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  1. Goph-
    My team sucks -I only have 13 weeks where everyone ( all 11) are wrestling and I only have 3-4 legit challengers for their weight class and another 4-5 AA's-I am going to start weening myself off this site and may unload my good guys to you . I am really depressed .Russ
  2. Lol...
  3. You have come the closest to working with me but our teams are very similar -I was just looking at last years records and Bonanno will win a lot of matches then I can wrestle Esco down the stretch- I have to carry 2 guys at 33 because of Grey -2 at 41 -2 at 65 and 2 at 84 because Askren's schedule is horrible -I only have Ortega because of IU's weak schedule and the fact he pinned or majored 16 of his first 25 opponents .10 falls and 6 majors before he big 10 started -Young is the same although he is good enough to keep on his own merits , I don' know if Kerber can make weight yet . If I trade Esco I'll just keep Bonnano as he is a little stud and split with Triggas -Ellis has the same schedule as Askren ,right ? Then you'll need both heavies as ISU's schedule is dreadful and Mizzou's not much better -we have the same problems just at different weights . I just typed 1360 words and had to erase them -POOP
  4. I was close to interested on the Ness, Triggas, Esco, Grey deal...I just don't think I can do Grey and has injury, the other is a bit of a flake...try to find something I can help you with and keep Esco on the deal...obviously Triggas could come back to you so see if I can help you out. Can you use Ellis? Ellis and Triggas for Esco and ?
  5. Goph,
    This will be he most boring fantasy I've ever had as I am done trying to trade -I have offered over 50 trades , most of them bad for me but just trying to keep things fresh -but I have completed 2 trades -1 with the help of LoSt and Grips and the other involved a no name back up .I have offered 2 or 3 AA's at a time in every possible scenario-so I guess I'll just turn line ups in . Thaxton will be back soon so I won't have to tend to his team and Gold doesn't want me helping guys like I did last year so I may die from boredom . This is worse than fantasy football and I am winning my league .
  6. What was the trade with Jensens and Dart? I think Jensens think he is good for now. He is assuming he will make playoffs and that Kilgore and LeBlanc will only add in value. I think he is wrong. One of those two won't have as great season as he thinks or he'll just find himself unable to make the kind of trade he thinks he can. Also, you have to assume an injury or two.
  7. I tried to trade with JensenS and he wanted a lot but I agreed and even got Dart involved and JensenS backed out . He said he might and he did,but it would have been a good trade for him .
  8. if I were to trade for Ellis I would need 2 heavies as Mizzou's schedule is pretty lame -as I discovered when I got Askren and then had to go get Thomessit . At 125 I have boanano as my back up and he was 30-15 as a freshman and split with Triggas and he wrestles a ton of matches for Hofstra . If Esco comes back at 100% then I'll be set everywhere save 197 and Starks won 33 matches last year .
    let me see if Birchler was a frigging fluke last year or not -for now I can only wait and see . I love to trade but not just to trade . We have a long season to go -you should make a run at ISU as his heavy is red shirting and his 125 just lost his varsity spot .
  9. Thats really tempting but Ness was my #1 overall pick. I have had him for 3 years so he is fairly "untouchable" in my nostalgic opinion. Ellis and Triggas for Escobedo AND ? You might want to actually consider Gitomer at 125 before Triggas. His schedule is MUCH better early on.

    I list my whole line-up by try to help him by adding the actualy matches i think they will be at. If my other guy shows up somewhere I can always claim that I started them so I want the points. I find the points myself and let Jensens know about it. He probably doesn't like it either but oh well.
  10. That is exactly the oposite of what JensenS told me to do . If J has some software I wouldn't mind but if not tallying scores sucks-on the Down Low Zapp screwed our weekly scores up regulary last year to the popint I was going over them for me and some friends -huge discrepancies !! And that was a 12 man league-a 14 man league must really suck. I'm going to take your advice and list them all as Earl has a lot of the schedules wrong .I was just trying to save JensenS a little work but what's an additional 4-5 matches ? Thanks .
    As for trading -I'll sent you Esco and Grey for Triggas and Ness. A 2 and a 6 or a 11 and a 2 ?
  11. I list out my whole line-up so as not to miss out on any possible points that may occur due to a bad website schedule. It has happened before. List out your whole team and potentially where they are going. If you don't think they are going anywhere, at least list them in case they show up somewhere or the schedule it wrong.
  12. When JensneS involved the anonymous third party I figured rather than get into a bidding war with you over Leblanc and since Askren fell into my lar along with Manuel I'd go that way . I figured if you were offering a #1 plus ..I could not win that war . LeBlanc doesn't wrestle 50+ matches this year . And your 165 is ranked higher than either of mine . I wanted Miller and you said no but I am open to a trade or at least conversing about one at 197 -I have Starks -ranked 15th but #1 in the Eiwa as he beat Simaz in their only meeting last year . 33-6 but was injured in the EIWA semis and missed the NCaa's . JensenS has him ranked as a rd.of 12 or last 4 off guy .
  13. Gop-
    That trade was the only one I received and I can't -ask Mojo-trade away Esco in good faith as he may only be at 80%-he offered me Heinrich and I said the same thing to him . That is why I am hanging on to Bonano from Hofstra . Angel only wrestled 2/3 of IU's matches last year -skipping the midlands and the CK and the MSU. He placed 5th but only wrestled 31 matches and his back up is a 5th year Sr.who placed in the Indiana high School tournament once -4th .Why do you think I initially picked Robles ? Then figured Ashmore might beat him out so went with Esco-if I had my second pick again I'd have chosen a different weight class .
  14. Don't complain about no one trading over here Payton, I offered you a legitimate trade and YOU turned me down...don't say no one is trading over here.
  15. no-I am staying with Esco and Birchler .
  16. So you are a no go on Escobedo for Ellis? I am working a trade with Ellis on a couple of different fronts but I like Escobedo.
  17. You have the #11 ,#10 and #10 at those weights -125 is really the only weak spot . and that's just because Nikko lives in big 10 territory .spread the word and see if we can get a 3 way going .One guy on the other side made me a schedule/roster for picking his team but he put the wrong dates on it so I just redid the whole thing and my vision is blurry . I'll talk to you when I can think straight .
  18. I am kind of weak at 125, 165 and 184...those are the weights I need to improve in. Not sure I want to part with #1 Mike Miller at 174.
  19. I was hoping we could look at some other weights than heavy and 125-you know all the people on this side -I have offered a dozen trades and been turned down in them all-and all were fair -some were so fair as to be absurd one wants to trade with me ....I need to see if Angel is healthy before I trade him ..I had a deal with MOJO but i can't trade away a man I can't vouch for . I need a 174 and will trade Gallick for one or Gallick and Lee for a decent 41 and 74 . Lee is ranked 7th and Gallick 2nd .
  20. I would probably do Ellis for Escobedo. I think thats a pretty good trade all things considered.
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