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  1. I was just trying to help you out with your immediate problem at 141 .
  2. If you can't tell already, I am making a push for conference champions. Right now I still have issues at 125 and 165 otherwise I am hoping when 2nd semester starts I can add Grajales, Rader and Steele back to my roster and then draft three more in the supplemental to probably get rid of Triggas, Ward and Stabile/Gitomer....Starks for Beatty doesnt help me there my friend.
  3. My back up 141 -Melde-just beat Washington . How'd Askren do ? I hope he wins it all for you . but I get his points today if he wins as those are the rules -I am tired -you think out a deal to make you better at 141 .Washington will fall all the way out of the rankings today . Birchler lost to Wade -beats the #16 but loses to the #22-Wade got a reversal and back points in the third -I was shocked Birchler got of his back with Wade's 60 inch waist on his face . Thomuseit stuck someone and majored another guy . If you want to do the 97 pound deal I'll throw in Ortega whose schedule is perfectly attuned with grey's and you can throw in ??? good night .
  4. Yup...he had three matches, won one, lost one and I don't know what happened in the 3rd one.
  5. Did Washington lose again today ?
  6. I have Trent Washington backing him up. Evidently Rader is back 2nd semester. So I have three guys in my line-up due back 2nd semester, Rader, Grajales and Steele.
  7. I am trying to figure out a way to help you out here so you don't get stuck with some asshole from B F Egypt . Who do you have at 141 ?
    Mine are Seth and Melde -Melde started the year UR but only has one loss -(to Hump) plus he wrestles a boatload of matches .
    Who are you working with besides Radar ? How old is he now ? 30?
  8. What up?
  9. I would do Askren and Grey for Ness and Craig...let me know if you want to do that but e-mail me at I am heading to church with my three monkeys. Thanks.
  10. Young is (right now ) my only 165 as Kerber had surgery and has yet to make weight at 65 . Boanano I have set aside for ISU-I told you that last week -Ellis did the same thing Askren did So F him too
    Craig is not worth an even swap because he wrestles once more this month then not again until Midlands -I have one Lehigh guy so I know their schedule .
    Askren #2 and Grey #6 for #2 Ness and #9 Craig -Ward is worthless and got beat in his own wrestle offs and Young is my leading point scorer with 5 matches next week against no one .
    What about Starks #10 back in 2 weeks and #2 Askren for Beatty and Craig ?
  11. Bonano or Young.
  12. My guys have better schedules and I would be left with three 184 lber's. Give me somebody for Ward and we will call it a deal.
  13. Askren and Grey for Craig and that no good Ness.
  14. How about #9 Craig and #4 Ellis for Askren and Young.
  15. I use Firefox and it won't let me open that link-says something about it being virus laden ?I mean my page shuts down and says site is DANGEROUS-You may want to run an anti-virus scan real quick .
  16. I am tempted but that would leave me the fierce Zac toomuchshit at 84 -Iowa State and Missou need to fire their AD's for the schedules they have -plus Ellis did the same damn thing -Mizzou just happens to have a FILA world champ as his back up.
    TigerFan told me he saw Ellis at the dual .
    Everyone says how the All-star match makes so much money -I can do basic math -$12 a ticket times 1,000 people = $12,000.00-10,000 people =$120,000.00-how much do you think that is going to HELP ? NONE. Until Title IX is reversed our sport is in jeopardy unless the guy from Nike ,Knight , wants to give a few million across the board .
  17. No, I did not get that link and I opened it up.
  18. G
    When I tried to open the Cal poly link my computer popped up a warning that said site was an attack site -did you get this ?
  19. Ellis for Askren. Equal schedules?
  20. Goph -
    As you know -I have done everything but piss on a sparkplug to get these guys to so something -No one is doing anything . then the one trade I do make I canceled -other than you -and Zapp making a useless offer -No one wants to do anything so I feel your pain . I'm wrestling a freshman 133 at 125 today -I have never heard of this kid -but he has won 2 matches and lost by a point to Kjar.Russ
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