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  1. What i can't believe is the night before these guys have the last chance to improve their teams and they won't even answer a proposition -I am set at several classes -yet have weaknesses -I send out a trade offer to improve even if I take a hit -no response -I won't set anyone out but I just offered Craig,Kerber and Decker ,for one guy and 2 draft picks -this week is slow -next week every one is in the Scuffle or Midlands -I don't need the points -I just like to trade and have fun-fantasy football sux -I am 12-2 and in first place and I don't like football-2nd in fantasy baseball but nearly died of boredom . Where else do you get to play Billionaire owner ?? No where .
  2. you missed your calling, you should have been a teacher...LOL.
  3. of course it makes a sound -freshman philosophy aside -I think the kid needs an ass whoopin'-Our entire educational system is modeled upon the Prussian Military model-you take away discipline and EVERYTHING falls apart -I can TELL you fire burns until I am blue in the face -you'd learn a lot quicker sticking your hand in the fire -kids are going to stick their hands in the fire by nature , why delay the inevitable ??
  4. I say just let it go...theres an old saying..."if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?" I just ignore Gage and LoSt when I don't want to deal with their B.S. Just assume his trades are B.S. and since his dad won't control it, consider his trade offers B.S. as well...
  5. not my problem-saying your sorry is easy -meaning it is another -I literaly have ,at last count , 8 apologies and 100's of trade offers .
  6. Well he apologized to about 6 people and copied all of us so maybe people are replying all and its creating mass chaos.
  7. Goph-
    I keep getting SORRY on my PM and apparently it is going out to 5-6 people -I don't know what it is but it keeps popping up-I have about 50 apologies from GAGE already -don;t need or want ANYTHING from either of them .
  8. why depend on a trade ? Draft guys are out there -you need to set your sights on one or the other tho-ask yourself WHAT DO I NEED MOST A 125 OR 174 .What I hate is the over value guys place on their wrestlers -i.e.-Josh Patterson -more losses now than ALL last year and fewer pins -he did what he set out to do -Become the first AA in Binghamtons history -now he got fat ,lazy and un motivated and is ranked 15th -yet grips won't talk about trading him -I don't want him THAT badly -Talk to ISU-the guy I traded him -Banano-who everyone had AAing this year , shook the guys hand and 20 seconds later hurt his arm and may be out ALL year . His knee is fine so I don't feel responsible -serves him right for giving LoSt all his guys -now he has no 125-no 149-and #18 Nemec at 157-now he has a 174 you could get James as he is using the CMU guys -offer him #9 for #6 James . He has a hwt ELLIS-who isn't varsity -he'd probably jump at another draft pick as he has #6 and #7 at 74.
  9. Well I think I am going to come up with a mock draft based on who is drafting first etc and see if I can determine who will fall to me. I think with the 9th pick, seeing as how Triggas is still kind of a pinner and could possibly finish as high as 4th in the big ten, I am not going to give away the farm to get a 125. If I can solidify my spotty areas like 174 and 125 I will through the draft or go with BAA and see if someone wants to make me an offer I can't refuse.
  10. Talk to me and maybe I can help.
  11. Brother Payton, no one wants to play ball with trading the #9 or #15...guess I am going to have to draft my A$$ off then...
  12. @ 197 in the big 10-Biondo and Brown are ranked ahead of Beatty and Brandvold was too until he was dropped from the rankings -but now that he is wrestling again that puts Beatty at #4- a lot of wrestling ahead but I just don't see Beatty doing much-so why not back him up ?
  13. At best I would give him my #15 for Biondo. Keep in mind, its kind of funny but by the end of the 2nd round and beginning of third, people start dropping guys so its like playing Hearts, someone may let a perfect guy drop in your lap but if you have no picks left OR you don't want to drop someone to pick him up, you are S.O.L. I got some really good wrestlers that way last year. Good back-ups and guys with good schedules. I picked up LeBlanc last year. He was a stud.
  14. I did . Told him he had 10 minutes -he never answered so I told him never to ask again . I PM'd J and told him what was up and as I had asked him to block the little guy I simply asked he back me up if GAGE agreed -if this is FATHER/SON quality time why the hell is it GAGE alone every night ?
    Did they or Grips ever get back to you ? Didn't think so-another 125 in the MAC who Precin said was as tough as anyone he'd ever wrestled -IZZY Montemayer from N. Ill. you have to look him up under NIll but he won 20+ with a bad schedule . GAGE is trying to deal Biondo hard -not a bad back up .
  15. Go for it.
  16. I've asked J to block GAGE -I keep scores and keep the board updated on the other side so I am often busy when the message thing comes on -GAGE just asked for Metcalf ,Ness and Askren . I have told him NEVER on Metcalf and to stay off my board -I am about to make a trade with him and have it stand or teach the kid a new vocabulary . I think i'll offer the irritating one Askren for ,Borschel,Marable and Foster -even toss in my first pick . Whatcha think ?
  17. Not that I recall...I think he was a player last year...
  18. Did Grips do this last year -just sit there and lose ?
  19. Monte and GAGE
  20. M+G?
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