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  1. I know, I know
  2. That is fhtjing ridiculous !!! Ugly took Erisman -who was already taken -so after 3 hours I said skip her and she got right on -I think it is a she .
    Anyway you look at it 3 hours is a long time !!
  3. Accboy is up.
  4. I don't know, but it's driving me nuts. kr1963 took the whole 3 hours.
  5. Ben ,
    For me , I was gone forever and only 3 picks ?? What is going on today ??
  6. Take you're time. It's miserably slow today.
  7. Ben,
    I am shoving opff for a few -I have Acc's and Thaxton's and Rd's ACC= -Patrovich -174 Hofstra- I'll be back before anyone else comes up .
    Everything is up to date .
  8. thaxton is up
  9. My modem lights keep going red -we are through Thaxton and RD149 is up in Rd. 8 .
  10. Ben ,
    Com,puter is acting up-take Diaz for Thaxton or best 41 left . Need to log off for a while .
  11. Alert Scot that he is up. Fell asleep in chair .
  12. DAMN IT RUSS WHERE ARE YOU? I'd swear I tied you to your computer chair and left you there with a threat of castration. Some people never learn.

    thaxton is up.
  13. ACC left his pick on my board just like this -no PM jusrt a message -Chamberlain -149-Boise
    Just relesed I've been on here for 5 hours -going to go eat .
  14. By the way thaxton (you) is up.
  15. I wish that Google thingie had worked -I have alll these #'s but cannot use them -Banga is the first name of that Mongolian 174 from George Mason who beat Lucas last year -CAA champion and only has 3 years folkstyle experience . A genetic freak as he outmuscled Lucas ,who could have wrestled 197 . A good flex for the CAA duals later this year . That is why I took Bonano 30-15 as a freshman .
  16. That trade does sound a bit onesided. Gallick is a small step up from Pataky, and Metcalf will get a lot more bonus points than Palmer. I don't know enough about the other 2 to comment, but I've never heard of Banga.

    I don't have any ideas. The best idea would be for people to keep track of who's been picked (like I'm doing), but I guess we'll just have to let them know if their pick has no longer been taken.

    When I text kr1963 to tell him it's his turn, I send him all the picks since his last pick. That works because he is keeping track. We'll have to see.
  17. I am quite shocked by the lack of homer picks in this draft. I, personally, would have liked to have made a few more homer picks, but apparently my success last season made everyone realize that Ohio guys get the job done!!

  18. Long story made short -long trade -fell through -Zapp offers me Pataky ,Palmer and Banga for Gallick,Metcalf and Trotman -my back up 25 beat Pataky-just trying to help someone out but this seemed a bit one sided .
    We have a slight problem -people are stsarting to pick people already taken , forcing us to recontact them -I am keeping the board updated -any ideas ???
  19. I already have a buckeye--Palmer. If I want another one, it won't be one of the best ones.
  20. I was out this morning -sat here yesterday and had no groceries -I would've changed Kennedy for you -also-ca you believe the over all quality of the picks ? Especially from guys I have never heard from on the boards before -also ,Herk#1 has gone nuts -2 quality Iowa guys and he takes Sanders and Reader -he told me I had influenced him but he may go nuts .ACC is picking well and you'll have to take Nikko if you want a Buckeye .Russ
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