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  1. I went to Fla. to apply in Dade County and was so happy I was heavily armed -that was in 85-right at the height of the crack wars .Horrible -no one spoke English and that was what I taught -so I turned down 3 x the money here and came back and taught here with a summer job -the wrestling was so bad -all they knew were headlocks -I can only imagine you trying to find a decent high school match -they were horrible -they offered me the Head basketball job as I could make a reverse lay up-in Indiana you learn that BEFORE first grade .
  2. Happy holidays , my friend .Russ
  3. I am in Tampa, FL. Moved down here about 10 years ago. All of my family is in Minnesota and that is from whence I came. Its a flight so once its wheels up, I don't have much say in the matter of getting there or not. Take care. I will catch you online a few times while I am there.
  4. Yell Allah est Ahkbar and if anyone screams a call to prayer -TAKE the next flight !!
  5. Thought you lived in Minn.?? Driving ?? Please be careful and make sure you stash the BONG under the car . Really , be safe and have a GREAT Christmas .!!! russ
  6. Heading to Minnesota today with the family.
  7. What?? What 3 hour flight ???
  8. Don't be a whiner...if you want to fly on a 3 hour flight across the U.S. with 3 boys under 8, be my guest. I will trade you...
  9. This is the 4th time I've sat down and made up my line up for the year !! No more . I may have to check into a 12 step program for TA-trade addiction .
  10. Switch to PM's if you want to talk trades .
  11. Not bad for Birchler...when Steele comes back, I will have to deal someone because I can't afford to have a heavy sitting on the bench each week with a hole at 174 and a pretty weak 149 and an injured 165. Too much of a luxury.
  12. FATBOY-(BIRCHLER) went 3-2 for the day -both he and Monterio lost to Wade from EMU-Monterio was the 2 seed and Birchler the 3 seed .
  13. 1-2
  14. not bad...i don't get his points though, which sucks but I think that lets me know he was a solid pick...what was his score with Robles?
  15. your 125 took 3rd I believe
  16. I have no used condoms -so I can't trade .WAAAAHHHH
  17. go over to Gold's side and see what your friend truly thinks of you -Vais
  18. done ...
  19. If you pick up Epperly for me, (if he is still there) I can give you Steele or are going to dump Decker anyway right?
  20. Switch to PM''s please -tired of people reading my info ..
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