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  1. The natives are getting restless .
  2. SGaLLan is up with two picks -I pm'd him .
  3. hippie -see if Thaxton will take over my team in the other league and I'll take his place -I miss you guys .
  4. Ben-
    I cannot get into any of the moderator things and since I couldn't make the calls I asked for volunteers and Va stepped up-anyone gives you any static just blame me .
    I am tired and grumpy and I apologized to Herk although he KNEW and told me he was taking Metcalf when he let me know he had the first pick .I am trying but I am locked out and feel I am letting you down -I am HERE -just useless !!!
  5. Gold -
    I have picked Metcalf and Escobedo so far -I promised LoSt I would pick a guy up for him but I also have a chance at Russell or M*-oh , well , I gave my word so no backing out now .
  6. Hippie -what's up with tOSU's schedule ? No Midlands ,Reno ,Southern Scuffle , your boys are gonna have to stick a lot of people to keep you in the top 6.With Chaires coming off redshirt and Asper coming up in Maryland's line up , 165 has to be the deepest weight in the nation .
  7. Hippie ,
    Guess who got the #1 draft pick ???MOI-that is who !!

    Also-get in touch with Architeuthis -he played last year until he went through a messy divorce but might be interested again this year .
    Later ,Russ
  8. Ben ,
    I am really proud of the way you are taking charge and handling things -you should adopt me .
  9. Hippie ,
    ACCBOY and RD149 pm'd me and are ready to join .Go get 'em .
  10. Hippie -If you want to see some real wrestling go to youtube and check out the 119 lb state final match between Eppert and Wright -as good as any college match you'll see -Wright lost in 2 ot but had beaten Eppert 6 times previously .
    Epppert is going to Purdue and Wright is an undeclared Junior . IU would be perfect for him next year . I was surprised at Eppert's size since the last time I saw him he was a 103 lber .
  11. Brandon Wright - a Junior from Cathedral High School -Cthedral is a Catholic schol who recruits the best in the area -Wright is phenomenal-not sure if he has won the sate or not -I think he has one -but he keeps losing to guys like Eppert -a 3x champion going to Purdue with Cashe , a 2x champion -LN has indeed been very good to OSU -Conley and Oden -Reece and According to Howe's coach -that is where Andrew wanted to go but the OSU coach did not think he was Big 10 material-antway , I believe Cashe is ready now and Eppert in 2 years -he won state at 103 ,112 and 119.Cashe is huge as Lawrence Noth Followed my Alma Mater's lead and built a 10,000,000.00 weight room .Our football team won like 8 championships .Keep an eye on Shrewsbury from NorthWestern 189 state champion and 2nd in Nationals . From same school as TShirt -Crown Point -huge kid carrying a 4.0+ GPA.
  12. Haha sorry. I'm trying to take it easy over summer break. What's new with you? And how is your housing situation?

    I think Humphrey should be the man at 141 next year, if he improves much at all, and if he finds a way to consistently off the bottom, he should have a verrry good year.

    Lawrence North is Humphrey's school, too, right? Along with Greg Oden and Mike Conley. I guess it's a school that's been pretty good to Ohio State, so I might pick that guy up. Who is Wright?
  13. You're little green light is on so I know you are online -you just don't love me anymore -just when I was ready to adopt you . If you are hurting in the late rounds at 125 pick up Cashe Quiroca from Lawrence North /Purdue - he beat Wright -a kid I think is THE best wrestler in Indiana .
  14. Hippie -
    see what I mean about how overly protective / sensitive JensenS is when it comes to his PICKS ? I was simply stating how deep 165 is this year -alot tougher than last year - since both finalists return neither of whom was supposed to make the finals -I can name 15 guys right now who are better than Meade . Hell, the Oregon State 165 won 30 matches as did the stanford kid -Armastaqui -SP ? That kid was a Greco champion at 184 and is a RS soph this year -he is huge and beat Marable in the opening round .
    Has a school -stupid question -had a guy win a weight twice and then someone else next -IU did it with Joe D and angel at 125 -hopefully OSU will join IU at 141 .
  15. Ben ,
    Kjar looks like the kid from MASK -but he is tough -he beat Sanders this summer and Martinez and Mustari last year but never got to go to the show -
    check this out
    27,36,17,14---31 ,25 , 16 -those are the records of Hernandez and Coughlin -everyone gets worse at IU -even Angel 39,31,26, gets worse every year .
    If possible ,133 and 141 in the big 10 will be tougher
    Seriously ,Herkey 1 and RD149-2 want me to be league commish -what do you think ?
  16. I almost picked up Kjar when I was looking for a solid 125, but I couldn't figure out whether or not his conference went to NCAAs. Now you tell me they don't, and I'm glad I didn't pick him up. Sorry I haven't replied to you in a while (or your email); my quarter is really busy and I don't even make the time to call my mom. It's a sad state.

  17. Hippie-See what you can find out about Ben Kjar from Utah Valley -they are not allowed to wrestle in the NCAA's but Kjar has beaten Martinez and Sanders and a few more studs -tore Gonzales from Oregon state a new one -I researched the hell out of the kid and he has had an impressive career but I cannot understand why they do not wrestle in the NCAA's .
  18. Gold
    that thing we were talking about -apparently they give out cash for the top 3 -take away guess who's points and I am 3rd -but I really don't care .
    I just really wanted to thank you for sharing the season with me -I would like to think we have become friends of a sort and you have my e-mail if you ever need to talk .Thanks for everything .
  19. In all seriousness -until they change something we are never going to be competitive internationally and we deserve to have the sport fold if this boring shit is the best we can do-Why didn't Varner try that hip toss ? He was too afraid to lose to take a chance . Rip title IX to shreds -spread the wealth around and MAKE kids wrestle !!
    Thator turn it over to the mob and let them control all the betting action and you'll see an exciting sport but it will be TOTALLY corrupt within 2 years .
    WE know wrestling -would anyone -say your girlfriend -go to the finals with you ? I couldn't even get some old ex-wrestlers to watch . Suggestions ? I say we move the sport from 1-15 to 4-15-hell ,I have gotten NCAA bball updates while I type this -who CARES ?Shorten the season , change the schedule so we do NOT have to go up against $trillion bball and get some TV revenue flowing and make these guys wrestle .
    Hump did not even try an agressive move for 61/2 minutes .
  20. Dallas wrestled like he had no nuts the last weeks of the season . The fall he got against Jones was defensive -meaning Jones stuck himself with a cradle .
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