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  1. Gph-
    my PC keeps crashing -MOJO came through so as I agreed to that trade I'll first I'll do it -I still have Starks and eth but Don't feel right about trading an unknown.
    I'll get back to you as my PC keeps crashing .Russ
  2. If you are okay with reversing the trade in three weeks if Starks doesn't come back in that time frame, I will do the trade based on that. Let me know. You would be dumping Washington by then anyway and since you have three rounds in the supplemental you would most likely not have three guys to even dump off of your stud team. We would make it happen ASAP so we can have those guys in our line-ups for next week?
  3. Goph -
    I forwarded you the e-mail I received from Army .
  4. I have conflicting reporsts -the SID at ARMY said he'd be back next week then the coach and wrestling coordinator said they ''could not respond to the nature of an injury''-i just hope I didn't get some cadet in trouble -the coach hinted that it would be wise to hold onto him as he is the hardest working kid in the room and they still expect great things from ''Cadet Starks''-I'd last about a minute in the Army .
    if I coulg guarantee his return I'd trade and that would be a good trade for both -you'd upgrade at 141 and lose 3 spots at 197 -if you want to chance it we can trade or we can trade with the understanding if Starks does not return in a certain time frame we can reverse the trade in the 3 week limit .
    If Starks returns this week I'll just keep him -Washington is on drugs or something as he lost to my back up 141 ,Melde . Starks is ranked #1 in the EIWA as is Ciasulli-
  5. So whats the story on Starks? Are you saying that he is out for awhile? If not, I would definitely do a Beatty for Starks but then I would need to get Ciasulli for maybe a Trent Washington or a Jerome Ward. I keep getting buku offers for Beatty and I think he was a really good draft for me but I don't consider him untouchable by any means.
  6. Goph-
    That shit happens all the time -Bennett beat him 2 years ago when he first got there or last year -point being Bennett is as tough as they come at 174 -184 is a whole different ballgame -Miller will wrestle about 85-90 % of all matches with the 174 back up getting a few matches cause that is the way Berelli coaches .
    I would not count on Radar all year -the kid has done this 2 years straight and now he is acam ieligible ?? The only thing which worries me is 2 people have reneged on trades and their promises so far -I was counting on a few things that did not occur but I held up my end in both instances . i should be ok until supp.-so who cares -I'll make it or not -I was s far behind last year -right now -if the season were to end I'd be i the top 3 and have as good a chance as anyone .A #2,#2 #10 #1 #3 #10 #11 #9 #10 and #11 and flex a #10-just when a man like MOJO promises you something you usually take it to the bank .
  7. If I don't crack Top 4, I have a good shot come conferences and Wild Cards. Then its about what you have left for NCAA's. With the highest ranked guys right now, that is just a little indication of where your team COULD do at NCAA's. I did get a punch in the gut today in regards to Miller getting beat out at 174 by Bennett. I don't think CMU makes that move though for most duals and my understanding is that its a best out of 3 wrestle-off.

    I appreciate the heads up on the West Coast guy, those guys are always supplemental guys. Thats how I found LeBlanc last year in the supplemental. He's a stud.
  8. The strategy I have used the last two years is just to remember its a marathon, not a spring. Once guys get in to TOUGH tournaments, the quality guys start winning them and then once we get in to Conferences, points are tough to come by so you want good wrestlers going. At the end of the season, the Big Horses win you conferences. Guys like Dart start to fall off. I have always been middle of the pack or worse going in to National Duals and then just start making a slow climb. I am okay with who I have to an extent although I wish I didn't have three quality guys sitting out til 2nd semester. There is no way to know that though as early as we draft. Rader, Grajales and now Steele. Steele is my own fault but I will take the gamble. That puts me at 12 healthy guys. When I get those three back plus a supplemental, I think I will do a nice climb out.
  9. Goph-
    I may have found you a 125 for the supplemental if you have to go that route -LARA from Oregon State -majored the wisconsin kid and Bartelli from Boise yesterday -was great off his feet and was smooth throughout against Boise State .pac10 has Robles and no one else so there is your finalist .
