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  1. GF-
    earlier in the season -Cleveland had 2 tough matches coming up and Accordino had 2-Webster from Edinboro had beaten him and then webster lost his starting job .I was so confident imn Accordino I wrestled him over cleveland and he stuck one kid and beat the hell out of Waite -from Edinboro-he finished the year 23-10 with 11 falls -hopefully he'll win some matches for you -We had 1/2 our league quit after less than a month so guys like Tanelli ,Russell and Williams -the top 3 141 's in the nation are on line ups that are untouchable -as is Kilgore ,Lewnes etc.. Our commish should have heaved them over board and had a supplemental where everyone got one pick .
  2. I think Ness has a shot because he doesn't have to wrestle all five of the guys ahead of him. Most likely he will get two of the five guys ahead of him along the way. He has beaten Gomez and Hump and I think he can get by Hoch if he gets him again. Its just my opinion. At 133 throw a dart against the wall, see where it sticks.
  3. I've been following your actions on the board which should never happen . I trade fairly and honestly and take a loss sometimes -but I keep it all private until everything is final. I asked earlier on the board if a defending champion ever had 6 losses -Jaggers -the year after he won the title and still repeated and you answered -NO-why do you keep thinking Ness is going to win 133 ? I have had 6 133 lbers this season -someone wants one and offers a good deal they are gone -Graf,Marble ,Kubec ,Kennedy ,Bell,Ness,Baker -did not count graf because of RS-18-2 and the little shit redshirts -133 will be tougher next year . I kept Baker as Dennis owns -or owned- the big 10 on being a thug . Baker backs down from no one . I am glad you have a 141 and good luck in the tournament .
  4. The terms that Grips was asking for Metcalf to me were unacceptable and I wasn't letting go of Porter without a heavy in return that Grips did not have unless it was for Metcalf. He balked, but I ended up letting go of LeBlanc who I wasn't going to start for a starter at 141 who will get 2-5 matches. I am better today than I was yesterday.
  5. Gf-
    THIS is why you stay on the pm side when working a trade -too many people get involved -I knew once LoSt saw that he would jump in the mix -had you offered him Porter ,Grajales , and LeBlanc privately -you would have Metcalf and Accordino right now . Once these things become public ...LoSt is in such a position that he can afford to dictate the terms and you are dealing with someone who set up a poll to see what he should do -not a decisive individual . I hate that things worked out as they did but at least you have a 141 lber -now you guys are going to be facing LoSt with Metcalf on his team -the first true champion he has . And Goff is a bad heavy -big , stupid and boring -won't make the rd of 12 -Porter may win it . Caldwell couldn't beat Metcalf with a club . I hope Benevica -sp?-turns it on for you but Cleveland beat him 13-6 and stuck him . Best of Luck -Russ
  6. GF-
    Benewhatever had some decent wins and won 29 matches overall-but I saw the Accordno for steroid boy LeBlanc and that would be the way to go -don't know your line up but Moley would be a great flex .Unload LeBlanc -he has one win over a top 20 wrestler-- Dolly in the finals -after the Herbert there are 2-4 guys that are automatic AA's -I wish I had traded Caputo instead of Honeycutt -but some weights you don't worry about -184 and 149 are set -EVERYONE thought GG was untouchable last year too -I am in no position to ever give advice but I went from 10th to 2nd in our league by studying schedules and wrestlers and trades .I know so much useless info about college wrestling it is not funny .If someone has Lashaway -he is 31-5 and has beaten a ton of good wrestlers -including Accordino .
  7. GF-
    If they did not put up a trade deadline -how are you exploiting anything ? You are within the rules . You did not make the rules -you are simply following them -but I would do this as soon as possible .
  8. I know but if I can get Krom, I may take him instead...I am working a deal between Grips and/or LoSt. I will let you know how it goes. Evidently Jensens doesn't care. I begged them to put up a trade deadline but they didn't so I am exploiting it if I can.
  9. GF-
    If you need a 41 go get one . The OSU /Hofstra match was exciting onn the radio and Accordino has NO fear -he caught Jaggers in a cenent mixer but Jaggers wrigggled out -lost to Jaggers 5-3 -has beaten Hoehn,Mansen -just go to intermat or the Hofstra site -he is a hell of a kid -EVERYONE on your bench is useless -I don't care how good they are -if you aren't going to wrestle them they may as well be castrated clowns .
    Wrestling 10 when everyone else has 11 puts you at a distinct disadvantage .
  10. Yeah, I probably blew my wad on that one but everyone knows I need a 141.
  11. God grief man,
    you don't advertise what you need -makes you look desperate -if you know everyone's roster start PM'ing them -Accordino would be a great catch -I was thinking of wrestling him over Cleveland -23-11 with 11 falls as a freshman -beaten alot of god guys -3 losses to Ryan Williams of ODU-who is Dart's back up ? Cleveland beat Benevica 13-6 and stuck him . Krom is out there somewhere .
  12. Don't I know it. If commish lets it happen, I probabaly will.
  13. GF,
    Was just wondering if your trade deadline has passed ? ours has primarily because of me -but I have pretty much shot my wad -from 10th to 2nd -but I traded away and away and away -
    anyway -why not trade one of your Flex wrestlers for a 141 lber ? Trade leBlanc or Moley for a top 10-15 141 -who knows what will happen ? You KNOW McLemore isn't going to win -what do you have to lose ?
  14. Yeah, I saw that draw. Ouch. Then again, if you win them in December, January, February you don't get that draw...I have never been a Glasser fan. Trusty used to swear by him.
  15. GF ,
    You still holding your breath on Glasser turning it on ? He has a rather Herculean task ahead of him not to go 0-2 in the big 10's .
  16. Hal won 5-1 I think-regular dec. and Halsey won 12-6 -that true second shit had me scared for a minute -guy wrestles a 2ot match then has to come back and wrestle 20 mnutes later ? 46 ponts for 2 second place guys isn't too bad -I wrestled the same 2 -Barnes actually outscored chamberlain with his true second fall 27-25 -I know the pac 10 sucks but there is no way to justify having the #6and #7 ranked guys wrestle for true second -they lost to #12 and #5.
  17. Where was Brown ?
  18. I am wrong, Grajales is a senior, he must be hurt. I will have to make sure I consider that this week. That being said, I don't agree that Chinn and Borschoff should be ahead of him.
  19. Kyler ,Borshoff ,Saddoris and Chinn are ranked ahead of him .
  20. Div 1 has him ranked 5th in his conference -deservedly so.
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