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  1. Grips has the #2 and #4 141's but won't talk about trading either -strange guy . SO glad you overlooked M+G-after the Scuffle if you want we can see how Kerber does and then talk about a trade if you are still interested .
  2. So I played my last card with Grips...asked him for Garnett for the #9 and the #15 and Triggas or he can give me Patrovich for #9....still waiting on Zapp too with his Cannon/Smith trade but he hasn't responded in 24 hours so thats probably a no go
  3. Since my strategy is conferences week, that is fine with OSU's schedule. I agree, Lehigh has a nice schedule. I already have Ciasulli and Galante from that team. I also agree that CMU has a nice schedule. I don't think Beebe can beat Steintrager and get his spot back.
  4. The only drawback is OSU's schedule -you'll be wrestling Zac at Midlands . i talked trade with Mat-last night and he wanted too much for what I wanted -you got a much better deal than I. All I wanted was Naumann but he is good friends with him . look to lehigh and CMU.
  5. Your reading my mind. Yeah, I think I can get him with the #15. I am actually trying to get Garnett from Grips still with the #9, #15 and Triggas.
  6. Cmu25 ??
  7. Once Again , GREAT JOB !!
  8. I did.
  9. My comp is fried -take mateaters deal
  10. FYI-Fittery beat that UNC kid 17-2 .He and O'conner will be the finalists in the EIWA -a bigger conference then the big 10-he'll get at least 3 matches in conferences .
  11. This is a better trade -you get #5 and the 16th pick plus keep your #2 and #15-Take Garnett,Pick up #7 fittery or #9 Dong or #12 Salazar with your #2 then see how the board goes but you'll get 2 more quality kids -Remember , you only care about confereces -Garnett /Triggas/Grey/Ciasulli/Radar/Stabile /Fittery/Onufer Galante/Lee/Ward /Zac/Beatty /Steele /ZZZZZ-pick up Pena #16 at 149-16-4 with 8 pins,pick up Ashnault or Nacita.
  12. Make the trade NOW so you have him for the Reno and Scuffle . Great job .
  13. I didn't say I didn't like them, I just said I don't count on them.
  14. As a coach I prayed for pigtails (at least when a #1 seed was out there ) in an 11 man tournament that seeds 8 he is going against #9-11 and he better get me 6 .
  15. Right, I am not going to assume a pigtail though, I always get burned on those. LOL.
  16. A 1 seed with a pigtail 3,3,3,3,16=28
  17. I think you are right...a conference champ in the big ten is going to bring a minimum of 19 points and probably closer to acc guy not so much. Those points will be critical for me to make the playoffs.
  18. Not enough. Pick up Lara with a better schedule who is just as good a wrestler -where you going to find a Big 10 finalist and probable champion ??Draft picks you have. you need flesh-tell grips you want Patrovich and Garnett and you'll send him Sanderson and a 3rd rounder . HE is FFT ing 57 .Not you .
  19. What do you think about me getting Garnett and the #16 overall for Sanderson?
  20. Nikko is 10-5 and lost to #7 Morrill by 2 points -he is coming around -his weight issues are in the past (hopefully ) and he is a pinning machine . look at Sanders yesterday -3rd period got put on his back by Mustari-held on to win 10-6 Sanders is 8-0 and has shown zero improvement i.e.-Esco beat Mustari 15-4 at the CK-so you are not 'desperate'at 25 .141 has me pissed . Intermat has Gallick #2,Parks #3 and Bailey #4-Seth beat Parks and Bailey last year and is #14 ?? gallick should have lost to Iowas 3rd string 141 -Parks lost twice already and Bailey has 3 losses-mean while Naumann is 16-1 and #10. You should pick Marion and let them stampeded to you !! Every 141 in the Pac 10 has at least 3 losses .
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