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  1. Thanks...picked it up on my laptop.
  2. Goph -go to my unread messages and GoBigRED left a link that works for me .
  3. If someone had drafted Opher, then they wouldn't have gotten the points. Its not a perfect system but just know that the person who selected Bedolyn, would probably still prefer to have Bedolyn over Opher.
  4. Goph-
    I looked on Kent States site and the coach is saying Opher is probably going to be the number one guy for the rest of the season and Div.1 has Bedolyn as a possible red shirt -since Bedolyn has not stepped on the mat yet and is possibly red shirting why should his ''back up'' get points ? I asked JensenS to explain this to me as it seems silly to get points for a guy red shirting ,at least to me .
  5. My generic yahoo account works for it? Strange...Esco for Ellis?
  6. I can't register on FACEBOOK because my E-MAIL is generic but it's all I got . Now what ,Yoda ??
  7. if you can give me two weeks I'll know about Esco and will feel better trading him to you if he is 100%-If not we can trade for Z or ellis .
  8. WTH-
    I'll send you Esco for Z today .
  9. I have no problem opening up trade talk again in December...I can't guarantee that deal will still be on the table obviously. To be quite honest, if Esco ain't back by CK, I don't really want him after that. All his tournament points will be gone for the most part. I totally understand. To me though, their is pretty equal risk and pretty equal reward...your point differential shouldn't be so much around Esco and Ellis as Ellis and your other heavyweight...thats the schedule that will determine whether this was a really good trade or not...take care Russ.
  10. Can you wait 2 weeks ? Angel won't wrestle the MSU and I won't know how he'll wrestle until the Hoosier Duals . e pinned the Wabash guy with one arm last year -but there are a few tough guys at the Duals .
  11. Goph
    the only problem I have with the trade right now are the schedules --both IU and Hofstra have 19 duals and 3 tournaments and Mizzou has 11 duals and the National duals and the midlands and ISU has 11 duals and Nat.duals and Midlands -If we make the trade now I don't know if I'll qualify for the tournament or top 4 or whatever -do you mind if we hold off until after the CK ? If Esco doesn't wrestle there this year I'll let him go -I spent SO much time preparing for the draft and making sure I had no open dates it was ridiculous-between Grey and Ortega I have ZERO open dates and the same with Esco and Banano and with Kerber /Young.
    So if you don't mind could we wait til December ? That would give us a better feel for our teams and If some other weight class starts F'ing up we could work a multi player ? I hate Goldman but this will be the first time in history IU could have a 4 time AA and I would love to see Angel and TNIcK in the finals to decide THE 125 of the last 4 years .RP
  12. Nothing? We could do some multiple trades but I prefer to do them one at a time...
  13. thats a decent trade I think with Esco for Ellis...they both have a little question mark, they are both past national champions...they both fill a need. a guy like bonano is alot like Gitomer for me...lots of matches, probably won't AA...if you are afraid of Ellis getting bumped, I will consider Zabriskie, he is #3 and probably a safer trade...
  14. Lets just do Esco for Ellis?
  15. goph -
    My 125 lbers are rated #2 and #10-my heavy dropped to #13
    133 #7 grey and #19 ortega
    141-#9Ciasulli .UR Melde
    O'conner #4
    165 #12 and 14 Kerber and Young
    174 #11 Manuel
    184 -#3 Askren and #17 thomesitt
    197 #11 Starks
    Hwt Birchler #13
    Last year I had Young but had to drop him and he started the year 11-1 with 6 falls and outscored Trevor Stewart by 20 points before the Midlands . Birchler can go 4-2 every weekend as far as I'm concerned as Edinboro has 15 duals and 4 tournaments-
    Think about Maybe Banano (30-15) last year as a freshman and Young/Kerber and Birchler for a 25 and a hwt and a throw in -if Kerber handles the weight cut he'll be great at 65 -like I said Earlier our teams are very similar -or I could send you Banano/Ciausulli#9/and Birchler for a 125 ,Washington and a hwt .Russ
  16. Yeah, let's play it by ear. Craig always starts out slow and then kind of finishes with a far as the heavyweights, their value won't be now, it will come NCAA time...neither one individually has a great schedule but they will win 90% of the ones that they do have outside of each heavies only help a team that thinks they are already a playoff contender so their value will continue to increase as the season gets closer to team sucks this week and will start slow but they pick up pretty quickly after that...though I don't have the best schedules in the world, it does help to have guys that will win tournaments which I think alot of them will when they enter and win a high percentage of their matches...that has always overcome weaker schedules for me...

    my weakest starter on paper is basically Triggas at #11 but with Gitomer as a supplement, I should still score well there are right though, the Big 12 guys have crappy schedules!
  17. Goph -

    this week I am wrestling Esco and if he does well and looks healthy I'll keep him . Craig beat a scrub by a point . I have Kerber and Young at 165 and maybe we can work a deal for a hwt -it's just Iowa State and Mizzou have shitty schedule where as Birchler wrestles a ton of matches -maybe we can work something out before the supplemental .
  18. Good question on Triggas...I like him on my team for his all or nothing attitude though...he took 6th place but got me 16 points. He's going to get me some pins. I think he has a hard time early on making weight.
  19. I asked the guys in the other league to do THAT-at least put down where they were wrestling -and they jumped all over me and Gold backed them up so I told GOLD I was not doing scores -and I am not , if ACCBOY/Thaxton and Rd can't post their own line ups then ....not MY problem .
    I had to cut way back on what I was doing in that league .
    HOW can Triggas lose to Matt Fields ,twice on the same day ?
  20. dude, don't do that...its a long season, you have a solid team...if you ignore LoSt, its almost fun! hang in there buddy!
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