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  1. So I am not doing the trade with MOJO, I wasn't seriously considering it anyway. I think if I can get Nelson or trade for a decent heavyweight by grabbing someone in the supplemental draft that someone wants or just through a regular trade, I will. Nelson could possibly still be there. I am falling so fast I will have #2 or #3 pick for supplemental I think.
  2. now MOJO will not answer me -he sent me a 2 page PM asking my opinion and I told him IMO Jones sux-maybe he is mad but it is also true -horrible schedule and has a shoulder injury -I told him no one in their right mind would take Jones or Poltz -(maybe why he asked you )-that being said -hold on to giesen or send him back to me or Snack as a #8 197 is hard to find .
    I told Snack to just keep Rasing -he beat Brantley and will be in top 10 next rankings .Plus IOWA has 2 back ups who could AA Johnson and Telford -Telford stuck Brantley .
    I am not sure yet but if you were to pick up Dong for me I could give you #6 Lane at HWT.But if PY is healthy Don't need Dong .Lane/Nelson 1-3 OT so pretty much the same caliber -Bradley is #1 in big 5 and Lane #2 and has never lost to Fernandez .So he will be conference finalist . But big 10 has 5-6 guys who are all about the same -I am lookin at Sturgeon in the Socon -16-7 but every match close and is getting better .
  3. Gof -
    Take a look at Jimmy Resnick at 165 from Rider -undefeated and has beaten some guys impressively . Came down from 174 and is unbeaten -doubt if he AA's but will give gillespie a go in CAA finals .
  4. Gof-
    When I got on TWT there was a pop up from you which disappeared -some question about a trade ? I did not ignore you I stay logged in as I canot log on all the time with my POS 500 PC .
    Send me a VM or PM about that trade .
  5. Gof-
    Best tell JensenS you have Glasser and not Drouin .
  6. Gof-

    I'll see if I can help you out after this weekend -If giffen loses to Max his value will plummet as Max is free in the supp. I don't know who I'll have as I might send Green back as I did not know you could pick up a guy's back up-I sure as hell am dropping Shuster .But that is 3 weeks away . Minny has 6-7 duals before the supp so you don't have to worry til then .
  7. Gof-
    App.State's coach wrote me and said Trotman just went up for those duals -he certified at 174 so he cannot wrestle 197 in the nationals . So you have an extra 184 -but he should be good . Gonna be a missionary after he graduates.
  8. Gof -
    Why do you want to make this trade -your team is ranked higher at nearly every weight class than mine and at 74 and 97 there is a 3 and 4 point difference .
    You have 3 legit possible champs , Oliver ,Caldwell, and Sponsellor and maybe Berhow -I have one . You also have AA's at nearly every weight -I have 1 .
  9. Yes I do...that is why I also have a back-up (Shuster) at 157 and a possible trade coming at 165 for an additional guy. Its two weeks before we even wrestle a dual man!!!!
  10. Goph-
    You do know that Sponsellor will wrestle about 20 matches (including tournaments ) all year ?? Gillspie not many more ?
  11. Goph -I keep getting kicked off the talk thingie -Saunders is #14 before the weight clears out and is #9 in one poll.Why no Bedolyn at Hokie open ??
  12. Goph -
    Sorry I had to cut you off so abruptly but it was the Nurse from the hospital asking me questions and telling me what to do about my surgery tomorrow . Gotta be there at 8:00 A.M.-I have to stay with my sister as long as I can stand THAT !!
    I am really scared as I have a fever and they are going to operate anyway, which is usually a no-no.

    If I die I will haunt this site forever.
  13. TRADEMASTER !! How did you get Biondo for Birchler -the 3rd best HWT in the EWL ?? Teach me the art of trading !! Birchler lost to Tomeii and what's his name from West Virginia -making him the 3 seed .
  14. Goph-Cocozzo got you a win over a good 157 (Bilodeau) , Fittery did NOT wrestle again today so he is ranked 3rd or 4th in a 13 team conference -if you decide to flex him he will get 4 matches minimum.
  15. OKIE State is making room for Oliver to win the nationals at 141 !! If you look below perhaps you should start listening to me as Ward stuck Burns .
  16. Burns has a tough match with Ward-you might want to think about Green wrestling that Kent State pud .
  17. Goph-
    you want conroy ? Other wise I'm packing him up and sending him off .
  18. Goph-
    Get some rest and repost your line up tomorrow-you have guys wrestling the VaDuals again -get a good night's sleep and see what we can come up with tomorrow. Ok ??
  19. Idunno-they also left their best wrestler -133 Cellario-off the team ?? I wish we could have kept Epperly -I asked around why everyone bitched about that and it was because Steele had so much potential-then I asked why no one said shit when I sent you Kerber-who was top 10 all year -and it was because Kerber hadn't stepped on a mat -neither had Steele -Kerber entered the rankings at #12 this week and Steele #8-Kerber beat 2 ranked guys while Steele beat 0 ranked guys -either way you are set at every weight but 49 and I picked up Porter for those off days
  20. App State moved EVERYONE up a weight and are being blown out by VaTech-Epperly beat someone by tech at 174 .
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