  10. I still have not heard from MOJO so it looks like I am fft. ing 197 this week too.I never expected this from MOJO-he promised to make this trade as Ortega has a bunch of pud duals coming up-notice I was flexing Ness? That's because Ortega pinned 6-7 of the guys guys he wrestled in the Hoosier and FITE duals last year .
    I know it is impossible not to but I hate ffting a weight class.
  11. if you want to try to hook up a 3 way trade with Grips I'm down . e'll end up getting stuck with Nemec who got beat by Jameson in wrestle offs -I only have one 157 and one and a maybe 165 's
    125 Esco/Bonanao 133 Ness /Ortega/141 Melde Caisulli 149-Metcalf , 157 O'Conner ,165 Young and Kerber ,174-Manuel ,184 Thomuseit and Craig , 197 Starks Hwt-Birchler . I'll help you guys if I can .
  12. I just don't like having my integrity called into question by a little kid -nor GAGE either -since I told LoSt I have nothing he wants and vice versa I haven't received a single PM. But I can't get rid of GAGE-so I just put him back on the ignore list .
  13. I think we all have to remember its a game...that makes stuff a little easier to accept. At the end of the day, I shut off the computer and say, "oh well". That's what works for me.
  14. That kid Pestered me for ever -if you don't -I WILL-.I made him a trade that gave him a top 10 141 and the little chit swore his dad was right there -then Trusty says he'll have to ''check it out'' when I was giving him my #1 141 for aa back up lower ranked 149 lber . If Trusty can't at least keep GAGE from aggravating people to death then I'll teach GAGE a lesson . The kid flat out lied to me , harased me until I gave up-and this is after I did what JensenS told me -to PM trusty about GAGE -GAGE apologized then promptly lit my board up again .
    I have a tandem of 141's who work well together and I was trying to help by giving up my starter for LeValley ? And then Monte comes off like I was ripping him off .Ciasulli is #10 in the nation and #1 in the EIWA and defending EIWA champ-I went way out f my way to help GAGE and his dad and got verbally abused for my trouble -that was the predominant reason I was depressed last week .
  15. Send GAGE Triggas and WARD for epperly and Kjar .
  16. I should to teach him a lesson but I can't. I will probably pop him back up on my "ignore" list pretty soon.
  17. I took GAGE off my ignore list and I think you should take Kjar and Epperly and let Monte stew in his own juices for not being able to control his kid . JensenS had approved the last trade and then Monte comes in like I am raping his son when I was losing on the deal-like Metcalf needs a back up.
    I had PM'd Trusty about GAGE and he kept pestering me -so DO it . Then Monte will take away GAGE's computer and we'll all be happier .
  18. I e-mailed those pricks at Army to see exactly when Starks would be back-I was thinking -as JensnenS has Starks going to Rd. of 12 -i could send you Bonanao and Starks for Triggas and Beatty -you are playing for the end game already but i can't afford to fft a weight every week .
    This would give you 2 conference finalists -at 125 and 197 -and give me a guy who may lose his starting spot -Nikko-and Beatty -the big 10 is wide open at 97 with Brandvold ,Biondo,Beatty and Brown . Those 4 197s are all ranked in the top 12 .Throw Bond into the mix and ....ISU won't come off Fisk and I am NOT taking Decker for Bonano....This cannot be a formal offer until I hear back from Army as I won't trade a messed up wrestler .Russ
  19. Starks will be either first or second in the EIWA and simaz has NEVER beaten him -I was just trying to find a way to justify taking Washington off your hands and giving you Seth-who won the EIWA last year over Jantzen of Harvard .Seth started last year 6-6 and ended up 27-10 EIWA champion and one match from AA status .
    I'd help you at 65 but who knows what is going on with Kerber ?
  20. I appreciate it...I think I am just going to have to dance with the girl I brought though at this point. Its going to have to be Trent Washington for now unless I can package something else together. That being said, my starters go #17, #6, #5, #7, #4, #11, #1, #2, #7, #2....LOL. Too bad that doesn't get my any points.
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