUST give up a starter at the same class -I would give Caputo for Herbert -you would give up Brown for Caldwell --think this is worth pursuing ?
  2. I plan on wrestling Hump and Kennedy--double my chances of a national title. Herbst was unimpressive in all of his matches this weekend, in my opinion.
  3. Look up Brown's record -he is 23-6 or so and just avenged one loss and has wrestled the BEST in the nation .Brenner was on a mission -that is why I sat Henrich -the guy Brenner beat in the finals he had beaten 4-2 in Vegas -he beat him 21-6 this time -I am tempted to flex him as he has won 10 straight -I am happy with the 10th to 2nd thing -no more trades so I'll just put together my lineup-who you gonna flex ? UM ? Hump ?-Fxx the weight class -I'd wrestle Kennedy and Hump-I was going to wrestle Baker and Kennedy .Kennedy came back and got 3rd for you -he is a finesse wrestler -I WAS NOT a finesse wrestler -I like BRAWLERS like Baker and Hump.
    I wonder if Ryan has finished eating Nikko's scholarship ?
  4. You made 4th place !! congrats !!! No more trades -I am sad .
  5. That first shot hump made in OT I jumped out of my chair and said YES!!!-then Gomez ties it up and forces a stalemate .Esco's only loss in High school was an out of state match against Gomez .He is for real .Baker wrestled from behind all day and won the EIWA for me-I outscored everyone but you because I didn't care if I outscored you .
    The top 6 should be TF,me ,Zapp,RD you Acc, and Wild CARD to Herkey -Mateater out and Sgallan loses by 6 points to Herkey . I scored 281 -rd 221 zapp-210Herkey 261 Sg 255 acc 220 and \mateater 162 -acc was behind 39 points -I figured with all your champs you had no problem -125,141 ,149,157 ,174 ,184,197 and hwt .
  6. I could also say that I should have traded you someone else in stead of Brenner. The guy was a sure bet for conference champ. I could have used him in conferences instead of Herbst, but wouldn't have used him at NCAAs. Also, it was kind of dumb to take both Herbst and Kennedy, but I figured I would get to trade one of my 197s or a 133 for a better 149. Oh well.

    I think I will sit Herbst for NCAAs.
  7. I have been doing a lot of driving too and from Penn State, that's why I haven't been on here much.

    tOSU had a horrible weekend. There were patches of greatness, though: Jaggers majoring Thorn and beating Tsirtsis. All 3 of Hump's wins. Actually I guess that's it. Other than that, it was pretty bad. I still had a lot of fun being there though and enjoyed it.

    Sponseller looked incredibly mediocre.

    I think they will be spending a lot of time in overtime scenarios. Sponseller, Pucillo, and Humphrey all lost in the last few seconds of OT.
  8. Where you been hippie ? I wish I'd traded you Caputo instead of Honeycutt -I hate little rich Prep school kids -Hcutt really turned it on for you -Caputo got 3rd and won 4 matches and scored 15 points -184 is Herbert's -tOSU did not have a good day .
  9. Hippie-I figured you would be lighting up the board telling us how OSU got screwed in the seeds -F your school work-you made a choice to go party -you will never get caught up so live with the choice you made -be glad you made it in and out of New Orleans without getting killed -there are over 40,000 known murderer's loose since Katrina and the Police ,FBI,NSA-NO ONE has a clue where they are .
    Big 10's are coming up and then the tourney -great time of the year -don't lab rat out on me now . Russ
  10. glad you are ok -how could Hall let me down ?he doesn't know I exist and he wrestled a great match -just couldn't finish anything -4-5 shots he didn't convert -with all respect to Chriswell Halsey got hosed .Other than that the Pac 10 sucks .
    there were 3 good matches all night -149,57,97-sure glad it was free cause I would not have paid to watch that .
    Glad you had a good weekend -as forschool-if you're not in danger of flunking out don't worry about it .
  11. I am alive!

    I took a weekend trip with some high school friends to New Orleans and our hotel's internet service would not work. It was a sweet weekend though; it's too bad my life is crashing down on me after not doing any schoolwork over the weekend, though.

    I saw Hall let you down. I'm sorry to see that.
  12. Hippie ??? Are you alive son ?? you have me worried -please at least post and let me know you are unhurt .
  13. Have you checked all the rosters ? RD has 2 quality 49 pounders in Kyler and Cathell-Cathell is 15-0 and that is all the matches they get .PERIOD. He is a top guy you could get cheap-Trevor chinn from Accboty is available .
  14. No problem--just thought I would let you know.
  15. 3 of Zapp's top guys have come from me -Precin ,Dennis and Todd -I did our trade predominately for Metcalf -I would like to have one champion and Metcalf is it . Hall might AA and Halsey ? I am sorry as we have gotten close over the season -but I will NOT part with Metcalf . Just as you would not part with Sponsellor .
  16. Sounds like it...
  17. Is our trade a go then ?
  18. Interested in setting up a 3-man trade between you, me, and Zapp? I'm interested in upgrading my 149, but Zapp says the only person he would trade Palmer for would be Metcalf. So if you're interested, you can check out my board.
  19. Honeycutt is definitely going to win the EWL and have one more match-i am wrestling Brenner because he has majored everyone in his conference but the guy he beat 10-5 and he might get 4 matches where Henrich gets 3 at the most -and Henrich hasn't majored anyone in a month . I know I am living dangerously but i just do not care -this is taking too long and we have a month to go .
  20. Brown has beaten Sadoris and Kyler -2 guys ranked above him -had he wrestled the entire season at 49 he would have 30 wins -he won the MAC at 157 last year -the only higher ranked hid above him is Borschell and you are out of drafts -I was going to trade again but he suddenly turned off the tap .If you would prefer Barnes I'll give you him instead -he will win the pac 10 and is 32-4-I just thought you would want the higher ranked of the 2 .Brown has wins over Kyler and Chnn and 2 -3 other ranked guys .
    I assumed trades would be allowed as long as March , like the waivers .
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