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  1. RD voted the same as you and I... Maybe he's waiting for brackets to come out before he posts his lineup...
  2. Rd is really shitty-he hasn't even turned in a line up -there was never a rule about a trade deadline but he hasn't been following rules from the start .
    I don't care what happens .
  3. Goferphan also voted no, but his vote does not count. accboy has not voted.

    Zapp is putting it to vote because he sees that he ended the trade period, but if the majority of people want the deadline extended, he will do it.
  4. If Zapp has not voted then how are there 7 votes -Rd-me ,you, -yes -yet it reads 4-3 no . acc said he was going to vote yes -so ???WTF-the wording is strange -Should I be allowed to allow trades .Meaning it is his choice .So why vote ?
  5. Scratch that--Zapp just voted no. So it is 3-3 right now. Me, you, and RD-149 voted yes. Herkey, Tigerfan, and Zapp voted no.
  6. Yes, I voted yes. You can look at the votes for the new poll. Zapp has not voted.
  7. Gold-do you mind if I ask how you voted ? I know the ones who voted yes -if you voted 'yes' then there is some BS going on as you would make the 4th yes .
  8. you want to work out some kind of deal -??? Just in case some of these guys grow some nuts .?? I have a humongous one in my mind .
  9. Have you seen the voting ? 8 people voted -only 7 of us left .
  10. how can the trade/not trade be tied 3-3 ? i think those guys that quit should be make a commitment and you honor that commitment .During the draft I had to undergo a second part of my procedure and I was in agony and drugged out but i still made my drafts and posted line ups .I was standing above my computer -I was wearing this humongous shoulder harness -and typed in left-handed my line ups .
    I still type like a retarded monkey but I try -these guys just gave up-I can not understand that mind set . you wanna win ? if the trades go through i'll pm you .
  11. No I'm not concerned about Palmer. Tom Ryan said in his interview that Lance was favoring the injury and kind of sore from it, but after the match they sat him down and just said, "Look, the injury isn't going away, so just live with it and wrestle through it." He came back to handle Ruschell and major Ptax. He should be fine in the tourney--Nadhir was his first match back since having surgery. He looked good after a little mental adjustment--I'm just worried that his time off will hurt his cardio for his match with Metcalf.

    DEFINITELY better than Kyler. I don't know what I will be able to get at 149. Caldwell being out of the mix really hurts my chances, but I will have to try. I don't really know what I want. It's kind of a toss up after Palmer--and I don't know that Bubba will do too well. So maybe Brown isn't too bad.
  12. I think it will be limited to the players left -You could go after Kyler but Brown has beaten him before 7-3. After Palmer's showing in the big 10 'd rather have Barnes . I recommended terry to TF but he is not that good -his record is but he hasn't wrestled anyone .
    Think up some options -i am bored to death .
  13. The thing is I won't use Brenner. I really need to use Herbst, Chriswell, Hump, or Kennedy to get a great 149. I've got to head to the liquor store--I will look over trade possibilities when I get back.
  14. you want Brenner back for herbst ? He is up to # 10 and won 11 in a row .
  15. They are still trading in the other league as they should be -you have last years 6th place finisher at 197 on the bench as well as a guy I feel will AA this year -Honeycutt .His loss to UM came after his med def -he REALLY turned it on at confernces -I think he is at 100% for the first time in a long time .
    I do NOT know what to think of Colt after the big 10's-I wish we could still trade but I would take Brown at 49 over Terry -Terry has the better record but the big 12 bites at 49-I thought after our trade you could work out a deal to get better at 125 and 149 -it is your team and your call but Honeycutt is better than UM right now IMO-will the brackets be out in time for us to make changes ? I hope so-if UM is in Patterson's bracket sit him as Josh owns him now . you should ask Zapp to extend the trade deadline -tell him Metcalf may be available .
  16. They are not cutting off my funding per se -I will remain on disabilty but the low income vouchers have been placed on ''hold''-had I received my promised voucher my rent would have been cut 2/3 ,or 25% of my income -on disability-after working for 30 years before being injured -I get a check for just under $700 a month plus food stamps-I live in a shit hole efficiency and pay $450 in rent -after utilities and other expenses I am left with 30-40 dollars a month to spend .
    It was a hard adjustment to go from school teacher/coach to prison to disabilty and from $45,000.00 a year to $8,000.00 a year but I dealt -really tired of existing day to day and given the choice of homelessness or robbing dope dealers -look at dope dealers -I never considered myself a criminal but i think the system wants me to become one -with the use of only one arm my fighting skills are greatly diminished and if you cannot fight you cannot survive in a homeless shelter or prison .
  17. I just posted my line up. I would love to hear your thoughts.
  18. Sorry to hear that. I kind of like the idea of a go-for-broke throw. What do you have to lose? And why are they cutting off your funding?

    I will try and post my lineup tomorrow. It really won't be too hard. I just have to decide on a flex for sure.
  19. Hippie -the govt in their wisdom -sent me a letter saying I was next onthe low income housing due to the amount of money I hadput into the system and the severity of my disability-then they canceled all vouchers -So I am in a behind 4-0 late in the third -should I cut the guy and go for broke on a throw or accept defeat ?
    In case I am not around -make sure to post your line up for nationals -do it now then go ghange it later but make sure you have a line up .
    Good Luck .
  20. I don't think Zapp will allow it, if that's what you mean.
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